1. marksan57 says

    MOTD aka Arsenal Fan TV. Where was Dixon, Adams, Winterburn and others too. BBC is laughable.

  2. Kato Chelsea says

    Thanks our Lads

  3. gomey70 says

    Everyone is using the same technology. If it says offside, then it's offside. It's not about millimeters this or millimeters that. You get lucky sometimes and you get unlucky sometimes, which was always the way before VAR anyway.

  4. Jimmy james Computers says

    martin canyon. ball never touched ref

  5. Adam Marshall says

    Let's celebrate Liverpool's first ever Premier League title win 🙂

  6. Travellingisagift says

    No good evening?

  7. Jorj Lmoz says

    Offside can't be by millimeters, how is the moment of the pass to pause and check the offside determined ?? For a player running at 20km/h a 0.1 seconds difference of that pause moment makes half a meter on the position of the players to check the offside. So a frame ahead or behind on that pause moment where it we cant be conclusive witch one was the pass moment a foot can be offside or not.

  8. South Croy says

    The goal was offside,VAR is consistent,consistently silly,may,with those hairline offsides ,but consistent. I have seen the same decision made against Liverpool themselves

  9. Bailey O Connor says

    As a wolves fan I think that you don’t really understand how bad var can be and the disconnecting from the sport yes the var was technically right but the rules that var has to follow are awful either var has to go or the rules do (lallana clearly didnt handball it)

  10. SuperDynamite666 says

    Liverpool top 3 still are weakkkk…they miss a lot more, are selfish are only hyped..they are avg., not enough quality in finishing!! Even as a Liv fan, Wolves should have got the goal, VAR sucks absolutely ! Sucks

  11. zimmer AKA Mark says

    grr adverts every 3 minutes get a grip

  12. shafia butt says

    In regards to offside decisions with VAR, I think they should allow for a 1ft buffer where the attacking player can be past a defender by a foot in length. No one can complain if it’s more than that coz it will be obvious the player is offside. Hope that makes sense 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. 6times LFC says

    With the rules they use now, it is offside. But anyone who knows football, can see that he is onside. It is ridiculous. LFC have been in the same situation more than once this season btw.

  14. Anuj Acharya says

    Put a monitor close to the ground where referee can actually go and see what happened, let them make decisions

  15. Rabah Taha says

    Chelsea 😀💥👏

  16. Anthony Clegg says

    We don't need var

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