Liverpool 2-1 Tottenham | Salah Pen Completes Reds Turnaround



Can Tottenham put end to Liverpool’s 26 match unbeaten run? Join us for all the action from Anfield and coverage of Arsenal vs Crystal Palaces & Norwich vs Manchester United.

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Premier League Matchday 10:

Southampton vs Leicester
Manchester City vs Aston Villa
Brighton vs Everton
Watford vs Bournemouth
West Ham vs Sheffield United
Burnley vs Chelsea
Newcastle vs Wolves
Arsenal vs Crystal Palace
Liverpool vs Tottenham
Norwich vs Manchester United



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  1. Manuel Gutierrez says

    We love you Akinfewa you're the best !

  2. Vishnu Sukumaran says

    Akinfenwa is my man… you brother….lots of love

  3. Shardul Nikam says

    25:23 Whoops, can't see us coming back from 0-5 down.

  4. Shawn T says

    Specs is a clown I love this guy😂 #NoRules

  5. sosoview says

    lovren is terrible

  6. Kick BoomUK says

    1:30:05 that girly laugh

  7. Unknown Unknown says

    Referee on liverpool's side again

  8. Matty Smith says

    Liverpool didn’t deserve to win. Kane superb as usual.

  9. Chad Anderson says

    Why did you guys have to put the score? I wanted to watch the highlights and find out the score for myself. Damn!

  10. Mark Santucci says

    So I see Liverpool swept the home and home series? 2-1 in both games?

  11. CRIS7 says

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    Except this application:

  12. Claudiu Potop says

    25:23 (0-5) lol. calm your tits guys.

  13. N Akhtar says

    Harry kane talent of goal scoring is being wasted at spurs bottle jobs

  14. Mark Santucci says

    so which team do you people like better Tottenham or Liverpool?
    which team do you people think is better?

    i'm from the United States so I don't know.

    My favorite team is Manchester united I purchased a red fleece from Ireland last year while on vacation, 2 weeks ago at the soccer store in New York City I picked up there blue warmup shirt.

  15. Clarence Merritt says

    Watching Tottenham play, it's utterly depressing. and not even a fan of the club.

  16. tinby says

    “And this is going to be 5-0”

  17. Alper Ergin says

    Akinfenwa best man 🤣🤣👍

  18. Alfred Malam says


  19. yung mandemn says

    my favourite liverpool fan akinfenwa

  20. Alfred Malam says

    Truth to be told Liverpool plays very well in the game, they dominated the game and they deserved to the 3 points. I am just happy for our boys and team and the whole. This team still needs that outside shooter there are so many instances in this game where the need for that person to do so, was not there.
    When you play a team that packed the boss, this is the time you need a player with a power shot so I thought the OX-Man would have come in the second half of the game. Hay, In Klopp we Trust, he knows what he is doing
    Tottenham, on the other hand, were plying very nasty today, is because that overzealousness that made them committed that foul against Mane and it a clear penalty.
    How about that team Captain he played his heart off today just to show those in doubt about his abilities. TAA does not impress me today
    How about Mr Lovren and Mr Henderson? A big shoutout to the haters of these 2 players.
    Why are Liverpool players just refuse to shoot the ball even in the 18-yard box?
    Hay Lads, I am happy for all of us, because I despise Tottenham that much

  21. Ctrl Delete says

    Henderson got lucky miss hitting that ball in to the back of the net but amazing penalty from Salah. Liverpool no doubt should win the Premier League this year let's hope it's not a Licester City once in a blue moon win and Liverpool dominate the prem for years to come.

  22. Shardul Nikam says

    This video is a mess, all games crazy all around 🤣 🤣 🤣

  23. Wildo 48 says

    Liverpool deserved that. They were ruthless in attack. But good god gazzaniga was a brick wall

  24. TheHeadBangGuy says

    Adebayo is such a funny guy! Love that man <3

  25. Louis Miller says


  26. Keyuante Johnson says

    London blue lampard better than emery chelsea the biggest club from London

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