1. Xavier says

    His arm was in a natural position (bellow the waist area) therefore it’s not a handball

  2. momo baba says

    3:12 azpiilicuta happy too soon lol

  3. xrizbira says

    BS penalty call, players will intentionally hit the arms if this is a Penalty

  4. dennes bong says

    cillessen is amazing.

  5. nizamknight says

    unlucky for valencia to have that called

  6. Jongalang says

    What a game by Chelsea! United fan here, extremely supposed about the score!

  7. Tar Alanshori says

    i'm chelsea fan, but it was unintentional handball, i think referee just scared of chelsea pressure to him. plus, barkley keep showing that he's useless at important moment or any moment at all

  8. Tridev Tamil says

    How tf is that a penalty he was moving away from the ball and his hand was so close to his body

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