Top 10 Worst Car Scandals In History


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You might want to think twice before getting into one of these cars. For this list, we are taking a look at scandals involving automotive companies that resulted in recalls. Some of these entries not only resulted in recalls, but injury, death, as well as damage toward public and private property. Not to mention the significant damage done to the reputation of these brands. Which of these scandals do YOU find the most disturbing? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. says

    Watch the full Fox In The Henhouse documentary here:

  2. Curtis Noble says

    Just a PSA if your car suddenly accelerates don’t be stupid Shift her into Neutral.

  3. C96 mauser says

    Anyone else find it ironic a German car company that was created in ww2 for the Nazis had a gas emission problem? Lol

  4. Carmybel says

    The floormat got stuck under my gas pedal but I was able to stop the car within two seconds by stepping on the brakes and killing the ignition.

  5. jabubuster says

    Toyota floor mat issue- why not switch to neutral or turn off the engine or pull the hand brake instead of speeding till crash? Asking for a friend…

  6. SOCOMJON says

    She blinds everybody with her super high beams,
    She's a squirrel crushing, deer smacking, driving machine!
    Canyonero!-oh woah, Canyonero! (Yah!)

  7. chris casias says

    Why wasn't the Audi story from the 80's not included? They were exploding to right?

  8. MacGyver Bryan says

    The famous Ford exploder and Firestone sliders.

  9. slamdeathgrindmachine says

    The funny part is GM ignition switches have always had problems it's nothing new to us GM owners it's only when the security systems involved is when we got a problem lol 😂

  10. Chris Tate says

    Does Mojo know the difference between a scandal and a recall or defect?

  11. Weird Temple says

    Hey Scotty, what did you think of the unintended acceleration in Toyotas back in 2009?

  12. Big Tank McTokery says

    I'm from Minnesota and there was a guy who went to jail for vehicular homicide because he was driving one of those Toyotas with the faulty gas pedals and hit and killed a woman but they didn't believe his story. Poor guy spent a year or two in prison until the story hit the news and he could prove his innocence. It was big news in the twin cities, it happened before the news about the defect came to light, dude got a BIG check from Toyota because of that.

  13. MrMartell77 says

    Interesting thing is that the people with stuck accelerators didn't think of putting the cars in neutral and let the engine blow. At least then you would be alive to go after Toyota for a new car.

  14. Going Blargh says

    And I’m suddenly recalling the hilarious Big Bill Hell’s Cars ad.

  15. hoscba says

    We had the Takata airbag recall on our '05 Corolla here in AUS. They replaced it with another defective airbag, then waited a few more years before they would finally replace it with a safe one.

  16. John Price Price says

    Does anyone else out there own a 2012 Dodge Journey?
    Does your stereo sound constantly go out? Does your battery and alternator suck, even after having them both replaced?
    (You can actually fix the stereo sound by disconnecting the negative from your batter for a second, but thats a major pain in the ass and its not a permanent fix.)

  17. MrMBmovie says

    What about the Corvair?

  18. Thomas Anielewski Jr says

    I don't want to be that guy but … That San Diego guy had time to call 911, but not shift to neutral or turn off the ignition? Why was his first thought to just let the car accelerate?

  19. The Almighty Cornholio says

    Sooo…. Unintended acceleration… Does no one know what neutral is?

  20. Joe Cool says

    How ffs could the Corvair NOT BE INCLUDED in this list?? It launched Ralph Nader and the Consumer Protection Act — Unsafe At Any Speed.

  21. Car Fan says

    Well there is no glory without story.

  22. John TerBeek says

    Ford was also culpable in the firestone tire issue.

  23. Char Aznable says

    Firestone: Wrong tire used on the vehicle because it was a light truck frame with an SUV body.

    Gas Pedal: Spaghetti programming in the electronic throttle control. Rather than making clean installs whenever the brain box was to updated, multiple updates slapped on one another resulting in a spaghetti of code giving the wrong commands.

    Engineering error, software error.

  24. NITSUA SAN says

    You know YouTube is going down when watchmojo is making adds in there videos

  25. Sterling Crockett says

    I'm no fan of GM (had three of their cars made past 1977 and they were all shit), but I remember when Dateline NBC tried to manufacture a GM truck scandal, saying that the fuel tanks could explode. GM responded with a request to examine the trucks, which DNBC had claimed were destroyed; they found the two trucks in a junkyard and determined that the tanks had been punctured, in addition to finding attachment points for model rocket motors. The unedited footage was also unearthed, which showed one truck not igniting at all and the other motor causing a small grass fire that was used in the report. NBC would up with some major egg on their faces and Dateline was ordered to apologize on air for their shenanigans. Funny stuff.

    The weirdest car controversy is the Dale and it's boss "Liz Carmichael". Car claims, cheated people and a transvestite.

  26. MelloMiddleFinger says

    In the United states and potentially north America…..?… he just say?

  27. Jonathan Mayor says

    1:45 that's a throttle position sensor, not an ignition switch.

  28. Josh Bacon says

    I can think of a couple more: the Vauxhall Zafira B fires in 2015 and the Ford automatic transmission recall in 1980.

  29. tdanks9 says

    Anyone eles have a gm with the key defect they also left out that the key will could be taken out while driving lol 🤣🤣 if u have a chevy cobalt /pontiac g5 try it its worked on 2005 and 2007

  30. DolleHengst says

    Corvair is the mother of car scandals

  31. Jp Janse van rensburg says

    why does all recalls of ford involve the cars catching fire…like the latest SUVs

  32. UrMomGay NoU says

    These aren’t scandalous

  33. Kel Lazell says

    I cant stand seat belts never used one i wont ether

  34. pav 997 says

    #1 is a Joke. A really bad one. A runaway car is easily deflectable. Turn it off, put it neutral, slam the brakes hard and come to a standstill, ….,. Fatal accidents due to a stuck gas pedal ist plain stupidity. Not knowing how to stop a car where the pedal is just stuck under the carpet should alarm the driving instructors not the manufacturer of the vehicle.

  35. Anew-Wiseman says

    Toyotas were Super Cheap when that Recall Happened. We bought an 07' Camry for $12k with 27k Miles on it still retaining it's Warranty! We still had it inspected and it cleared.

  36. Chad Freeman says

    At least 2 of these should have been Nissan

  37. Nimmo1492 says

    Vauxhall/Opel Zafiras spontaneously combusting has to be up there

  38. NeilTR says

    lol, where is that movie footage from the pinto exploding from?

  39. Magnificent Failure says

    My first Pinto not only got rear-ended, the tank flew out like a watermelon-seed.
    I had half a dozen of the little boogers over the years. They were decent cars. If they had the 2.0, you could even tune them.

  40. nhlsr nhl says

    I never fully understood with the Toyota accelerator issue why 911 could not coach a driver to put trans in neutral (or turn key to "off" but not to"lock")if gas pedal is stuck. Yes floor mats were poorly designed and I agree that sudden full throttle could cause bad accidents, and you may be too panicked to react quickly, but a runaway at full throttle for several miles or minutes seems unlikely that people could not react to that. Just a thought?

  41. John Smith says

    I had a 2003 GMC ENVOY TRUCK & There was a Airbag Racall. The Airbag's didn't pop out when you got into an accident. We never got any Phone Call or Letter stating the recall nor a Call to bring the truck in to have the problem fixed. The recall was in between 2005–2006 & I got into an Accident in August 2006. I was driving going to work & this asshole who was parked on my right decided to just take off without looking and pushed me into the other lane with incoming traffic. Everything went slowmo for me once I was pushed into on-coming traffic, I swerved out of the way of the Minivan with 2 parents & a child in it, then swerved again getting out of the way of the parked cars & a car coming down the side street so, once again i turned again missing all that & GUESS WHAT!!!!! The Fucking wheel locked up on me!!!!! So i ended up taking a ride over the lines into on-coming cars into 2 usps mailboxes that were bolted & cemented into the sidewalk, a Fire hydrant & a Do Not Curb Your Dog Sign. And I with my seatbelt on went face first into the the air condition vents poppong out 1 of them & Thanks To God I just cut the top of my nose & bashed up & bruised face. After all that my lawyer & Family met with the GM Lawyers & big wigs. Thise people had the balls to say i didnt hit square & hard enough for the Airbag's to deploy!!!!! Meanwhile the fucking whole left side from the M of Gmc was smashed in & up. My lawyer looked at them & just started to laugh & say what a fucking joke. So i ended up not suing because it would of cost me more than what i would of gotten.
    It's Amazing, you try & sue the right way & you get fucked. I guess you gotta scam & lie to win money. Thats why it not worth it. Good people end up always coming in last.
    But, I'm just happy to walk away from the accident, because if you looked at it, you would of said the driver had to get fucked up. Thank You God.

  42. Mr. Collins says

    What about the Ford pento? That was the worst.

  43. brandon blythe says

    I guess I never had a problem with my mats. I always put heavy duty ones in every car I got

  44. Tom Ailes says

    Had a Malibu with the ignition problem. All they did was connect two small key rings to our keys.

  45. Cristián M says

    I personally find Ford’s and GM’s affairs much more scandalous than Toyota’s. Especially the Pinto’s. Perhaps being Watchmojo an American-owned media, they’re protecting their industry.

  46. angrymuffinsb says

    What about the 2014 Grand Cherokee’s selector? I mean it’s common sense to ensure it’s put into P… but still

  47. Bryan Smith says

    Why am I watching breaking bad while hearing about the pinto?

  48. Dead Leg Media says

    Ford has a history of vehicles exploding from rear collisions. Ask any cop from the early to mid 2000s the crown Vic was loved but very explody

  49. Rob B says

    I own a Pinto. It should have been #1. I was downtown one night and a guy yelled at me "Is that a Pinto? Don't those explode?" My only reply was "I sure hope not." haha

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