Experiment Car vs Ice Watermelon | Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car


New experiments with cars create asmr. Car vs Ice Watermelon, Car vs Christmas Bells, Car vs Bread, Car vs Dinosaurs, Car vs Cactus, Car vs Food, Car vs Toys.

WARNING! Dangerous Crash Test, don´t Try this by yourself!! EXPERIMENT: Car vs Ice Watermelon. #experiment #with #everythings

Funny sounds help relax the mind and relieve stress after the problems of your life. That is the purpose we make this video to serve you if you need.

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  1. Tarafsız Oyuncu says

    Piç oğlu pic

  2. Taylor Collins says

    J Thr


    TV xx

    X. Birurgutufjr0 pop plll cuff uTf

  3. Vitória Barreto says

    👪❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 🐍↙

  4. I mama shokor Shokrsh says

    حرام نعمه متل ما الله اعطاك ياها في ياخدا.

  5. Baby Toys Collection says


  6. 안류천 says


  7. Nano Soli says

    Why you doing thies

  8. LANA BALOOS says

    حرااام نعمههه منن الله😭😭😭

  9. Janaka Herath says

    Why are you wasting good food

  10. harish bhandari says

    Do Not. Do This

  11. Moya Chilangi says

    So cool

  12. as aventuras da gi coutinho says


  13. Nestle Chocolate says


  14. walterandrescasquete says

    Me gusta este video 👍🤪

  15. Gehad Saber says

    حرام عليكم كدا

  16. Gabriela Cunha dos Reis says

    Tanta mente necessitada e vc quebrando as coisas

  17. اياد الاسود says

    حرام عليك متخاف الله

  18. Kaelen Dominguez says

    Last time I tell you that you can add more to your channel I love the way you some more but the thing that I mostly love is the frozen watermelon it was the most satisfying but I think you have to put bricks right in front of it and back of it so then you can crush it with the car rental because I liked I was satisfying but what I didn’t like was the Sound I think you could’ve done it a little bit more like ASMR

  19. Tien game Phuoc says

    Hello bạn việt nam hả con cặt máy đứa học tiếng tao đánh

  20. Michael Goebert says


  21. И вам не стыдно

  22. Lilia Calderon cabrera says

    Mil mal

  23. Dalida Zeaiter says

    He is not wasting food

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