Juventus’ UEFA Champions League adventure is well underway! The team trained this morning at Continassa before flying out to Madrid, where Maurizio Sarri and Leonardo Bonucci hosted the Bianconeri’s pre-match press conference at the Wanda Metropolitano ahead of tomorrow night’s match against Atletico Madrid.

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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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  1. Moises chinox Informativo says

    Suscríbete, saludos desde España

  2. Abdoulaye Coulibaly says


  3. Manaswee Thapa says

    give Paulo dybala chance

  4. Rio Primajaya says

    Gratisss Ongkirrrr….

  5. Fernando Cioffi says

    Forza napoli

  6. Kailash Chandra Gupta says

    Ronaldo today why did u compare yourself with Messi for ballon d'or
    Because of that I am very upset with u
    Don't compare
    I am Messi's number 1 fan

  7. Sebete Solomon Mabaleha says

    No wonder you're winning nothing. SArri for Dybala is such a messy thing. The guy (Dybala) is wonderful, I doubt Sarri's potential, from now onwards. I am sure he'd do much better in the number ten role behind Cristiano and Higuain because obviously SArri is obssesed with him. Cristiano proved himself more of a goal machine in a 4312 formation in late Madrid. He can move more flexibly and with Dybala playing attacking middlefielder role, you guys would be absolutely deadly, for now, try later with Sarri

    You need DYBALA playing because the guy is good and god damn entertaining to watch more than Higuain and Cuadrado

  8. good luck says

    Ronardo 👎👎👎

  9. danish Maulana says

    Higuain out..higuain out..mr sarri higuain useless

  10. Ivano Di Giacomo says


  11. anto says

    spero che il napoli vi abbia insegnato come si gioca a calcio,squadra di bradipi

  12. The Punisher says

    We really need improvement in the midfield. Ronaldo and Higuain are left standing because the midfield doesn’t provide any support. Khedira is slow, Matuidi is defensive, so we need players like Dybala and Rabiot to provide dynamic support and play a fast-paced attacking game. Just give Dybala a chance.

  13. Jjey kone says

    Juventus will lose this game and they will play bad Sarri-bal again like Fiorentina….khadira matudi bernadi still there in the Line up. Sorry dybala cuadrado can rabiot. Sarri is mother fuckers

  14. Cesare Boselli says


  15. Sir Zanamivir says


  16. Sonic Afri says

    tolong mainkan dari awal dybala,rabiot,ramsey..

  17. Nico SUD CRIMINAL says

    Forza atletico

  18. Edwin Theuri says

    cr7 been here like forever. he is atm nightmare.

  19. Gilded WWE says

    The Champions League : Where the Best Come to Play : Enter CR7 😎

  20. Diego Rodriguez says

    Gk scezny or however u spell it
    De ligt, bonucci, Alex, cuadrado
    Pjanic matuidi rabiot
    Dybala Ronaldo d. Costa
    Edit, why is Costa not in the roster wtf is wrong is sarri. Instead of him then bernadeachi or something

  21. Løøçķmæñ ķįñğ says

    Nul Sami khedira 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

  22. Pepe Skalante says

    Piemonte calcio!!!

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