The Best JDM Cars To Buy


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JDM cars are becoming harder to come by as the years go on. Rare JDM cars such as the Supra, the RX 7, and many other timeless cars are only going up in value and overall becoming collector cars. Today, Alex goes through some of the best JDM cars to buy and gives you some information on the most timeless cars of the JDM scene.

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  1. Fitment Industries says

    What is your favorite JDM car? Let us know! Don’t forget to check out wheels, tires, and suspension over at

  2. cedric smith says

    What did you do to your hair

  3. Mauricio Alvarez says

    Eyy my car is the thumbnail!

  4. I Am Z1 says

    Can I have a car I am 14 in Ireland

  5. Loren Stickler says

    Fyi both kidneys go for about $30k 🤗

  6. blah says

    S2000s ARE appreciating. I had offers $4K above what I paid for the car 1 year ago.

  7. Chris Phillips says

    I normally watch videos with captions. They’re super ahead of the video it had be confused lmao

  8. Wild Card says

    I literally see a s2k every fucking day on rpf1s when I go get coffee it's just collecting dust in a parking garage

  9. Sanh Chung says

    Here is the best jdm car for the money! 4 door supra! Toyota Aristo TT

  10. Bill Howe says

    90's 300ZX? Gorgeous!

  11. TOXIC SCARL!RD says

    list of my favorite cars in your video.
    Mazda efini rx-7 spirit r fd
    Mazda rx-7 fc3s
    Honda s2000 ap2 cr
    Datsun 240z fairlady z
    Toyota supra rz a80
    Nissan skyline r32 gtr
    Nissan skyline r33 gtr
    Subaru sti gc8
    Mitsubishi evolution lancer 8
    Acura integra type r
    Acura nsx type s zero

  12. TOXIC SCARL!RD says

    If i only have a car i would buy a car. Jaguar xe sv, bmw m4, nissan r34, honda acura,rx7,supra and more 53

  13. Jacob Guerrero says


  14. Tj Talford says

    R32 is like a lap dance from a unicorn in south Florida that doesn't speak English very well

  15. Ben Murphy says


  16. Ryan Springer says

    I have a production date Jan 95 MP Skyline GTR VSPEC build by JDM Garage in England at 700hp that is about to go to the dock in England. Hit me up if you're interested. Should be here within the next 2 months. I'm going to Japan for 3 years in June and really don't need it anymore.

  17. Joel Ward says

    Subaru 22b, newer type r integra. 3000gt, s15, even nx coup for fun looks

  18. Lachlan Moloney says

    Why do all used cars seem to be so much more expensive here in Australia.

  19. Dlace says

    The best JDM car to buy now is a 2003.5 MAZZDASPEED Protege(FAMILIA)

  20. Sean Simon says

    Mitsubishi GTO hands down. AWD Twin Turbo V6 with rear wheel steering and active AERO making 320hp 🙏🏿 please can I get a E46 vid 😂

  21. jd. says

    wheres the eclipse 😔

  22. A Lemon says

    Last Generation of the Honda Prelude

  23. just car reviews says

    You forgot the s line of nissan

  24. Clean Datsun's used to be $10k?? Damn, I missed out! Haha

  25. Soviet Union says

    Cough cough ae86 brother

  26. Alex Meghdadi says

    He talks to the beat sometimes and it just makes me enjoy these videos so much more

  27. LOGICT says

    where is the miata?

  28. WeAreWatching Yu says

    That second dude?? Or Chic?? Alex??? Or Alexa????

  29. julian jensen says

    Honda civic ek9 type r

  30. Becon O'Light says

    +1000 for the MnP GTR33!!

  31. Yukimura says

    I´m saving for one but can´t make my mind! I´m looking for weekend project car and i just can´t seem to decide between 350z s2000 and Evo 8. :/

  32. That Z Guy says

    Got a 280z… Wish it would start.

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