1. Adam LZ says

    I’ve seen some comments about then install/initial tune on the car – I linked the video in the description of us doing the turbo kit. It’s a pretty fun one so be sure to check it out 🙂
    Glad so many people are hyped on such a fun little project!

  2. Necronaut says

    awesome video.

  3. LoudSonicBug says

    Turbo spools up, he grins, she is like: This is the perfect weather!

  4. Jey Jey says

    she can drive stick like a boss though

  5. Polyrytmi says

    she can handla a stick. My kind of woman

  6. Krisna Debrians says

    Dude, what a cool lady, i mean she is!!

  7. ItsMagicz says

    I live in Wesley chapel fl right next to Tampa

  8. james brisendine says

    that mustang is nothing my grandpa had a 2007 California special with around 8-850 HP think it was 0-60 in about 2-2.3 seconds

  9. Gee Brown says

    She didn’t notice a thing

  10. Ty Watson says

    This video really makes me want to put a turbo on my car

  11. DaLeadBull says

    Your mom drives stick, knows what an exhaust and a turbo is. She's the coolest!

  12. Kevin Castillo says

    Saddest mom’s reaction video I’ve watched in my entire life, dude is like do you notice the new wheels? Do you notice the speed difference ? … mom you got a turbo kit in your car now!
    Ohh are those my new tires ?- mom
    Ight ima head out- dude.

  13. Kwamie Christmas says

    White woman are cool when they aren’t so racist

  14. Mighty Crow says


  15. MiloTheHunk says

    what car

  16. ImCallediZanagi says

    So she can run from them cops 🏃🏼‍♀️

  17. Christopher Michael Hubbard says

    Question??? How much did it cost? Yeah if I have to ask I can't afford it. How much?

  18. Thedudeabides803 says

    That car makes my airtrekz’s rumble like crazy

  19. Eagle says

    Puts new turbo, exhaust and tires on moms car
    Mom: "Ah you're crazy, i love you"

  20. Shannon Black says

    What a waste of a turbo. hahahahaha

  21. Kaivin Keitin says

    I kinda thought the Opel GT always had turbo. Silly me lol

  22. J B says

    Thank you! I finally found a video that cured my insomnia!

  23. UpperEchelon8 says

    Turbo spools up
    Mom: Did y put a different exhaust in the car.
    Me: 😳

  24. hk47 says

    next video: i big single turbo 2jz swap my moms kia soul

  25. Roshin sama says

    her reaction really was priceless😂

  26. Slipgatex says

    I too like to piss money away.

  27. Jaco V.G says

    Next turbocharge it Please SEe her reaction lol

  28. Sterling S says

    What a timid and graceful lady. I saw that lil smirk when she put her foot down 😉

  29. Travis Valdez says

    I love the dynamic you guys have!

  30. Run Down says

    Is anyone gonna tell her it’s not good to rest your hand on the shifter

  31. Elias Mikkonen says

    I wish someone could put a turbo to my E46 too👀😄

  32. Evan Mulligan says

    Bro where the bmx videos at

  33. Trez Spre says

    lol i drive my golf 3 in around 105mph, its stock height and its small as tires… the car shakes like hell but thats not really any problem, and today i "drifted" with it, becouse i drove around 80mph on a small road then the turns came, i mean i was aware of them… not too aware of the ice tho, but exept for nearly going into the ditch it was really fun

  34. Jonah Johnson says


  35. Fortless says


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