1. Adin Karamovic says

    It's bad

  2. Celal Eyriboyun says

    Yavsak juve

  3. AW Channel says

    Kopok kirain pertandingan semalem

  4. Rohit Adhikari says

    I don't know why but nowdays I feel ronaldo is playing like he is playing for the first time .
    I feel so sad when I see this .
    He is my idol and seeing him score goals always used to make me soo much excited and seeing his skills was what I wanted to see all the time but I think he is being old nowadays.
    Love for ronaldo ❤❤

  5. Louis Norte says

    P E N A L D O

  6. Inter Cancel says


  7. Cihat Eker says


  8. Alessandro Flora says

    Forza italiaaaa

  9. MrBønny •FIFA MOBILE• says

    Congratulate 100 k🔥

  10. MrBønny •FIFA MOBILE• says

    Congratulate 100 k

  11. sisi bola update says


  12. Flyin Eagle says

    No one liked Allegri but this Juve team has no defense, no midfield. Arrogant players with a chip on their shoulders then they embarrass themselves to the world with a very poor performance. They will not win Serie A, they will not win the Champions League. Ronaldo has had is worst seasons since signing with Juve. They should have taken that money and invested in a world class coach and better players.

  13. محمد العنزي EC3 says

    you're lie douche bag, last match Lazio won 3 – 1 and they won the super cup just now also 3 – 1

  14. claudio pascucci says

    22/12/2019 – DUBAI – SUPERCOPPA….LAZIO 3 – JUVENTUS 1 …VOI VINCETE SOLO IN ITALIA PERCHE' CALATE SEMPRE IL JOLLY, L'ARBITRO…..PAGLIACCI….Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  15. Ucup pangkas Machill says

    Sari ta pantas jadi pelatih juventus taktiknya tidak berkembang.

  16. Ucup pangkas Machill says

    Sari not coach.

  17. Rendy setiawan says

    Sarry goblok…cuma keledai yg jatuh dilubang yang sama😈😈😈😈….jancoookkkkk

  18. J B says

    Cristiano le quiere ganar a Messi con penales

  19. Faixa Preta says

    Tome da Juventus é horroso CR7 escolheu mal em ir pra essa clube!👍

  20. Do rian says

    CR7 hizo 600 goles de penal jajajaja

  21. buddy buddy says

    it wasnt 2-1 there was 3-1 for lazio

  22. wader man says

    Udah pada ngewe belum???

  23. Iqbal Alfikri ID says

    did cancelo turn back to juve? i though he was in city

  24. Классный матч:)

  25. Thanh Vũ Lê says

    Pânti nua ha

  26. Tansaoui tarik says

    2012 de Lionel Messi la plus belle année


  27. Henry Chim says

    Goblog …. Masih ada Cancelo

  28. Bro Phanna says


  29. John James says

    Crappy editing. What led to the PK?

  30. DDTPhoenix 12 says

    Cristiano Ronaldo is like a Superhero

  31. Abdljalil Elghorfi says

    شاء الله
    أن تصلي على حبيبك النبي محمد
    فلا تحرم نفسك

  32. cloudsboys 1 says

    Saw moise kean and joao cancelo on bench I was like “nope”

  33. Wira Wirawan says

    Last match lazio won 3 – 1.
    But this is the match from 10 months ago.

  34. America boy says

    Ronaldo power is going down now,better to retire

  35. Martin Luther e says

    Own goals are very painful 😥

  36. big b says


  37. Nishanth C says


  38. a Seven 2323 says


  39. Lazio deserved this match 😢

  40. Ahmad Fathir says

    Peoples is boring to see juventus always be wins…please take down bianconeri …serie A is not competitive

  41. Dhody Sutanto says


  42. Agus Hadi Fadilah says

    Jersey Juventus bukan bahasa Arab,, pertandingan tahon kemarin ini….

  43. CR7samunir Munir says

    Dancok min2 ini lama mia

  44. Hermans Hermanssucipto says

    Ini mah dah lewat

  45. User Akun says

    ini mah dah lama,,,,ahh

  46. Quaye Ransom says

    that's what this guy is doing playing mind games with us , to get more views nice skills

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