1. Kyaw Khine says

    We need Ji in the Man team. Haha xD

  2. Zed says

    Wait till Sam Kerr turns out for Chelsea. Gonna need a bigger stadium than that one.

  3. Robert Lindeman says

    Where is the quality?

  4. joseph nanaboamah says

    Hope it continues like this till the end of the season for the ladies, so we can win the title and be back at the champions league.

  5. T tamoes Wagoan says

    Why reece James sister not playing for Chelsea

  6. supriadi kartadarma says

    Geblek klo ikutan liga 1 shoppee.. bs pd keok neh..

  7. Truth Is says

    Two evils of the game Chelscum and Manure… which is worse?

  8. Rommy Fitness says

    More of female football games please, especially Chelsea women fc

  9. nico dhulster says

    4:22 Man utd got robbed by the ref, no?

  10. Raphael Walker says

    Wonder how this game was for Reece James

  11. Eather Oppong says

    Chelsea ladies beat a team which was established just last season with penalty, are they overrated or it’s Manchester United ladies that are good?

  12. PJ VC says

    why is it that the women's team can score against man U and yet the men can't -_-

  13. magenyi charles says

    Lovely moment for me as a first time viewer,keep it up chealse.

  14. it's everyday 風呂 says

    where was sam kerr??

  15. Simon Tombe says


  16. B D says

    Why the heck to they play at this dinky field, not Stamford Bridge?

  17. Carlos Bernard says

    Great content please keep it up

  18. Thiago Ferreira says

    É o mais equilibrada liga de futebol feminino. A liga americana também é forte e equilibrada.

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