1. Craig Perry says

    City fan is a knob, but he makes me laugh

  2. Philosophically Broke says

    I've noticed that Rory gradually looks more and more like a Wookie as the stream goes on….

  3. Jack Smith says

    Please get rid of this city fan, can’t stop watching this I’ve been showing my mates because he’s laughable

  4. sabbir says

    this city fan makes me wanna punch him

  5. GHANANUS says

    Lawrence just shut up

  6. Arturo Belano says


    "Sterling's not even gonna look at him in the dressing room."

  7. whateverdotcom says

    That citeh fan was crying a petrol-dollar river. Get fucked mate, grow up

  8. Matcha Ein says

    I guess the guys didn't see the ball bounce off of Bernardo Silva's arm before it hit Trent's arm. lol

  9. Mark Cadden says

    That Sixers jersey though!

  10. Stephen Zevon says

    2:20:57 Brian lets off a squeaky

  11. The Kobster 05 says

    It’s not a penalty because it comes off Silva’s hand first
    Salah was onside

  12. heskeyallblacks says

    The law says the hand has to make a motion towards the ball or be out of the natural silhouette of a defender

  13. Ciara Tory says

    Geordie: "played onside by stones"

  14. RoosterInHand says

    "Sterling isnt gonna look at gomez" :/

  15. Mads Brundbjerg says

    If there wasn't VAR and it y was up to the ref it would have been a goal anyway. The ref didn't see anyway.

  16. GamingRfan says

    I uploaded Shannon Briggs saying LETS GO CHAMP for 1 hour & 13 seconds .. watch it if you want inner peace….😤🔥

  17. Mark Lakay says

    True Geordie, next time dont have dumb fucks on your show that know nothing about football. Actually you also dont know much…Dont host Kick off shows, you guys dont know football and dont understand the rules. Salty people getting mad about correct decisions baffles me

  18. El Matador says

    whats the song please ???

  19. Yekendra Shrestha says

    Hugh is the only guy i like, who is really passive aggressive but he isnt as salty as the city guy lol

  20. Yekendra Shrestha says

    the man city fan is kind of irritated lol..

  21. Franny Darko says

    What a fookin clown that pllastic gloryhunter is haha CRYING 😢

  22. James Rigby says

    I don't think we have that monitor at the top at Anfield that shows VAR is checking and then VAR decides the decision

  23. Dwayne Crawford says

    "PSG have been in the champions league for decades and you've been in for weeks"

    JEEEEEZ lmaooo

  24. Raivis Ragausis says

    Where is the sidemen merch geordie ?

  25. Ryan B says

    Liverpool fan here, I know the city fan is a wank but it made me realize how unbiased Rory can be. Happy he was on this.

  26. Mayank Joshi says

    That city fan just can't hide his tears

  27. Tyler Yt says

    That city fan, never get him back on please

  28. Angad Kulkarni says

    Someone give the City fan a whole box of tissues…trying so hard to hide his tears

  29. Adam Wheeler says

    Jesus Christ, these plebs. "We know the letter of the law", no…..no you don't.

  30. louis2712l says

    This Buvey fella saying that City are the greatest team in premier league history 🤣 better than the 13 title winning man united team? Fuck off you twat

  31. Ringledongle Vanderbang says

    Agree with the city fan though. The season is far far from over. City could easily go on a run they're capable and Liverpool can drop points. I also think Leicester look fantastic.

  32. Ringledongle Vanderbang says

    Sterling won't even look at gomez! Pfff okay

  33. 19Lion8 says

    The Chelsea fan is very good, a genuine totally unbiased fan. Says it all exactly how he see's it.

  34. mark capel says

    you cant disregard pele purely because , look at the boots he wore , look at the balls they used , look at the pitches he played on , back in them days you would get tackles flying in from all angles , there wasnt all the modern science involved in football ,

  35. Doom Man says

    Buvey is a prick

  36. Dylan Taylor says

    Rory and Hugh are the only ones who truly know football. Brilliant additions

  37. Sam says

    They spent the whole game moaning about VAR yet VAR didn't make 1 decision in the whole game, and if there was no VAR Liverpool would have won the game 3.1. Get a fucking grip.

  38. pavey lamo says

    Walker the best RB in the league? AWB is better than him and TAA is the best in the league😂

  39. Lumsdini says

    Pretty sure it hit Bernardo silvas hand before Arnold’s so dunno why he’s having a fit

  40. stingersplash says

    How do you not know the handball rule? That late handball was ball to hand and the hands were in a natural position. That is clearly not a penalty.

  41. Lola Vanenburg says

    That Citeeh fan is one mother F moaner…blame blame blame VAR…ffs He’s so depressing😱

  42. Tahir Iqbal says

    God these morons don't even know the handball rule.

  43. DAWSALFIN says

    The man in charge of VAR Neil Swarbrick…
    "The handball at Liverpool vs Man City, that was a subjective call. [Match referee] Michael Oliver 100 per cent knew it hit Trent Alexander-Arnold’s arm.

    “It was from a short distance, his arm did not move towards the ball and it was not deliberate. His arm was in a natural position for his body position at that time and he was happy for that to go.

    “The VAR looked at it and listened to what Michael said and was comfortable with his decision, he didn’t deem it to be a clear and obvious error.

    “People are jumping on it saying they were two massively controversial incidents, but from our point of view I don’t think we’d do anything differently.”

  44. Dwight Schrute says

    Rory has really grown over the Kick Off years. He's hilarious! So happy that he's on the Kick Off permanently

  45. HRC 77 says

    How much salt does that plastic Man City fan have? I agree it was handball.. by Silva.

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