CURTIS JONES SCREAMER! LIVERPOOL 1-0 EVERTON | FA CUP MATCHDAY VLOG. Jurgen sent out the kids, and thanks to a Curtis Jones screamer, the kids knocked the Ev out of the cup. Amazing atmosphere, boss songs, great afternoon.

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  1. SCOR'SEB TV says

    Hello i am french 😉 good vlog and I subscribe to your channel 😎

  2. JacobGK says

    Best Youtube Channel in the world, thanks for all these awesome videos, greetings from Germany.

  3. Colúm McClelland says

    Klopps Kop.. what a manager

  4. Jennifer says

    Always great to know I'm not screaming alone on my couch. What a goal that was.

  5. Arthur Barber says

    I was sat next to the unbearables flag

  6. W Leon says

    Klopp is turning us into MENTALITY MONSTERS! It seems no matter who he plays out there on the pitch, WE WIN!!!!

  7. Tyler Mutch says

    I’d like to see an interview with the guy who sits next to Paul.

  8. Khalifa qusais says

    Best of a libran in the world of Liverpool .. South Yemen. Eden👑⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  9. John 'Firsty' Arnel says

    My first derby : ( what a buzz being on the kop to witness that game .. fu#king amazin ! YNWA !

  10. Wayne Leone says

    I don't know what was more enjoyable. The result/performance (and goal!) or the songs. 🤣🤣

  11. BoW Fulgore says

    That 1995 flag at the end destroyed me

  12. flint the kaka harris says

    What does "going down are we fuck we're going to win the cup" did Everton fans sign that?

  13. All About Nat says

    "Stop politics at the match, 
    Stop politics at the match, 
    cos it's gettin boring, 
    cos it's gettin boring, 
    cos it's gettin boooooring, 
    Stop politics at the match!"

  14. All About Nat says

    Nice to have Klopp fist pumps back. I love that man 🙂

  15. tom102my51 says

    Absolute wools

  16. Roy Anthony says

    Sickly Toffee Puddings
    eaten alive.

  17. pinsen galaw says

    FUCK THE TORIES DER DER DER DER! What a fantastic city! What a wonderful people! 🔴♥️

  18. Ivor Scrotumic says

    Curtis Jones deserves the 'Johnny Barnes' chant. Loads more to come from him.

  19. George White says

    When Curtis scored I had goosebumps for the rest of the game. Sublime!!! 🙂

  20. Julian Rawlinson says

    Spot the 9 Everton fans….

  21. JOE ROSS says

    From the first clip I thought you were with Wayne Lineker

  22. Big Cilo says

    8:04 is what you’re here for

  23. Me32 says

    10:10 lyrics please guys❤️ thanks YNWA

  24. Irish Scouser says

    “There’s two great teams in Liverpool, Liverpool and Liverpool reserves” Bill Shankley

  25. Zed Zoom says

    i feel for the LFC loan department, their phones must be glowing of calls coming inquiring "Can we have him, or him, or him please?" 😀
    COYBR (come on you baby reds) <3

  26. Tommy2shoe811 says

    Doesn’t get any more satisfying than that! 😏

  27. Geraint Thomas says

    How good was that!!💪

  28. Mark Roberts says

    The beauty of it for me is seeing how they play the exact same style as the first team. Just tremendous.
    Ten mins into the second half I turned to my other half who doesnt follow the game too closely, and she just said, matter of factly ‘Everton are crap’
    Savour these days …

  29. John Lyons says

    Watching klopps punches is like scoring

  30. footballcrazybaby says

    Great vid as always 👍🏻
    We are just brilliant……… no matter what team klopp puts out, I’m excited, to see these young lads step up like that was brilliant, well done to the senior players who guided the young uns too. Bloody brilliant.
    Cmon the reds!!!

  31. Ismail Niyaz says

    The future looks bright, I think Jurgen will begin to gradually bed some of these youngsters into the first team from next season. Shout outs to Neco Williams, Larouci, Jones, and Elliot. Pleasantly surprised by Pedro Chirivella too, he impressed me against Villa and last night, I think he could do a job there and lighten the load a little on Gini and Hendo towards the title run in. Massive credit to Gomez, Lallana and Adrian too, and a great runout for Minamino.

    I really hope the boys can go deep into the competition this time, and should they reach the final I would like to see this lineup at Wembley as well.

  32. king kong says

    Curtis Jones wasn’t even born when Everton last won at Anfield. 😂😂😂

  33. Ben Cubbard says

    How bad are Everton

  34. joe hanley says

    To be honest I didn't give us any chance How wrong I was Allez Allez Allez ynwa96 👍 God bless curtis Jones

  35. Natthtikarn Si says

    Very good for everybody^^
    Love you all !!!!

  36. Craig Wilson says

    Thanks for these matchday vlogs. I have never been and may never be able to attend a game at anfield (sadly). But thanks to you guys we who live in the USA can get a real sense of what happens on gameday. Thanks again. Truly

  37. Roger Seow says

    Absolutely a screamer for Curtis Jones to score such a great goal against Everton!

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