Frank Lampard FULL Pre-Match Press Conference – Valencia v Chelsea – Champions League


Chelsea manager Frank Lampard holds a press conference ahead of the team’s Champions League game against Valencia on October 27.

Frank Lampard’s side suffered a surprise 1-0 defeat to the Spanish side on matchday one but recovered to win their next two away games against Lille and Ajax.

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  1. xX1Ns3RT C01NXx says

    Serious. Why do you post Beanyman. Your content is shit, watched by nobody. I'll bet you're a southern Cunt, probably a Chelsea fan??

  2. Nabs gilo says

    Lots of love blues

  3. abdiaziz osman says

    Chelsea need best wingers like
    Samuel chukwueze in Chelsea William leave and Timo wener in Chelsea pedro leave Timo wener he can play winger and striker

  4. chelsea football says

    Abraham & Jorginho are out of order. Lampard is blind

  5. gitonga david says

    Supeeeeeeeer Frank

  6. Rahul Rebello says

    Wish our manager was as humble as him

  7. Ildefonso Sosa says

    Barkley needs to get his shit together, 2 times is enough. Sell him or else he will infect the young lads.

  8. Deep Savani says

    That response regarding Tammy was lit

  9. boog_masskwé says

    Can’t wait for a fully fit and performing rudiger to give us more options in the back

  10. Ny-ASH MANYUMWA says

    Frank's pressers should be at least an hour long. The man speaks with so much intelligence I could listen to him all day. Legend!!!

  11. Memphis Irvin says

    Barkley for rugby. Penalty takers willian. Tammy. Jorginho. Kante. Or giroud. We got world cup winners take care of that lampard.

  12. Che88 Che88 says

    In frank we trust

  13. Chris Ross says

    I hear the questions 👋🏿👋🏿

  14. Gatera Vincent says

    Woaw we can win and win until we being champion again in this league Us won that in 2012_2013, this can be a time again for our legend when he was a player, let do it Frank show that in coaching career to get champion league cup is a thing Possible so it' s our time, lol our Frank.

  15. Eli Chavez says

    Reporter is a spastic. Albert Celades definitely said Derby County not Coventry.

  16. Michael Amoako Okyere says

    Super Frankie, he will surely deliver today

  17. melvynn edward says

    Frank… Please…. Giroud is much better than Bats!!! He's definitely the second striker… Please realise this

  18. Avion Phillips says

    We in this situation because of Barkley selfish ass

  19. Ehtisham Khan says

    In lamps we trust

  20. DMANSLIDE3 says

    Oh no…

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