Car dealership ripoff: Hidden-camera investigation


Car dealership hidden-camera investigation reveals how service centres upsell you on unnecessary work.
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  1. Dodge Ram 01 says

    Honda Airbags!!! hahahahah when will people stop buying into the myth that Foreign built cars are SO much grater than domestics!

  2. danny lee says

    For each scam tried, the person trying it should be stabbed in the thigh…

  3. Philly Faibs [TechFill] says

    Dealerships are ENDLESS MONEY PITS! -Scotty Kilmer

  4. Lee White says

    hope she doesn't forget the antenna wax

  5. Roger Whiting says

    They should have brought up the discrepancy between what the owners manual and the salesperson says. RIGHT before leaving. They got nowhere with confronting AFTER.

  6. norton wayne says

    it's good when the mechanic owns a car like yours and you notice the "new" parts you paid for look extremely used and the parts that were already in your car seem to look even more worn than the last time you looked.

  7. Voltaic Fire says

    Service centers would try to sell you window fluid and brake light pads if they could.

  8. Anthony Maniz says

    Chinos down the street does this all the time I had a no good battery they told me I needed a alternator starter tune up powerstering pump they said it was all new parts my friend lookrd at all parts they put on pic and pull parts on my car the ink was on rhe parts still total cost 1800.00

  9. Richard Rivera says

    Don’t forget to recommend that she changes the fluid of her flashers.

  10. Banana Chips says

    why are people surprise. Look at the Healthcare system that is the biggest rip off ever.

  11. Thordan says

    I am a lifetime mechanic and this is all true. There's even some shops that charge you for a diagnostic charge and some shops that don't. Just depends on whether they think they can get by with it

  12. Barry VanMersbergen says

    I spent almost $4000 on repairs at the Ford dealership in Madras Oregon found one thing that was obvious that I needed done ignition switch needed to be changed got charged for a new one and the same one was in. Other things were done cost me almost $4000, and I ended up having to have my dad pick me up cause something else that was supposed to be fixed wasn't. Took it to another Ford dealership in Farmington New Mexico. They wouldn't fix it even though it was still under Ford 2 year warranty. Had to spend more money to fix. Ended up having to abandon my car on the highway in another state cause it stopped running. It was not even a month after repairs. Now I don't have a car cause I couldn't get it back to my house.

  13. Owen Borg says

    my mom went to that parkway honda to get that factory recall and they changed like a million things like a tire rotation even though she already got one a week before

  14. B&B Ltd. says

    They didn't tell about he recall because they don't have the part. And power steering fluid does need to be replaced. And your steering will get tighter of you don't change it, and then your power steering pump will fail.

  15. B&B Ltd. says

    So if we use very quick random instrumentals, we won't get sued for our audio.

  16. Bryan Krejcarek says

    3 months or 3000 miles?
    What us the difference if it sits in your engine for a year or on the shelf in a store for a year?

  17. Clyde D'souza says

    We Indians don't have maintenance schedule, we only repair after the car breaks down.

  18. Clyde D'souza says

    In India this is how Doctors rip you off….

  19. Joanna Hammond says


  20. TheRusschannel says

    they BOTH have conflicts of interest. AS A MECHANIC, the manufacture wants to sell you the new car and "APPEAR" it requires little maintenance. THEY ARE ALWAYS WRONG! Spark plugs do NOT last 100k miles!! I see it EVERYDAY…. Who do you trust? yes there is fraud on both sides… You need a TRUSTWORTHY mechanic, and trust THEM….

  21. Roberto Gutierrez says

    Lol if a timing belt wears out it might over heat the engine. More like you’ll be replacing valves and pistons.

  22. Mike Cartagena says

    Thank you for this vedio.
    This is Grounds for Divorce Honda. Wear out. Buy buy. KAG

  23. MIKE-E LIKES IT says

    all fluids need replacing just like motor oil.. heat and parts wear destroy fluids

  24. MIKE-E LIKES IT says

    this guy is such a joke..

  25. ShasrohgK Namsas says

    Wonderful video it's made me sick because what i heard from you it's helpful to me choice different auto care center.
    But i have a question..How about they changes my front break rotor and pad at Toyota will my car is Toyota that's why i brought there and of course they replaced it but there's having a problem since then because i haven heard annoying bad noise in front seem's like sanding my wheels? i have notice the passenger caliper wasn't align? what should i going to do??

  26. Robert Smith says

    The brain literally had me laughing.

  27. D Mizzo says

    Car dealerships be straight up fisting people, no vaseline!

  28. Brookenoel 85 says

    Why doesn't anyone know about the air bags having metal coming out of them

  29. Edgar O'Kras says

    Sometimes they even don't do some job and charge you for this.

  30. I Play 2 Win Truth Seeker says

    Most definitely

  31. Reiganaitor Gamer says

    This gives everyone a reason to become a car enthusiast and figure out whats wrong with your car

  32. Man0fMeans says

    Are you afraid of Americans!?

  33. Robert says

    CBC stop liying to people "oil should not exceed 16,000kms" is different than "oil should be changed every 16,000kms" I would not recommend even going above 10,000kms on oil let alone 16,000

  34. AJ breitung says

    Dealerships would lose my trust.

  35. Amber Rhoades says

    My husband drives a 2008 Honda accord (mostly just to & from work but we occasionally use it to run errands when I've forgotten to fill the gas tank in my car). After watching this & being reminded of the airbag recall, which we had gotten a couple letters informing us that the passenger airbag is his car is included in this recall but had slipped our minds due to the holiday chaos, I'm calling the dealership right away to have it replaced bc I'm usually the one in the passenger seat of his car.. & our 4y/o sits behind me. Bc our honda is a small 2-door model that means he's in the line of fire should the faulty airbag deploy.

  36. jimmechanic says

    The business is crooked and a joke. That’s why I left it

  37. Jo3 T says

    Another case of somebody who doesn’t know what they’re talking about thinking they’re getting ripped off If all you wanna do is put gas in it and drop it in D every time you got to go somewhere be my Guest but I doubt it will last even half as long as mine currently will And I drive the doors off of my car

  38. FloridaBorn Explorer says

    Do it yourself videos on youtube

  39. John Hudson says

    "your steering will get tighter after the power steering fluid is flushed". LOL. that's a new one. never heard that one before. I'm sort of lucky, the dealership i use doesn't try to do things like these dealers do. they just recommend something, i decline it. then go to local parts store, and do it myself, (filters, windshield wipers etc) and save on average 30 to 40%

  40. Joseph James says

    That guy could care less about £1200 worth of work he has a £30,000 watch on

  41. Ra5 Tan says

    Spark plugs aren't even mechanical

  42. Loveduhmusic says

    I went to get my hyundai sonata serviced and thr dealership offered to fix my windshield that had a small chip. When they finished I could still see the chip. Shame on car dealerships. It's way better to things yourself now a days and trust no dealership.

  43. Mrdoctile says

    I only use organic blinker fluid..

  44. Channel 27 says

    Well just so people know. Your automatic transmission fluid needs to be changed. The filter to. The transmission people say the oil is a life time thing but no oil last forever and this is why people lose the automatic transmission s. So this video is misleading. And the pcv valves do need to be changed every once and awile. Just find it on your valve cover and see if there is a built up oil around it. If there is change the pcv valve. Most cars have a pcv valve and a pcv elbow. Just I little info there.

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