REAL Super Powers Caught on Camera!


Real footage of some of the world’s strangest moments. Bizarre events that beg the question; Surely this couldn’t have been planned?

1. Telekinesis
Two female students step off a crowded school bus in China, as one of the girls appears to be locked in a heavy argument with one of the boys. Things get heated as one of the boys approaches the girl, until her friend knocks him away using… well… telekinesis? The girl appears to be terrified by her own power.

2. Spoon Bending
Meet Dorothy Hagen, a seemingly normal 6 year old. Her father eagerly prompts her to repeat a party trick that she has learnt, in front of the camera. At first she struggles, but on her second attempt, breaks a fork for us all to see. This is no ordinary 6 year old.

3, Ghost Car
This internet phenomenon is known as the Ghost Car. The Garden City PD chase the suspect for a long while, as he mysteriously swerves all over the road like a man possessed. When all of a sudden the car vanishes right through a fence, leaving the squad car trapped and the officers perplexed.

4. 5th Dimension
On this Russian intersection things are apparently normal. Until a car comes out of nowhere, giving the driver milliseconds to react. Stopping just in time. It’s as if the car came into existence right there in front of him, as it doesn’t appear anywhere else in the video.

5. The Matrix
Again Russia, and another busy road. The driver of this articulated lorry suddenly swerves as a man appears suddenly, completely out of nowhere and completely out of place. He continues to wander off like a video game sprite continuing it’s program. Where did this medical looking man come from? Could this be a glitch in the Matrix?

6. Halo
A pedestrian is idly filming a fare in what appears to be Tokyo. When a hooded female passes and there’s a weird flash above her head. Weirder still, when a pedestrian cries out, the woman starts to run away. The person filming gives chase, clearly shocked by the situation, and is just able to film the woman disappear in a flash, whooshing away into the distance.

7. Vanishing
A man seems to be looking for someone in a crowded book store. But when he finds the man in the yellow coat, he completely disappears, leaving the crowd dumbfounded. The footage shows no signs of editing, with people moving behind and in front of the man. A clerk who missed the paranormal occurrence, simply picks up the dropped book and carries on with his day.

8. Flying
In this video YouTube user Jevgenij2000 was out walking his dog Tarzan in Russia. When he stumbled across this. A young girl apparently stuck in mid air, above her relaxed mother. In a second the dog barks, apparently spooking the two and they run off into the woods.

9. Flame Hands
A Chinese model is having a photoshoot in the street, when a man walks passed apparently testing out an incredible power. On noticing the camera he runs off suspiciously right into a bus. He then appears further away, continuing to marvel at his own super power.

Which superpower do you wish you had?
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  1. Samaraki Tomasi says

    Having the elements as my power 🤣

  2. antox mendoza says

    Number nine I was him

  3. Grace Kleckner says

    Number 5 you can see the lady walk across the road she dose not appear out of no ware

  4. Erikson Dave says


  5. Status- Lock says

    #5 the truck is swerving because the lady was in th middle of th street. You can see her walking by the trucks side few seconds before she appears

  6. mahal good says


  7. Javoka Shumaker says

    Guy :vanishes
    Regular people:woah

    Me:instant transmission

  8. smart gamer says

    My favourite power is telekinesis the first one

  9. Pauljustin Alegado says

    I wish I had flying teleporting and back time and no pain infinite blood and go trought the walls

  10. Living the dreams Lifeisgood says

    The first video is not from china is from Thailand get your damn story straight

  11. Randy Shields says

    Most fake videos on the web!!!

  12. Kesta Graham says

    I want the one where I can disappear 👀

  13. Jeffry Antony says


  14. Phoenix Stamper says

    imma get fire hands. i wanna set my homework on fire. and dodgeballs, so with the strength, i already throw, i can add fire aspect. (Minecraft)

  15. Hui Cin says

    Iwant flying power fier

  16. Sir HighRoller says

    Telekinesis in which even if I cant see what I'm moving I can still move it other good powers would be super speed or teleportation

  17. kerbie corpuz says

    I wish I fly,storng and teleport
    plsss lord 😭😭😭

  18. Charson Hensene says

    I would have fire type power or cold type powers

  19. aisarussell says


  20. Logan Clarke says


  21. Mizzy MizzyTheHybirdOof says

    Eh that not china it Thailand ;^

  22. Maurice Smith says


  23. Blobby Who says

    There was a open space in the fence

  24. goofydog2 says

    Why, that's easy! I want x-ray eyes…

  25. PK Csapat says


  26. nicjudi 2009 says


  27. nicjudi 2009 says


  28. Alex_animations yt says

    The heilow

  29. ZyQuavious Brown says

    The lightning hands and the ability to fly

  30. goober reviews says

    I like these videos they look really cool but how do you know there not all just edited I am not saying there fake I am just saying how many of theses videos in this video are real and how many are just edited

  31. Hamza Osman says

    lol so funny when someone closes there eyes of course you cant see

  32. Ryan VanGelder says

    Only in Russia….

  33. Ariana goodwin says


  34. Nadya Verdoorn says

    They could've edited it

  35. Alan Walker Meijer says

    Bruh that is not china its thailand mudafuker

  36. Lucid blxnd-_- says

    I want telekinesis and super strength and speed and invisibility

  37. hagop krikorian says

    Hey guys on this tape I have superpowers to I have the ability to project imagery and I also have telepathic powers and a few more powers besides that if you can catch me I'm willing to hangout

  38. Ambrose Ellie says

    I wish I had ice powers

  39. Excu Gaming says

    I wish I had Flame Hand,Teleporter,Flying,Magical and Electric
    Like If You’re Same With Me 🙂

  40. Deni Taga says

    Super speed

  41. Suzanne Mahaney says

    when i saw the halo thing i was like : I found me an angel i can see in your halo

  42. Sairaj Kumar says

    all tricks

  43. dcjako 666 says

    I wish I could do anything

  44. Paulyn De Leon says

    I have a power strength

  45. I am mike müller says


  46. I wish that i have many superpowers of all times

  47. Addrriendlyredz Roblox says

    ALL ELEMENTS and a bubble shield with two incredibly strong layers

  48. marlo verse says

    I wish I had supermans Powers

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