Getting My Brand New Car! (2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance Delivery)


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Today omargoshtv gets his new DREAM CAR 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance from the TESLA dealership in Orlando FL after ordering it online on Tesla website. During his pickup at the tesla dealership he sees several other tesla models like the tesla model s and tesla model x p100d ludicrous model tesla models and shows the tesla dealership and how the ordering process worked for him. Omar also shows you a mini review of his tesla model 3 performance on the road using features like self driving auto pilot.


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  1. Tiggerjan says

    I have to make a comment on this ..Movie and tv stars make millions.. there are alot of bad YouTube channels but the really GREAT ones are truly thankful and grateful for followers don't know when the last time a famous actor live chatted with their fans🤔 Don't be hateful because someone like Omar is successful I love his content and know he works hard to make his fams happy..just saying

  2. AvidooSix says

    omar by chance what was the delivery sales guy name?

  3. vsboy 25 says

    This is why terrorists hate America because the country shows off wealth too much.

  4. TabibMaster says

    is there a difference between the 2020 model 3 and the 2019?

  5. Ricky 2019 says

    I love Tesla

  6. Marshal Giggleman says

    You for sure have to launch with your dad to show him it's not a golf cart.

  7. isoplayer says

    I wish they didn't take away the trunk mats and hooks…come on…

  8. Jonathan Guito says

    Great reaction to that first acceleration! 😄 But sorry, you don't have ludicrous mode in the Performance Model 3. (At least, not yet!)

  9. Titus Chow says

    Your front trunk is missing the grocery clips and trunk matte.

  10. Stacy Raill says

    Omg love ur new Tesla and ur jacket !!!! I know want my next car to be a Tesla S. Goal!!! Luv u!!!

  11. A.S Photography says

    I love my car but man I would LOVE to have your car man. I lived vicariously through you when you first gunned it. I was like "wooooohhhh." Congrats brotha.

  12. Henry Spindler says

    Hate the grey wheels. It would be nice to have a choice of wheels. Worst handles ever, but you get used to them. My m3p came with a bad computer. Bluetooth could not connect. When the dealer downloaded new software,it still didn’t work and it stopped the backup camera from working I couldn’t get a replacement with chrome wheels, so I asked for a refund.

  13. Harold's Voyage says

    love this clip. reminded me when we picked up our MS. the launches never gets old. congrats on your new ride. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

  14. reba cortez says

    Loved the sneak peek at Patty ! Lol Omar Omar ! 🤣

  15. reba cortez says

    Love it ! Congratulations! I think I'd like red 1 the best, of course red is my favorite color … as for a name how about Nikola 😍✌

  16. Sanlegion says

    Hello Omar, i would like to know how much does the electricity bill gets affected by having a charger at home? btw happy new years and congrats!

  17. xXDeAdCoReXx says

    If you're still thinking for a name of your new car, i think Tessa would be a good name for a Tesla lol

  18. Reddylion says

    nice congrats from hindustan india.

  19. SPIRITUAL says

    Just goes to show how much people are earning from making YT videos, and with over 3 Million subs, and thousands of other subs on secondary channels, you can earn a very good living………….

  20. Olivia Pickett says

    Name your car casper

  21. Olivia Pickett says

    Get a wrap for your dash with the piano black because it will scratch heavily without it

  22. BahcaaGTP says

    Roast does 1.9 seconds

  23. Tyran Mathurin says

    Congrats. But you should've asked about the clips that would allow you to hang grocery bags inside the frunk, as well as the frunk mat.

  24. Alex says

    Congratulations on the car man – looks epic

  25. Timmy King says

    Everyone smash that like button and subscribe to the amazing Omar gosh family gimme 😘

  26. Timmy King says

    Love your videos brother keep up the good work and dedication the best YouTuber in the world

  27. Timmy King says

    Wow Omar them cars are beautiful and amazing hope you love it and have a amazing time with it

  28. junyi xu says

    I driven my model 3 a year now, it very smooth ride.

  29. Francisco lobo says

    I'm so envy of you …. Some day I will buy my ❤️ Tesla model 3 …. For now I have a volt 🤣👍

  30. Ravenclaw CJK says

    Going to admit I wasnt gun-hole for electric cars, but now….WOW!!!!

  31. FamilyFirstJ says

    Great video

  32. TJ Murphy says

    Is it not illegal in florida to drive while holding a mobile phone

  33. mitchman54321 says

    Instead of spending $500 dollars on a wall connector… you could’ve spent $30 for a 14-50 adapter to get 33-34miles of charge per hour.

  34. Donal Mahon says

    Lovely car but i love the way the kid demonstrated how impractical the door handles are hee hee.

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