1. Ian Bos says

    Liverpool have only been ok this season with a couple moments of brilliance!! IF they can get to top gear, they will wipe the floor with the rest of the league and be champs by beginning of March!!

  2. starryian007 says

    This unbelievable tally is VERY possible this season for Liverpool (2 have already achieved thus far)

    UEFA Super Cup Winners ✔
    UEFA World Club Cup Winners ✔
    Premier League Champions
    FA Cup Winners
    2020 UEFA Champions' League Winners
    This could be the greatest winning tally for any club in the history of football. Not to mention that its entirely possible for Liverpool to go through the ENTIRE season unbeaten and smash Arsenal's 'Invincibles' unbeaten run in 2003/4 of 49 games.
    Just imagine….

  3. Marco Tonta says

    SalahManekum …😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Payne Emelda says

    Hendo is just so blessed and privileged to be captain of this great team managed by Klopp.

  5. Marco Tonta says

    Shearer is like Klopp you can listen to them all day…

  6. Shane Canning says

    Liverpool rule

  7. Tawfiq Muhammud says

    We are going to win d PL after 30yrs drought but sure we'll win it wiv a big record in points & Clean Sheet.

  8. Terry Spencer says

    Glad Joe Gomez got a shout… no coincidence that we have kept 5 clean sheets since Joe has come in…. to come back from the injury and the England bollox and to play the way he is playing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  9. You all stupid people thinking Liverpool is going to win the league. dream on Liverpool will miss out on the league again. 18 games is still long way to go. watch out Liverpool is going down just like last season. funny thing is i was right last season and i will be right again.

  10. Mohamed Farey says

    Wow im happy one year unbeaten liverpool big team im fans 15 year is today

  11. MadLFC DC says

    "Winning the league for the first time"? Come on Don you need to choose your words more carefully as an ex-Liverpool player.

  12. LFC YNWA says

    The 1 point loss last season was a blessing in disguise. This team have evolved because of it. It’s beautiful to see.

  13. Ibrahim Al says

    The reds flying alone

  14. Gareth O'Sullivan says

    Interesting if Liverpool win all their games up to the 4th of April…. They could win it at the eithihad…..

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