Manchester United 4-0 Chelsea | Marcus Rashford Double Ruins Lampard's First Game



The Football Social is back for the 2019/20 season. Join us live for our first show as Frank Lampard takes charge of Chelsea for the first time.

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Premier League Matchday 1:

Liverpool vs Norwich
West Ham vs Manchester City
Bournemouth vs Sheffield United
Burnley vs Southampton
Crystal Palace vs Everton
Watford vs Brighton
Tottenham vs Aston Villa
Leicester vs Wolves
Newcastle vs Arsenal
Manchester United vs Chelsea



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  1. Silver 642 says

    Ctcfy ch, ctcfcfctctctcty], y, y, y, 0y,0y,y,00u

  2. Fahad Al-ani says

    Imagine letting go of sarri a highly rated manager for lampard

  3. 21Youngstars ZH97 says

    Joe Thomlinson really should have been on this

  4. Newton Heath says

    man on arsenal shirt trying to contain his anger when the 3rd goals went in lmao 1.46.02

  5. Slim Reaper says

    Here John mate. Take Hammills glasses off him and send him off walking into walls the little fanny.. Only buzzin' Chris mate.. Up the Celts!!!

  6. Gabigoal 30 says

    Why is the Arsenal Fan supporting Chelsea xD

  7. billy bodgit says

    Can derby have tomori and mount back please…Frank Lampard… can keep him 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. SiBer says

    Fantastic guys (@football Daily), well done.
    John O'Shea has always been a fan favourite at UTD and he is a really well spoken, great pundit.
    Wish him all the best for his future in Mgmt (or ideally as a coach at UTD).
    If you do more vids covering more UTD games, please get him back on if you can.

    Hamill was fantastic with John.

  9. Joshua 1 says

    Love John o Shea

  10. Hoa Nguyen says

    Mu great!

  11. Darth Vader says

    It was fun

  12. Arun Philip says

    Love and support from india a die hard mu fan

  13. Tim Dev says

    No internet reacts?!

  14. Gautam Karmakar says

    This is just like Emery lost to man city last season

  15. Jay Legend says

    Great stream lads but plz get rid of the background crowd noise. Its really not needeed. A cleaner stream would be much appreciated

  16. ClockWorkChronos says

    john o'shea top class lad!!

  17. wild fire says

    즉 객관적으로 보면 중국 공산당의 지도자 마오쩌둥은 뛰어난
    군사 전략가이자 이론가로서 혁명을 성공시키고 천하를 얻은
    대단한 인물이긴 했지만, 사회주의 국가 중화인민공화국의 지
    도자 마오쩌둥은 엄청난 악행을 저질러 수 억의 인민에게 최악
    의 고통을 선사했다는 점에서, "말 위에서 천하를 차지할 수는
    있으나 먈 위에서 천하를 다스릴 수는 없다" 라는 중국 격언을
    스스로 증명 한 사람이 며 현재까지도 극단적으로 평가가 엇갈
    리는 인물이다.

    우리나라에서 그는 그저 유명한 공산주의 정치가 정도로 알려
    져 있지만, 사실은 그보다 훨씬 복잡한 인물이다. 그는 현대 게
    릴라 전술을 완성한 군인이자, 중국 대륙 통일의 위업을 달성한
    정치 지도자이면서, 농민을 혁명의 주력으로 내세운 중국식 공
    산주의 이론을 창시한 사상가이고, 동시에 뛰어난 문장력을 자
    랑하는 저술가이자 시인이 며, 자신만의 관념으로 수천만 명에
    달하는 중국인들을 굶겨서 또는 집단 광기에 빠뜨려 죽인 학살 .
    자이다. 조조의 20,네기 버전?t61

  18. Hugh Egan says

    King O'shea!!

  19. Parker Miller says

    Please dont spoil the scoreline, i just got home from work and found out the score before i even saw the highlights video in my subscriptions

  20. Oakley Bay says

    Time stamps please?

  21. ZeroFox75 says

    Chelsea have no one leading their attack. Abraham was getting frustrated and made silly mistakes, Pulisic didn’t make much of an impact, Pedro did well enough but there was no real CF target. Giroud isn’t cutting it anymore, they sold Morata, I can’t imagine Bats getting many games. And Zouma just proved why he should have stayed at Everton. Dumb challenge on Rashford, mistake which lead to Martial’s goal, that dangerous ball across goal, just not good enough.

    On the otherside, until about 60 min, United’s midfield were getting owned. Pogba and McTominay weren’t making a huge impact, Chelsea’s midfielders were out passing circles around them. If there is a concern coming out of this match it’s United’s midfield and the knock’s Shaw and Martial seemed to pick up. Bc you can’t afford to lose either when your team has no depth in those positions.

  22. Osasumwen Oribo says

    See how biased pundits can be, O shea banking Rashford and Martial to fire MU to top 4 as against Arsenals attack.

  23. Raptic Bladez says

    Pato u were hesitating to put manutd 5th look at this

  24. Thanos says

    We were good but zouma gave away a pen it was a good pen untied sat back and defended we didn’t take are chances united counter attacked and scored two quick goals then we gave up James scores viva a deflection but overall united played very smart and fair play maguire did amazing but hopefully we can bonuce back coyb💙💙⚽️

  25. Maxi Felix 55 says


  26. LobFak Art says

    Man U always start well but ? 😂😂😂

  27. Lord Diego Costa says

    We dominated until the 60th minute but that means nothing if you're not clinical. The only negative is the defense and that was known before the match. I think once we get some of our starters back we'll be better but only time will tell.

  28. Qué pasa tete?? xxd says

    Resultado engañoso el chelsea le pegó 2 veces al palo y regaló un penal
    Pero admito que el United fue superior solo que el resultado me parece abultado

  29. harsh baid says

    John O Shea United Legend!

  30. Brennan says

    We were much more clinical and efficient with possession than Chelsea, a positive season ahead! GGMU

  31. Red TheMarkOf_C says

    if you watched the match man u didnt run riot they got lucky and parked the buss

  32. Dylan.P6 says


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