Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument


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  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says

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  2. Taeseong Lee says

    Kurzgesagt what if you're a simulation?

  3. Sergio Zuñiga says

    Lo que no entiendo es por qué deberían existir súper computadoras como base. Para cada uno de nosotros solo existe la conciencia de cada uno y algo exterior que interactúa con esa conciencia a través del tiempo, solo percibís un bloque de información por instante. Si presentás una proyección mínima hacia todo su ser consciente va a creer en la simulación y el resto puede ser parte de la simulación

  4. M G says

    Person controlling me STOP FUCKING UP MY FAKE LIFE

  5. iLiamm says

    "Is reality real?"
    "Is the floor made out of floor?"

  6. ic c says

    The only thing that is real is: Death.

  7. human With internet access says


    Because I'm in the void

  8. Yass BG says

    Uhhh why does the computer need to be from the future??? It could just mean that we have dumbass computers who cant do shit, but we believe that they are since we dont know the actuall computers and what they can do

  9. joshbreaksk8IN says

    1 you don't need to simulate for every human on Earth just the person who's in the simulation as it could be one person me in it with a.i.s all around.

    2 obviously tech is moving fast.

    3 Fermi paradox and not seeing more life out there lends mrke to the simulation arguement why would you simulate more life and not just what was needed.

    Four none of this matters either way lol

  10. joshbreaksk8IN says

    Why would you need to simulate more than just 1 human? Everyone we know could be the simulation that we are apart of.

  11. Wttftyh Gytyf says

    This sounds like christianity with extra steps.

  12. Franz Ferdinand says

    How about this, there's no computer. We are merely thoughts by God.

  13. Eashaan RAJEBHOSALE says

    lowkey infographics show copy lmao

  14. Grissel Garcia says

    “Verily, they do nothing but conjecture.” -The Holy Quran

  15. Christopher Lin says

    Hol up sword art online alisazaitin lol

  16. Christopher Lin says

    Hol up

  17. Ren says

    People with schizophrenia should avoid this video at all costs

  18. Olivia Maxwell says

    All the dislikes are our fbi agents getting scared about us finding out.

  19. Dave Partner says

    Can someone tell those post-humans to simulate a billion dollars for me?

  20. 胡八一 says


  21. Spooky Mansi says

    this remind me a rick and morty episode

  22. Brayden Yang says

    Me: Oh Deep Thought, what is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
    Deep Thought: 3e+40.

  23. ANNA OOP says


  24. Yukihyo says

    I feel like star ocean 3 is not talked about nearly enough. Specifically the ending.

  25. Sofie u says

    I think whomever control me logged off… like 5 years ago.. 🙁

  26. Walter Plitt says

    The name of all this is schizophrenia. the Greeks called this kind of speech sophistry. There were professional sophists who charged to discuss anything, foolish as it was. It's basically YouTube.

  27. Ernestye Sana says

    The only control us is the god… Hahaha

    Angel will guide us

  28. Tralala says

    My player, you got the GeForce GTX 9999999999999999999TI or something? these graphics looks real!

  29. Vardhan Shah says

    The Mandela effect trailer is out

  30. Josh TMP says

    When you hit your elbow on the right spot and you feel glitched

    Now that's proof

  31. James Saroka says

    Do not … and I repeat DO NOT WATCH THIS WHILE HIGH

  32. Bienchen The Skeleton says


  33. Uncanny Beagle says

    If simulating every aspect of a universe is possible, perhaps we are in a simulation created by the OG humans, and they run simulations to see what is discovered in these "perfect" replicas of human experience simulations. They then steal any ideas from the simulation that they hadn't thought of from the the simulation as a way to bolster their technological growth.

    Almost like stealing the fundamentals of a technology from another researcher, except the person you stole from is a perfect simulation of an OG human from a perfect simulation of the universe that the OG's came from.

    That's what I would do if I could perfectly simulate my own universe and species.

  34. Dlshad Khalid Zeki says

    I hope this is not the reality

  35. Isly Moniquee says

    the what if our body is empty until we open it part sounds dumb! It’s either empty or not there is no what if wtf

  36. bean peen says

    6:39 👌

  37. Jessica Hao says

    I believe the only time we exist, and ever have existed is in the present moment. None of your past, including the previous few secconds actually exististed, you think you started reading this comment a few seconds ago, but that is just part of your present reality, time isn’t real.

  38. Curious Guy says

    I think that the guy that controls me is pretty bad at videogames.

  39. Radical Lighting says

    Well if this is a way to speak to other dimension- I’m insinuated. Goodbye

  40. Manan Sikka says

    Watch this whe…

  41. Steve Alferenc says

    … Yes, reality is real enough because it's… reality… if it is a part of reality, it is real, regardless of your view on what is real. It is called reality because it is all that is real. Even if we are a hallucination, then it is a real hallucination, and reality is your hallucination.

  42. Nichsa 89 says

    mediation is a only true hacker hacking unbeatable of mastering god

  43. whoever simulated me had a masochistic sense of humor. i'm depressed idiot with no purpose in life.

  44. Dead Smoke says

    We’re just in Universe Sandbox 2 with a normal player

  45. Initialhornet39 says

    Don’t think about anything for a long time and then mentally scream as loud as you can to scare your player.

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