The Smallest Car in the World at the BBC – Top Gear – BBC


Jeremy drives the Peel P50, the world’s smallest production car to work at the BBC and meets a few famous faces along the way.

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  1. Jake Myers says


  2. JustPickAlready says

    I too, often start my own videos with "and there's more"

  3. naimul hasan says

    Holy moly…. It has been 11 years since it has been uploaded… Whoaa!!

  4. Jeff case says

    6:16 Almost expected a disarming.

  5. Kornel Wysakowski says

    Lepszy maluch (fiat 126p)

  6. zane ahmed says

    cars for short people

  7. Pierre He says

    Very cute car but it seems that it can be easily stolen

  8. Andrew Dutton says

    How can you not like this lol

  9. donald reed says

    You can actually buy some of their models as kit cars and build them yourself for a lot less than prebuilt. Build time of about 50 hours.

  10. Jensi Oquendo says

    Forza Horizon 4: puts 300 HP on the Peel P50

  11. jonney gadder says

    Can't believe video was hired in 2008

  12. Chris Goh says

    It looks more cramped than a Stinger or Urbie cockpit.

  13. hermitcrabbot says

    The only Peel I want is Emma Peel.

  14. Michael keaton officiel says

    this "dwarf" ,isn't he the guy that hamond called a midget(the guy that is doing navigation for hamond ) in the episode were they have to transform an old car into a rally one ?

  15. exogaming says

    I want one

  16. Z. Lapu says

    wait, jeremy is 6'5? holy shit

  17. Lukasz Narloch says

    I'm Poland and I talk British ☺ cool car

  18. Masashi Iino says

    "I have to pay congestion charges in this part of London, but the camera crew in the Lexus 4×4 don't because it's a hybrid, how fair is that? It's not like I'm creating pollution at all"

    Well nowadays, they come in electric, so now it's justice.

  19. Joey N says

    7:40 that is the greatest stab at PC culture and I love it. Top gears attitude towards that crap is what the world has lost in 2019. The intricacies of that whole bit is fantastic. Right down to the fact that they condescendingly have one of every race lol

  20. Cole Hac says

    Sadly we’ve reached that point where the fake meeting is probably legitimate now

  21. Ayaka Yokota says

    P50 is Video Game Forza Horizon 4.

  22. Martyna Radzięda says

    Ile kosztują

  23. tanefletch145 says


  24. Jack Golden says


    The title


  25. MyFriendlyPup says

    global warming propagranda in the meeting at 7:50 funny this is 2008.. we were warned in 1984 by the UN that we only had 30 years on earth left……

  26. "She's got quite a nice bottom"

  27. Cedric Hor says

    This would work a lot better with Hammond

  28. Milind Brijesh says

    Little Tikes: Imma end this car's career!

  29. SlitherySlime says

    Hem Hem: Posted 11 years ago

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