1. Mathias Kanuck says


  2. Angel Jaime says

    The impact literally broke the front wheels axel😲😲😐😐😐😶😶😟😟

  3. Mr Mighty says

    BuILt ToUgH

  4. Wesley Higginbotham says


  5. Gigi Jafoshvili says

    How many dolars have you got?

  6. lamont heard says

    Umm how did i get here?

  7. Will M says


  8. rudiee limon says

    dude my dream car is a challenger..

  9. lijana urbietyte says

    Good video i liked. I so too good video with americam muscle car chrysler 300c 5.7 hemi I so good video. Witg chrysler 300c hemi 5.7. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-ouiL2DKGvE

  10. nathan ramos says

    It's a camaro.
    Do a corvette zo6 2015 crash test

  11. Bello Ozuna says

    Stop scaring people

  12. Pinkie Love says

    all garbage cars anyway poor wall

  13. Farukh Khan says

    It is not real

  14. Gammana ScienceClass says

    Super Luxury car crash new video https://youtu.be/izAzvn1AChE

  15. DorianDuVerger says

    "Behind the cars was a carnival of arms and legs"

  16. Slash hole says

    4:15 Is the thing that outside the driving cage a leg?

  17. Luvyaplayzz Kumavat says

    It’s soo satisfying

  18. Kyra Freeman says

    small overlap?

  19. Lolos Allerlei says

    Dismantling tires very fast …😂

  20. Raider961 says

    Была бы тесла, она бы взорвалась и сгорела.

  21. William Handy says

    Dodge skips leg days

  22. bancada de eletrônica says

    vendo esses teste,da medo andar de carro,Deus que nos proteja com esses carros do brasil.

  23. Frunza Cristian says

    Compare with Mercedes =))) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEcplOsn0KU . I will never buy a muscle car.

  24. FatoNad says

    Beam NG Drive in real life
    Bulkin сосать

  25. shygirll says

    These whole crash tests are cheated!
    If they tested at real rods none of the dummies would survive and the Ford brand would go bankrupt

  26. 도도키 says

    내가 왜 여기로 온걸까

  27. Innocent says


  28. steverino 2117 says

    лайк кто русский

  29. Alan Fay says

    Non have great results.

  30. Challenger = Amputee

  31. B Pit says

    I say put Adam Schiff and Nancy pelosi in the Challenger for the test, the dummies are much more valuable to we the people.

  32. جہٰٖٛہگارة 'ہۦ says

    ليش ولكم ليش هيجي

  33. Chevifier says

    I dont understand, why dont these tests do head on collisions?

  34. VADOSKIN says

    Отдайте мне эти машины, только целые!

  35. Yasir Ali says

    hurting me to see camaros being damaged. fucccccck lol

  36. ебать не встать

  37. jim sbarglia says

    if you put modern seat belts, seats, airbags and audible warning systems into the cars made in the 50's a 40mph crash would be a trip to the shop to get a new airbag and a trip to the detailer to buff out the scratch on the bumper

  38. Personal Racing Day says

    to be fair the passenger side windscreen wiper on the dodge stayed in place the whole time

  39. 킬러외계 says

    it's just a scratch

  40. пиздец нахуй бля, сколько тачек класных разбили

  41. Just a Little Fox says

    2:13 i belive, i can fly

  42. 440x4b says

    Simple solution, just don't crash

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