Vitoria SC 1-1 Arsenal | Why Is Mustafi Trying To Antagonise Fans?! | Player Ratings Ft DT


Vitoria SC 1-1 Arsenal | Why Is Mustafi Trying To Antagonise Fans?! | Player Ratings Ft DT


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  1. Saviola Is God says

    DT always has an agenda against so many players. Massive hypocrite.

  2. Raj Xavier says

    Two years ago DT was raving about mustafi n last year was saying that leichsteiner should play ahead of Bellerin

  3. Sean Cleary says

    "Has Troopz given you a bag or something" 😂😂

  4. mark bee says

    Robbie's gay look in the title shot

  5. Timbone says

    As a Man United fan, this is the only light for our season

  6. Filipe Alves says

    Stadium is called D.Afonso Henriques …. Aka the first Portuguese King, the same that os in our logo! Looking forward to see Arsenal getting better… I miss the good old Arsenal

  7. Yusuf Khan says

    Dt is the most salty fan ever

  8. John Carr says

    DT baiting out troopz

  9. Jungle Paradise Guyane says

    the whole way from inside the amazon – let Emery know we're also disapointed and wd prefer someone like Diego simeone

  10. Chum Bucket says

    Jose Mourinho

  11. Edo 1198 says

    Good ebening

  12. Darkkus Pang says

    Robbie: he scored a goal
    DT: So I don't care give him a bluepeter bagde

  13. Ian Binda says

    Arsenal fans gives me so much jokes I love this channel 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. madhawk666 says

    How much does DT make he spends so much on football!

  15. Tony Nesbit says

    Give the lad his due at least he tells it as it is,no bullshit,I just don't getarsenal a really big club but have been treading water for years.

  16. coolblue says

    Emery Out. Emery done

  17. Billy Dyer says

    He capped his ear, to encourage you knobheads to scream of excitement. He’s just scored the winner (he thought). For the equaliser, he was at the goal line. But yeah, let’s have a go at scapegoats Mustafi and Xhaka!!!
    Fickle fans!

  18. Amesh De Silva says

    Respect to DT going home & away to all Arsenal games even outside the UK.

  19. Garlico Shallots says

    We're not the one abusing xhaka.
    DT after 1 year of continuous xhaka abusing

  20. Dan Sivyer says

    For God's sake Robbie get your head out your arse and stop being biased say it how it is

  21. Ezana Seyoum says

    DT backing the white players like clockwork

  22. ben ban says

    Arsenal fans should wise up and buckle their seat belts as this Unai Emery ride is just starting.

    If we are to judge by how long it took to get Wenger out, Unai is not close to leaving yet.

  23. A Aa says

    Game never mattered

  24. Esayas Arsenal Fan says

    I think Pepe should be out for the rest of the season.He looks so awful and can’t even play simple touches.Saka was pulled in to the team way to early.He has continued his falling…
    Really poor from all the players.Definitely we need a new manager sooner than later.

  25. Calzonie says

    Is Robbie scared to say anything anymore it seems like he’s changed and doesn’t say much like he’s scared ? Did he get a deal or something with the club

  26. trinikenshin says

    Robbie has an easier time bullying Troops to change his scores 🤣

  27. Stjepan Blagaj says

    I did not see the match as usual coments made its writing on the wall for some players and as well Emery must sacked

  28. Christos Karameros says

    Mustafi and Xhaka are both Albanians. There´s no doubt he is backing his compatriot. I think anyone worth his pinch of salt would come to the aid of his fellow national…

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