The Rattling! – How Anfield Rattled Raheem Sterling – Seen From The Stands – Liverpool 3-1 Man City


It’s clear Raheem Sterling was a little Rattled by Anfield on Sunday…Rumour has it that it continued into Monday at the England Camp Lol!

Well, if you really want to know what happened, then here it is! This is what is what we saw from the stand! Maybe Pep could have a word…that is of course after he sorts himself out!

And as the title suggests…Sterling is a little snake! He slithered in and out of Anfield…yeah hes improved as a player…but I would not want him anywhere near our club…Not even at Everton!

Why, because he’s a little diver but worst still, his petulant behaviour is an embarrassment! further proof which was duly delivered in the aforementioned arrival at England Camp!

And where is this coming from…Lol! Well Pep is not a great example right now is he!

Anyway, enjoy the video, hope the lads at England camp see it, especially Trent and Joe! Lol!


UPDATE: So I’ve had loads of comments on here saying that I’m biased…well I am a Liverpool fan but here is the full highlights from that day, see or yourself how everyone played, see who was in whose pocket and how everyone behaved and how much stick Sterling really got or how good Trent really was! Oh…and yeah..And experience the game as if you was there…almost! YNWA!

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  1. MO LFC TV says

    So I've had loads of comments on here saying that I'm biased…well I am a Liverpool fan but here is the full highlights from that day, see or yourself how everyone played, see who was in who's pocket and how everyone behaved and how much stick Sterling really got or how good Trent really was! Oh…and yeah..And experience the game as if you was there…almost! YNWA!

  2. Cribbes Wave says

    I guess this guy hates sterling

  3. Miss Tarsh says

    At this point I don’t even hate sterling😂 he’s mentality at anfield is amazing I would be soo scared!!!!!

  4. TheGamingLegends says


  5. Sammie Northover says

    This guy is the biggest bender

  6. Breh Breh says

    The greater manchester rattle snake napkin soft raheem sterling !

  7. Darren kimbley says


  8. Fabian Salazar says

    Shut up😂

  9. ツKinqs says

    Shut the fuck up ur bored you would love to have sterling on ur team go get a job and stop getting drunk every weekend

  10. CeoOfGay says

    I knew the uk was toxic but damn that’s too much

  11. Nexus Blast says

    I know man city fans are bad but liverpools fans r the worst

  12. Milton Che says

    Sterling: makes the slightest if touches
    Guy in the video: hes having a nightmare, absolutely terrible booooo, looks better in slo mo

  13. lucas wede says

    ”Var is not helping you this time”
    Liverpools best signing was var
    Plus in the beginning of the champions league which you won because a corner taken quickly should have been disallowed and the ref apologized after it saying it wasn’t a legit goal and after the champions league u lot said “vat is the best that has ever happened to football so I mean you are kinda tripping

  14. Cj Morientes says

    Sterling, Suarez, and Coutinho, they all got a lesson

  15. Oliver Forshaw says

    Scummy Liverpool fans

  16. Beny Baya says

    Ur a bad youtuber trent can't play

  17. Kerxzx says

    If I sat beside this guy I’d have to swing him in the throat

  18. Xriy says

    I was like can that guy just shut up for a minute

  19. GetClappedGgMan says

    You are literally the most Down syndrome Like person just reading these things your putting on the screen about sterling is hurting my head your a drunk 50 year old looking for views go to work u fat shit. So annoying I’m not even a Man City fan aswell

  20. jinxUKBK says

    F uck sterling and coutinho. Mother f uckers.

  21. Arturs Šulcs says

    Sterling is better than this easholes (Liverpool)

  22. Poquito says

    Watching this back, how has the ref seen Sterling slap Trent round the back of the head and not given him anything? 6:53

  23. Niall Hurson says

    “VAR can’t save you bitches”

  24. JV says

    you sed u see n contact on raheem with the tackle from trent but if you look from another angle you can see that he did catch him

  25. Owen Leak says

    The thing is Liverpool win with VAR and when city played against Liverpool what happened to that VAR oh it broke coincidence we have had so much injuries Laporte and sane and also bravo in net bin dippers

  26. Calum Hadley says

    All Liverpool fans doing this yet they support when he plays for England 😂

  27. Abbe Maulodi says


  28. Tobias Thorup says

    Proper banter

  29. Lee Robinson says


  30. Eu Jexi says

    Honestly you’d be the most annoying person to sit beside

  31. Ben Hamilton says

    @MO LFC TV your just a wee scouzer! Yes TAA is good but Stirling would still replace someone out of your front 3! Besides every single one of those captions is you just licking TAA’s hole also it’s as if you were there not as if you was there!

  32. Cokky Bear says

    Raheem Struggle is shit

  33. Laith Harris says

    You didn’t shut up the whole game and your annoying ass scousing voice doesn’t make it better

  34. xPreyXI says

    You're a fucking biased dickhead. You have just made this video to mock Raheem. I wanna see you go out there and play in Trent's position, because I guarantee you, you can't do a hundredth of what Sterling did (and maybe Trent!). Plus, Sterling is a little magician. "About as magic as your dad right? And he disappeared didn't he?"

  35. TTV. TomBTW says

    This guy has had way too much to drink😂😂

  36. Its_ Harri says

    I think Sterling likes synchronised swimming more than football 😂😂😂

  37. Waveyy MA11 says

    Ur hating like he don’t make more money than you 😂

  38. Joe Conno says

    They singing Everton at 10:00 or is that just me

  39. Jack Fletcher says

    Traitorous little prick, whos sorry now??

  40. Tfq Sni says

    0:39 bendera Sarawak kat kanan

  41. Teddy Heather says

    Hello toxic Man City and Liverpool fans

  42. Fiona Nolan says

    Everyone had games by the way this is all your opinion

  43. Omar Tenorio says

    I'm not a fan of city or liverpool but sterling did get fouled a good hand full of times.

  44. Bob Bob says

    I’m a die hard Liverpool fan but this guys a drunk mess 😂

  45. Bryan depaz says

    Living in Sterlings head rent free.

  46. Hriteesh Gurbani says

    Guys i think its a bit too much here yes he dives but guys even if he dives he doesnt get the goal anyway so please cause its a bit too much here

  47. Danny Mullane says

    You got to be the most obnoxious and annoying person ever😂

  48. BROONY Da BEAST says

    Stfu u raging alcoholic😂every time anything happens u blame it on sterling being shit and go “weeeeyyyyyy”

  49. BROONY Da BEAST says

    Trent did nothing special it’s just the fact he was against sterling so he thought he was incredible, if I was sitting anywhere near this lad I would have told him to shut the fuck up

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