Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal | Pepe Is Going To Cause Serious Problems In This League! (DT)


Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal | Pepe Is Going To Cause Serious Problems In This League! (DT)



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  1. MAP ZERO says

    Who's here after The Man U Game ? Presence blud

  2. Steve Rodgers says

    I guess klopp didn't just changed his teeth in England😂

  3. abdul rashid says

    Lol is he really though? Or you mean causing problems for arsanal?? Lol

  4. Sulii bulii says

    This definitely hasn't aged well. Pepe has been pure garbage. I don't see him getting any better either. Slows down arsenals attacks every game with his constant dribbles

  5. Look At The Moonlight says

    December the 5th 2019 Arsenal have just lost to Brighton at home and Pepe has done just as much as he did when this video was uploaded….this hasn’t aged well 😂😂😂

  6. Ben says

    That title aged well

  7. Lego Qui-Gon Jinn says

    This aged badly

  8. Jasvir Panesar says

    Still waiting for Pepe to cause damage..

  9. Andrew P says

    when u had years of abuse from the woolich boys nice to have karma now 5 points clear today now u no my pain of hodson years !! and fergie time no more lies now firgie gone

  10. Stephen Lynch says

    Nice tattoos I must remember to cover my neck in doodles inspired by Nando's crayon corner

  11. Stephen Lynch says


  12. distortdude80 says

    Luiz and Guendouzi are the worst afros in the league

  13. Jayjay F says

    I’m a Liverpool fan but this guy makes sense

  14. Ptao Tom says

    What he said about David Luiz is what Mustafi’s career has been at Arsenal but he’s the one getting dropped and sold

  15. Ailsa Ni says

    Robertson and Virgil were struggling to handle Pepe initially but seemed to quickly suss him out.

  16. kyle jayanun says

    Luiz didn't have a bad game?
    What is DT smoking now

  17. Upload - Paul says

    It’s always been, “in a couple of years we will be challenging for the league”, it’s been like that for 15 years. Stop making excuses. We should be giving Liverpool a better game with our players and challenging this year for the title. Emery is not a league winning manager. I’m losing faith in him big time. As for Luiz, he makes 2 Mustafi like brain dead errors that put the game out of reach for us, but he didn’t have a bad game? This DT lad needs his head examined.

  18. BNO97 ! says

    He better do you spent 80 million on him 😂

  19. Lee MP83 , says

    Pepe looks like he will come good,however i believe VVd stood off him because he is an unknown quality and pacey so you give the yard or two to have the lead on him in a run,as the game went on Pepe was nowhere to be seen as VVd had him sussed out,

  20. Reds Maroon says

    A little suggestion from a Liverpool fans here.. play D.Luiz in DMF, he cant take a pressure massively plus in DMF he can recover a mistake instantly

  21. Joanna says

    I think unai was more focused on derby against spurs….saving torreira n lacazette

  22. Zach Campbell says

    Arsenal vs Liverpool this looks set to be a great football match.

  23. alto fuerte says

    Mo salah mo salah running down the wing 😂😂😂😂

  24. Aj says says

    Just watched best of DT explicit rants and what a change to this

  25. Liam Tube says

    Typical delusional Arsenal fan. You make me laugh.

  26. Pity rocking says

    these guys are stupid.

  27. jamaica football fan TV says

    Whole lot of trash and basic reasoning. Doesnt know shit

  28. Tatsuya SIGH says

    Not an Ars fan but I think Emery got the formation totally wong. 4-3-1-2 had no real wingers, which left Liv's fullbacks with loads of space. Like a crossing drills. Given their quality, I was surprised Ars could hold out for so long

  29. Fys K says

    Finally AFTV is back

  30. Guy Thompson says

    Well said DT.. Respect from a Reds fan 🤙

  31. Assa Kaganda says

    Now Emery is the big problem of the team

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