1. Thanh Nguyễn says

    Sao.lại dùng tay bốc bông thế kia .làm sai rồi

  2. lê giang says

    Vệ sinh bộ phận sd mang găng vk đâu có tác dụng gì đâu nhỉ

  3. Somnath Pawar says


  4. 앵샷TV says


  5. Rondinele Silva says

    bright medicine congratulations to all doctors of this vídeo you are incredible bright

  6. Senh Cu says

    toi da tung bi nhu nay

  7. Thalapathi suguMar says

    Thank u god

  8. Cell 77 says

    фу блять !

  9. Neto adelino says


  10. Nasiye Sitem Demirkol says




  11. morfy valentino says


  12. Lonely Alone says

    смотрите как уважают хуй

  13. Jayanta Das says

    Land ka opr samraa me pani jama ho geya.iske bajase bhut drat howa .kiya Krna parage

  14. Skully Slayer says

    omg ouchhhh

  15. Лабовчарка says

    Я дитина і це винне воно в рекомендаціях мені тільки 9 років

  16. Лабовчарка says

    Це діти дивляця

  17. Lucas eduardo Froz says

    Pintor. Grande 🙊

  18. Shekhar S says

    Average size is smaller.

  19. Vikesh Saket says


  20. Sujan Das Das says

    What is this.but it is very bad video

  21. Lavkush LB says

    Always make videos in English because we not understand in other language
    English is global language

  22. Lm Ok says


  23. Rahul Shid says

    Yey !!!!.?

  24. Candice Yeung says


  25. Yanat pilinat says


  26. Suraj sharma DX says

    Horror of dick plz don't watch it ,don't watch stay away from seeing is feeling me 😥😥

  27. Mijan Khan says

    It hurts a lot

  28. Mijan Khan says

    I have had such an operation once

  29. Ashish Jamwal says

    Thank god its an artificial human.😂😂

  30. 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  31. demon slayer says

    Condom catheter is way better feeling and easier to put.

  32. YTJudeHateツ says



    NIC lulaudoo

  34. hoàng phúc says

    Chim to thế mà

  35. Galaxy Guy065 says


  36. Miguel Hernandes says

    👎sorry 4.5

  37. Julio Zarate says

    Que pedos

  38. yayo cruz says

    Kañangas ñangas cachuchas huangas

  39. nuclear gk says

    Es una mierd a de video

  40. nuclear gk says


  41. Tiks Salvador says


  42. Jean Paul says

    17:06 thanks me later 😉

  43. Patcharapon Thawee says


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