The Real Fake Cameras Of Toy Story 4


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Behind the Scenes: Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 ALL

All the split diopter shots you would ever want to see, compiled in one place by Tad Leckman over at Sanctuary Moon

How Pixar Came Up With A Whole New Way Of Showing A Child’s Mind

Barbara Robertson, How Pixar’s Inside Out Models Real-World Filmmaking Tool

Drew Taylor, ‘Toy Story 4’ Might be the Most Beautiful Animated Film Ever Made

How Pixar’s animation has evolved over 24 years, from ‘Toy Story’ to ‘Toy Story 4’


Joey Pecoraro, “The Sea”

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  1. Lauren Bennett says

    It’s funny cause I’ve never seen this movie and yet I DID feel uneasy about this girl doll.

  2. RobinK says

    How is this guy so good. I can barely clean my room

  3. D says

    Fuckin shitty movie

  4. Sean Tomlinson says

    Thank you. I was blown away by the animation and I appreciate this beautiful lesson in part of why it looked so amazing.

  5. Marcos Rubilotta says

    this is why i pay internet

  6. Safeeya B. says

    wow. just wow

  7. Sherbet/Platypi-p says

    I always wondered what a DoP does in an animated movie, but I guess ‘they remake real lenses in the computer’ works very well.

  8. Michael Datuin says

    Do you get copy strikes for using these clips?

  9. Micah says

    The Blue Umbrella is on Disney+ btw

  10. RSpudieD says

    Absolutely awesome! Toy Story 4 was so impressive!

  11. Cerita Sore says

    1:56 any tutorial for this? I want to learn!

  12. Neha Sara says

    This is why Pixar takes 5 years for releasing a new animation

  13. Frankie Cuellar says


  14. Antonella Barchi Recalde says

    Toy story 4 took 5 years in the making. Totally worth it. It is truly a masterpiece. This movie is so detailed and they literally thought about every little thing. Oscar worthy.

  15. TheTayr says

    This movie is only based on effects, the story leaves much to be desired…

  16. Derrick Young Fr says

    Bo peep is thicc !

  17. owo says

    what movie is at 4:41??

  18. Libertarirynn Videos says

    Bruh this is mind blowing

  19. PicoDeGallo says

    I’m just confused as to how u even got to screen record clips from toy story 4 when it’s not really anywhere

  20. Hi ! says

    It was really interesting I just didn't understand how the split diopt… shot works do they use two cameras or what

  21. Vilver II says

    This is really fascinating, had no idea they used fake camera lenses like that.

  22. Tomas Senn says

    For another example of how replicating how real cameras in animated films can be used look to the works of Yamada Naoko and Kyoto Animation. A Silent Voice is a good example of Yamada's style since it's her most polished and accessible film. There is also Sound! Euphonium which was made to emulate documentaries which Yamada after as producer for.

  23. David B says

    Subscribed. Great work! 👍

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