1. bo luc says

    Neat EMery

  2. Wacfwaef says

    It's such a disrespect by Arsenal mistaking on Vitória Sport Clube's logo.

  3. Megat the M.K says

    Emery idiot !! 🖕 where ozil?

    # Emery OUT!!!!!!!!!

  4. alefi lamon says

    Martinelli Brazil !! Future 🙂

  5. Alexandre Simbol says

    Hi arsenal fans, i am brazillian and i would like to know your first impressions about the young gabriel martinelli. I watch him since he played here in brazil and want to know from you guys what do you think.
    Pardon my bad english😝

  6. chewe chisembele says

    SO proud of the lads pepe finally coming thru …COYG!!

  7. Stephen Cutting says

    I felt Tierney was exposed and often left dealing with two players. This stopped him pushing up near as much as you'd expect. He was struggling towards the end but good to see him get another game under his belt ⚽🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  8. Levinho says


  9. Itz GMed Mr9iceGuy says

    Pepe took amazing free kicks that send us thrown but also don't forget the young lad Martinelli, I really dont know how to describe him

  10. Jeff Da 9 says


  11. Arthur Felipe says


  12. Uche says

    Boom Boom 💪 Pepe

  13. Grace Tube says

    Shy man gona be shine

  14. emmanuel kodou says

    Pepe on fire

  15. Blaise Rayhann Miessi says

    Bravo PEPE fierté ivoirienne

  16. network microfinance says

    Pepe don pepper them

  17. haile alemu says

    who was man of the match yesterday game(ARS vs VITOR)?

  18. Allan Willoughby says

    And then there was PEPE BRILLIANT man . One could s÷ that he is adapting to conditions now

  19. Dimitrios Voros says


  20. amirhossein moosavi says

    Emery out

  21. Mike Freeman says

    Who is Michael, and why is he there?

  22. KPFTV Eddie says

    Wow not even a single mention of how bad Willock and Ainsley were .. why is this show so afraid to properly critique. Too much positive spin isn't interesting.

  23. Gunnar Karlsson says

    Arsenal your team is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Rizal Kurniawan says

    Send martinelli for premier league squad

  25. nguyen duy says

    Umery what a lucky man!!!!

  26. k k says

    Poor strategy in open play. Luckily Pepe converted the free kicks otherwise that was a definite loss

  27. Рауан Рен says

    Laca, stop doing that.
    You are not in Barcelona. Leave all this stuff to Busquets, or go away from club

  28. fiko_putra rantau says

    Gendouzi realy respect pepe….i love arsenal from indonesian

  29. Sr .M says

    Guendouzi and Pepe were brilliant

  30. Guendouzidan changed the game

  31. El Gweedy says

    We were shite, got to be better. Starting to see what everyone’s on about with Emery.

    Just play Özil vs Palace, it’s those teams he is great against. And face it, we need creativity

  32. caSSiuS ebankS says

    Arsenal played Vitoria of Portugal. Not Victoria of Brazil

  33. caSSiuS ebankS says

    Emery Out

  34. NYs9thwonder says

    Unai just got his job saved by Pepe!

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