Liverpool vs Chelsea: Klopp's UEFA Super Cup reaction | Adrian, Firmino and 'Thank You' to Istanbul


Watch as Jürgen Klopp speaks to the media following Liverpool’s UEFA Super Cup victory over Frank Lampard’s side at Besiktas Park, Turkey.

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  1. Marufa Binte says


  2. فهود القحطاني says

    هل العنوان مترجم أم يتخيل لي !!

    وإن كان مترجم , رجاءً أحضروا مترجم متمرس أو أبقوا على لغتكم ,, وشكراً

    سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

  3. Berk Şanlı ツ says

    Delimineden hepppinize meraba arkadaslar

  4. tam mong says


  5. Andrews Darkwah says

    Kings of Europe 💪👏❤

  6. Jane Seatter says

    Can I get a VIP seat

  7. Jane Seatter says

    This is won off your best surporters

  8. Jane Seatter says

    Mo salah I love you

  9. Jürgen Is More Than A Coach…

  10. Ed Peters says

    Job bloody well done, Kloppo 👌👌👌
    You're made for Liverpool and Liverpool are made for you.
    Viking 🇩🇰

  11. RMM says


  12. Tahmid Rahman says

    klopps target is to win the premier league

  13. Humzz says

    comment for van dijk to win best player

    like for messi

  14. Victor Mambasa says

    I am not seeing my self as German, seeing my self as European. what a good answer from Klopp

  15. CciIcCo says

    The interview with Klopp and a reporter on the pitch was so hilarious "Adriiaaaaan"

  16. AbdirahmanAli Mohamed hussen says

    He is very good

  17. AbdirahmanAli Mohamed hussen says

    For ones

  18. AbdirahmanAli Mohamed hussen says

    Klopp can u plz play shaqiri plzzz

  19. NGENDOKK gaming says

    Alhamdulillah liverpool juara lagi piala champions juara sekarang piala eorapa juara
    Salam liverpool

  20. Egecan Karaaslan says

    congratulations liverpool you were one of the best teams this season

  21. Oğuzhan ŞENER says


  22. William McGrath says

    Liverpool FC sucks. Let’s go Manchester United

  23. Abu Maryam says

    I want to lead the team, I am the best in the world

  24. Abu Maryam says

    Unfortunately, Manchester City remains the best organized team

  25. Dyldunners says

    what a game, well done guys👍🏻👏🏻

  26. LFC YNWA says

    Our forward 3 looks fit and sharp. Should be another great season for LFC 🔴

  27. Malek Amr says

    Go Liverpool !!!

  28. Mak Ciss says

    Sadio Mane the king 📹📹📹📹

  29. Immanuel Edeke says

    "That's my mistake,not his" How many leaders never mind Coaches accept they are wrong in public like JK does? This guy is honest to a fault. Our club is so lucky to have him

  30. Bilal Tuğrul Uğurlu says

    You're great Liverpool 🔴

  31. studio7 says

    Liverpool fc are the biggest football club in the world. Supporters fans etc. Not backed by government or the richest people but followed by real sports fans around the world…WE ARE LIVERPOOL, THIS MEANS MORE.

  32. Moussa Mara says

    Klopp, you are the best!!

  33. Phat Meow says

    I feel the midfield has to be rotated for the Soton game? Maybe Keita and Shaqiri could do a job…

  34. Kora mloa says

    Liverpool became popular in the Middle East and Africa because of Mohamed Salah and Mani . I am happy. Because I belong to this club ⁦⁦♥️⁩⁦♥️⁩

  35. Aqilla Bundane says


  36. Salim 90 says

    We're coming for Liverpool and City next season, watch out! 🙁

  37. Ed zeyada says

    I know that LFC won the game
    Ok – good – congratulations – etc …
    But this is so far one of the worst ever games for Jürgen Klopp,
    one of the worst games ever for Van Dijk And the defending team in general,
    and even though Mané scored the 2 goals for Liverpool he wasn't in a good shape either .
    very bad game by Liverpool and very lucky to manage getting out of Istanbul with a trophy in their hands ..

  38. Aaron T says

    never in doubt


    Istanbul is Liverpool Second Stadium any team will loose againts liverpool there

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