Pick on someone your own size! David Luiz leads pranks in Arsenal training


Spirits are high at Arsenal’s training session ahead of their Europa League clash with Standard Liege.

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  1. Heidi Aurora says

    David Luiz got the smallest shorts I’ve ever seen

  2. Bradh geezer 23 Bonny says

    Aujourd'hui les supporteurs de Chelsea se moquent de luiz oubliant que les 3 coupes d' Europe remporté il était parmi nous et avec nous David est une légende de Chelsea il mérite du respect! Moi je l aime ! Il est très fort . Il me l a encore prouvé lors de la demi final de l Europe league fa e à Francfort!

  3. eddy ozy says

    Unai out ☝🏽

  4. hamzah zziwa says

    Emery is a fraud almost 2yrs in charge but still, doesn't know his first 11

  5. Leon Makovich says

    Ok so this is why they play shit on matchday, Ok.

  6. shoxrux olimov says

    I am very glad to see my team Arsenal I love you

  7. Arsenal F.C says

    Tbh Luiz looks like a badass leader.
    Make him Captain instead of slowy Xhaxa.

  8. fazli razani says

    bully 🤣

  9. eden kimon says

    And Luiz defending skill is a joke

  10. Rohan Brown says


  11. Galant Jodhi Pratama says

    come on you ozil! come back stronger 💪🏼💪🏼

  12. ronnie pickering says

    Tierneys the smallest but the brightest 🍀😂

  13. Khaleefah. Jay. says

    So this is what this guys does in training I see! Now get back to work lazy bones..#Coyg

  14. Dylan Ward says

    2:37 Torreira and sokratis ‘getting close’, then sokratis comes out itching his cock. Suspicious 😒

  15. John Mclean says

    Luiz and Martinelli have the wrong shorts on!

  16. khadar isaak says

    This guys just jokin in the training… They nve serious

  17. Sean Bartlett says

    Was the prank that someone shrunk Luiz's shorts in the wash?

  18. rory chester says

    Love how Tierney is the only one in short sleeves😂

  19. Mohamed Anwar says

    Why are they touching eachother a lot

  20. Sam Gallagher says

    Arsenal are showing the reason why we play so poor lol

  21. xxSteveAokixx says

    OH nononono Willock,DONT listen to hiiiim 😂😂😂

  22. Ethan Cooknell says

    Belerin defending Teirney is the definition of a bromance

  23. Fajar Bulan Juni says

    2:47 the way papa snatch the ball 😂😂

  24. El aphtag El cholo says

    Y’all said we hate mustafi when he perform bad but not him, but now he doesn’t play and when he does he plays well and you still showing hate and criticizing him on everywhere, can we just that’s just a pure Islam phobia?

  25. yutube mafia says

    0.30-40sec if you had ozil name hit like

  26. Joseph Peters says

    Where's Ozil? 🤔

  27. Z.X.C. L.S.B.N says

    What happened.?

  28. Vik Gabriel says

    Freddie has to be Arsenal’s next boss! Emery out!!

  29. Trigger Happy says

    That snot shot was pretty impressive.

  30. Birdman Sandusky says

    Calamity Luiz has been playing pranks on us fans on the pitch too

  31. OuTLaWzGueder PSN says

    No wonder they cant finish top 3 in prem, look at the training

  32. paulio412 says

    go and watch ur own team if you dont like arsenal….oh your teams useless…..

  33. James says

    I am not entertained!

  34. Joseph Omondi says

    Recently mustafi and holding combination is the best

  35. Alex Gærtner says

    Looks like Pepe misses Laca

  36. Victor Akinfenwa says

    Where’s Ozil?

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