Dash cam video shows moment car plunged off San Mateo cliff


Video provided to this news organization by the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office purportedly shows the moment a vehicle went over a cliff on the San Mateo coast.


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  1. Poser Naphtali's Wasted Hope says

    wow. so many comedians here.

  2. John Souther says

    That moment you take the open road to literally…..

  3. Kiki's Korner says

    I'm starting to really question the authenticity of this. The driver who witnessed it did dial 911 at 10:37am. Search crew came around 10:50am. By the time rescuers came on the scene they found no one inside that vehicle. Only small peices of a car and they said they dont know if it was even from that car. I live in California, things like this happens and people are usually found or parts of the car at least. A man once crashed his car in that same area and was found 7 DAYS LATER ALIVE. 20 minutes and there's absolutely NO TRACE?🤔

  4. Mr Floppy says

    The car is probably buried under the sand, from the ocean waves, that's why they can't seem to find it. Me smart.

  5. Keysrypt says

    Looks like a good way to fake a death.

  6. Vault Dweller says

    whatever shitty energy, vibe you send out into the world it will come back, the laughs on you!

  7. Jeff Giroux says

    A married man's girlfriend told him she was pregnant with triplets.

  8. Keith Powell says

    Last words: "Hold my beer…"

  9. Leigh Hammond says

    "did you see how he went just sailing right out there" it's a mad mad mad mad mad mad World.

  10. ryan labhart says

    He earned a gold medal for that lap time

  11. I. Я. don says

    You can't find what someone edited into a video…

  12. Live from the Road says

    They still haven't found the car.

  13. 1 2 says

    I CAN FLY!!!

  14. DarkBlueMind says

    Queue the Dukes of Hazzard theme song.

  15. Michael Goggins says


  16. Jerry Cerezo says

    What!? ….No Guard Rails?….Only in America and Iraq

  17. wayne miller says

    He was listening to "i believe i can fly" while high in ca

  18. John says

    Did the airbags deploy ok?

  19. Charlie Iaedtke Laedtke says


  20. Stuart Morris says

    Chitty chitty bang bang , wonder if it has the water conversion too

  21. Steve Kroschel says

    Fake !!!! Obvious to me this is computer work….

  22. Robert Buelteman says

    Funny/not very funny comments. For those of you ignoramuses who think this funny, let me remind you that our coastside (I live here) is frequently used as a means for suicide.

  23. Rifqi Al Fariz says


  24. Auto pilot? xD

  25. Michael Moore says

    unique stunt completed.

  26. Angel of Death says

    When you do this kind of stuff out on the road, you know you've been playing to much GTA lately….

  27. Angel of Death says

    Guess he zigged when he shoulda zagged….

  28. Peter Sims says

    I believe i can fly..I believe can touch the sky.

  29. beckmanator69 says

    The official car of Mr. Sneezy 3D

  30. hannah vasey says


  31. Jay Walker says

    0:07 camera moved in on perfect shot of this poor guy….

  32. info145 says

    All he needed was a horn that plays Dixie!

  33. snaplash says

    It's not a dash cam, which would have a fixed position looking straight down the road. At the start, it's pointing straight, but at 0:04, the starts swinging to the right, with some handling noise at 0:06, so it can catch the jumping-off point.

    I'm calling it a fake. The background was captured first with a handheld camera, then the SUV was added later. Also, at 0:13, last frame in the slow motion before it disappears from the frame. there's a dark flat area under the rear wheel, probably due to the editor failing to remove some of the road surface the vehicle was on when it was filmed before adding to the jump scene.

  34. Apollo Morris says

    Looks pretty intentional and successful suicide.

  35. Lollipop video says

    The driver maybe dead or past out

  36. Olive Healer says

    This must be fake. He knew to turn his camera to the right before it happened? And what about the dust? There isn't any! Not even a nice try

  37. Alejandro says

    RIP they should have rails over there on a turn.

  38. Angela Gomez says

    I hope it wasn't a family. This is very sad to me. People drive SLOWER!!!!

  39. Rick O'Shea says

    Warranty won't cover that

  40. Mercury Visions says

    Cliff-X just completed their first successful launch.

  41. alohathaxted says

    Everything about this video says fake. The first is the shaking of the video which seems done by hand. Then the camera doesn't move with the vehical but stays with the victims car. Why didn't it follow all the way, if someone is handling it? Fake!!!!!!!!! Rescuers could have been hurt looking for this nonexistent crash victim.

  42. rover says

    I want to do this with my bike

  43. joshua_cockroach joshua wong says

    I believe I can fly
    I believe I can touch the sky
    I think about it every night and day
    Spread my wings and fly away
    I believe I can soar
    I see me running through that open door
    I believe I can fly
    I believe I can fly
    I believe I can fly

  44. joshua_cockroach joshua wong says

    I believe I can fly
    I believe I can touch the sky
    I think about it every night and day
    Spread my wings and fly away
    I believe I can soar
    I see me running through that open door
    I believe I can fly
    I believe I can fly
    I believe I can fly

  45. Jon Fliniau says

    Hold my beer!!

  46. chassa 72 says

    When to much GTA as a kid goes wrong

  47. Mike Mercado says

    Duh! The car is still falling. They should try looking 👆🏻

  48. MORTAL KOMBAT says

    GTA 5

  49. MORTAL KOMBAT says

    Not a good way to start off in 2020

  50. Jay K says

    Falling with style

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