Manchester United | Tour 2019 | Inter Milan Highlights | ICC | Greenwood Nets The Winner!


Enjoy the best of the action as the Reds recorded a 1-0 win over Inter Milan in the third game of our pre-season tour and opening International Champions Cup. Watch extended highlights on MUTV here –

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  1. Army 12 says

    list, they singing a song from indonesian. Yoo ayo ayo indonesia😂 ( come on indonesian )

  2. SANTUY CAK says

    feel at the old Trafford😂

  3. Cao Minh says

    man i still remember the atmosphere there that day. Probably the closest im gonna get to Theatre of Dream's level

  4. LaVoyage 7 says

    I was there. At the exact spot he scored as well

  5. A Samad says

    Glory glory Man United

  6. Cascade L says

    man united have the best academy players

  7. Abdullah Hassan says

    MU versers live

  8. yale smith says

    United Getting Back Into Their Roots.

  9. Gerry Hidayat says

    Indonesia is red

  10. SPORTS 10 says


  11. Duncan Blade says

    Michael Owen's commentary is as boring as he is .. Jesus!

  12. Namefirst says

    He is very similar to van Persie

  13. Ed the Sock says

    Dean Henderson leaving on loan makes zero sense! I'd move de Gea on for a big fee and install Henderson as No 1.

  14. Cricket Updates says

    Chong s cross and greenwood hits the whitewood at 3.03

  15. Vijay Iyer says

    It's only a friendly.
    You down.

  16. Pond KUN. . says


  17. SligoSham07 says

    Great finish lad

  18. Sahir Man says

    Martial mmm

  19. Fiore says


  20. Me Win says

    Do come back MU. Singapore is your second home!

  21. Barwry Offical says

    Full following

  22. sayyam nasir says

    This is what my beloved Club Manchester United is all About, full faith in the players and In Ole. United will reach there where they belong, GGMU🔴👑

  23. CarrotSniper says

    Could've scored 5

    But you love to see the team playing this kind of football

  24. Ederies Cottle says

    Look promising attack need Bruno n Harry dybala and pepe

  25. Ederies Cottle says

    We need that's shots wow we mis it last season

  26. Theo Woss says

    Like of united will sin next session 👍👍

  27. Ask to seduce Miss says

    Ashley young still at the club?

  28. ausaf mohammad says


  29. ausaf mohammad says


  30. G2_ Gamers96 says

    Manchester United youth players of the Future of the Future

  31. Catalin Cucuteanu says

    Man United first aqad vs Inter's 2nd

  32. R D says

    4th Ref is pretty hot 😏😏🔥

  33. PRINCE LULU says

    That second attempt from Greenwood is prove that he is not a kid anymore.

  34. PRINCE LULU says

    Lingard need spiritual healings 😂

  35. AKO BLESSING says

    So Ashley cole still playing?

  36. Bexo Sean says

    The finishing is horrible boys! Work on it

  37. chinenye loretta says

    I think James needs time and Gomes should play more

  38. Elton Almeida says


  39. Lorraine Mc Loone says


  40. Kino says

    Sell De Gea, he doesn't want to be here.

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