1. Hanad Abdisamed says

    59:46 roy keane in disguise

  2. Affayin says


  3. Heitor Claudino says

    Dale Grêmio

  4. The gaming train says

    Yet again the true Geordie missing the fucking Newcastle match

  5. The silly guy says

    Leave Geordie alone. I know he’s into freaky things but he’s not doing anything wrong. Everyone has weird fetishes

  6. seano8484NPC2222 says

    True Geordie 0 – shit box 1

  7. ironman tooltime says

    You should get more women on, though Rory did well 👍

  8. Luucky says

    The background is a Chavy estate

  9. Callum Walker says

    Not being funny but Rudiger has payed 182 games of senior top division football Zouma has played 178, not exactly worlds apart in terms of experience and Zouma has played more games in the Prem. Christensen admittedly has only played 100 league games but thats also because he was basically benched all of last year after breaking into Chelsea's team the year before.

  10. Alex Thorpe says
  11. TJC2 Cooper says

    What's the name of the song that plays in the beginning of this @ 0:12 ..First minutes??

  12. MrOasis316 says

    That Chelsea supporter looks like Bruce Jenner before the sex change.

  13. alifesince98 says

    As a derby fan listening to Rory is actually embarrassing, what Lampard did well with us was get involved in the fans and creating a team spirit but tactically he’s wank, head scratching team line ups that never paid off and subs that didn’t make sense, I am pissed off that he’s left for Chelsea but also confused why they want him when there’s far better manages on the market

  14. Linx Shockzz says

    I honestly am starting to hate Laurence

  15. Gabriel Bradshaw says

    Hugh wizzy is showing Lawance up big time, proving how little Lawance knows 😂😂

  16. Milad says

    People hate on Rory a lot but at the end of the day he's the most passionate and honest fan on this channel followed by Hugh. TG & Lawrence are soo conservative about what they say! Rory was spot on about David Luiz and Norwich setting up like that!

  17. Moodie Morgie says

    Is that louis walsh?

  18. MrMcfc17 says

    an irish ‘united fan’.. what a surprise

  19. Joseph Nnaji says

    The quality on this channel is so unreal

  20. Louis Flanagan says

    you guys are so fucking stupid… harry mcguire was good behind kante….harry mcguire never played with him

  21. Devine says

    This ain’t football related but who thinks true Geordie and Bradley Martin would be an amazing fight? 🥊🥊

  22. James Patrick says

    Those camera angles make me feel sick lads. Proper Kardashians shit

  23. Al O98 says

    Chelsea saying the win isn’t relevant because they started two teenagers, as if United doesn’t have the youngest team in the league. Do these gobshites even think about what they’re saying fucking mongs

  24. Al O98 says

    Rory really is such a dumb cunt isn’t he

  25. bayanda qanda says

    If it is this good it is after 10 minutes imagine how good it will be in 10 years😂😂😂😂😂 I saw how good it was after 90 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Anthony Francis says

    The best goal I've scored on a football game was with Adriano on PES. Back in the day when you'd have both PES & FIFA cause you weren't too sure who would be the victor.

  27. limericklad2000 says

    Much harder to go on a run of losing games when you're not conceding goals. We've got a solid back four now. This team will not concede goals.

  28. MSA99 says

    Why do us United fans always have to be represented by these mongs who don't know anything.

  29. mc jeint says

    Loz’s Lambo analysis of City was spot on👏🏼

  30. Danny Hustle says

    Van dijk is overrated. I know he good but compare him with bobby Moore is so stupid.

  31. Josh Hughes says

    If you wear a long sleeve polo shirt you deserve a slap.

  32. ITz Kallz says

    What’s the Ladbrokes promo code

  33. Juan Gris says

    Liverpool fan here, I absolutely love this channel. True Geordie, you're a diamond, keep up your brilliant work.

  34. Aasbjorn says

    Love Hugh. The most sensible and the most likeable of all of these people. Then I gotta say I like Rory as a guest. Funny bloke

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