Chelsea Transfer News: Lethal Marksman Gabriel Barbosa Targeted & Dani Olmo !



In today’s Chelsea News Video,

I talk about Chelsea’s January transfer targets for Frank Lampard’s misfiring blues. Chelsea are looking at both Gabriel Barbosa and Dani Olmo. I also talk about recent comments from Christian Pulissic about his form and new signings and Emerson wants to stay at Chelsea.

The future is bright for CFC.

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  1. Super Frank Lampard says

    Olmo is Spanish Yan nice video 💙

  2. Vagner Sh says

    I am a brazilian and a Flamengo’s fan. Gabriel is the best striker in South America, without doubt. I really want him to stay in Rio, but if he wants to move to Europe, Chelsea would be a great team for him.

  3. Galactus Pro says

    Marina is so slow nothing gonna happen

  4. Cvetomir Georgiev says

    Your name is appropriate since I'll probably need therapy after we end up with Aké and giving 80 mil for Zaha

  5. Tshiamo Malebo says

    I have seen Barbosa in the Olympics 4 years ago… He was always highly regarded.. Along side Jesus of city… Could be a good snap

  6. Olugbolahan Anifowose says

    Chelsea transfer always a frustrating process for both mangers and fans. I see no reason why chelsea are not paying for any players Lampard wants. We have promoted many players we did not pay a 1000 pounds for from our youth system. What is the problem paying 80M for werner or 150 for Sancho. Old problem persist. Abramovich should just sell the club. I guess he is gone broke or lost interest. Moving from confirmed quality player Werner to second choice Dembele eventually settling for third choice CSK Moscow striker is a familiar script. Very disgusting.

  7. connor fowler says

    You know this is just speculation. You know we're going to end up with Chalov or Dembele if Lyon budge on the price. They may demand 60 Mill onwards.

  8. Andre Emanuel says

    Duuuude i had Gabigol in my Chelsea team on FM 2016 and he absolutely killed it!!! If Chelsea actually go buy him I'd be sooo stoked!

  9. Muan Valte says

    Chelsea should definitely go for Olmo! Come on.

  10. Anthony Miller says

    We only need a cf if giroud goes which looks likely my choice for that position would be timo Werner but we are in need of a playmaker no 10. Ziyech at Ajax has everything. Can play in the middle or on either flank takes set pieces. For how good mount has been he’s still learning. Ziyech would help breakdown teams who come to the bridge with 10 men behind the ball.

  11. Thuba says

    What is this news with Upamecamo to Chelsea?

  12. Ify Nwa says

    If we are sign a striker, we should sign someone better than Tammy or in d same level. Competition will bring out d best for any good player.

  13. 217 Legacy says

    Bro looks like Bonucci from Juventus

  14. Stutz Stutzman says

    They all seem like great signing. We should sign a left back in January.

  15. Benjamin Ondari says

    olmo is pure class.. future de bryune

  16. Ololli Oroho says

    Can we please stop get mediocre players hope marina gets fired, if we want to be competing in PL and CL we need players like Zaha, Werner, koulibaly and sancho but we will end go after Chris wood

  17. Alex Srv says

    Barbosa would be amazing

  18. Baraka Mfugale says

    You stupid don't news story

  19. Aleix Browne says

    We are signing the dross of Europe , we are dun out here with these signings ..

  20. Japheth Ogila says

    Dani Olmo is class and Werner is necessary. He can play on the wing too so I don't see any concerns.

  21. Huncho Lunkim says

    Olmo is great, his dribbling skills, his ball controls, but so is most of the new young players. The question is "will he be as good as he is right now?". Because he will be playing in the PL, the toughest league in the world. He is a cheaper option compared to Sancho and Zaha but I have doubts because I don't think he'll have the confidence to do what he does now.

  22. dee106ful says

    Haha haha seen a number of your vids and it is clear you are building your own dream team. Hell not one of the many players you have spoken about as news will evercome to chelsea. Dream on and on and on…..

  23. Ibrahim Sorie says

    You guys are just giving us fake new,I am tired of you lies

  24. Ibrahim Sorie says

    What about isco

  25. Lethal Kid says

    100% would want Gabigol. He is a proper number 9. He has lots of potential to become world class. Olmo too is a great deal but I'm considering RLC and Mount who are already going to be competing for that 3rd midfield spot. Adding Olmo would mean one of them would have to leave unless Mount is fully converted to a winger.

  26. Raka Abi Z says

    I rather have Osimhen/Ben Yedder than Gabigol tho and Dani Olmo can make some tough competition for mount

  27. stonedraider420 Toke toke says

    Get in bruno fernandes . The Portuguese lampard . Under Frank's guidance he can hit 15/20 goals . Tammy is our guy 100% first proper season 15 goals in all comps 👌🔥. 2 years tammy will be England's number 1 and we would have gone through 4 back ups by then .

  28. Super Frank says

    Bring fedor Chalov transfer news ❤

  29. chance luwong says

    Oml came and bench lampard son monut

  30. Gabriel Nasper says

    Dude I am Brazilian and a Chelsea fan. Grew up a Flamengo fan too. Gabriel Barbosa is not good man. Dude is a damsel on the field. This season he did alright but he flopped at Inter Milan when Icardi kept banging them in with all his issues at the club, and Gabriel couldn't hope for a place in the National Team in a million years under the current structure. Wise up dude…lethal?

  31. Raj Tandulkar says

    when chelsea sine …

  32. louis ratner says

    Why is christensen not playing everyone forgets RLC has to come back

  33. Aman Phillips says

    Dani Olmo is Spanish!

  34. Marcus Bannie says

    Lampard shouldn’t sell Marcos Alonso. Want us to get that Nigerian player from Villarreal, Samuel Chukwueze….cuz his way of playing prove that he qualify for the premier league. I need that his left foot on the right wing and Willian take the left.

  35. Lawdog Kyle says

    Chelsea need to sure up the back line at the very least. Get a left back. As for a striker I don’t think bringing someone in to “challenge” Abraham will “damage” his development. It might be the push he needs to get even better. Or, why not just play to strikers ? I would actually like to see two main attackers up front.

  36. jay romeo says

    i prefer Timo Werner to Gabriel coz Timo can play on CAM, ST, RW, or LW


    Rather have Isco than Dani Olmo.. Isco seems more proven and can add experience to the squad.. While young players seem more interesting and always hungry, they often inconsistent and this happened quite too often at Chelsea right now.. as for striker, if Gabriel Barbosa is bought, sadly Batshuayi need to go.. he didn't get the game time and Lampard prefers Tammy more all the time and that didn't seem to change.. just my opinion cheers #KTBFFH

  38. Donald Coff says

    Hmm loftus cheek isn't back yet.. But I'm not sure we can wait right

  39. Just Tim says

    8:29 i disagree with this.. When chelsea does decide to buy someone they must buy with the intention to improve the club eg when chelsea brought kante.. if not then what we will end up with is another useless drinkwater.. a waste of money.. chelsea must spend money wisely.. i am sure our young players are professional and they will welcome competition or challengers to their position. I believe tammy is a good striker but he should not be our no 1 striker.. he needs a real competition, this will benefit his development a lot more.

  40. Viktor Jaklbsen says

    Barbosa kinda looks like aguero or is it just me?

  41. Mikey Caelum says

    I’m all for both of them, I rather have Barbosa then Mousa.

  42. Ron Selasie Ackuayi says

    Tammy gets a lot of chances and cant score. The team is creating a lot of chances but tammy and mount cant score. Sometimes they are selfish. They need better competition. You guys are overhyping them or over rating them.

    Why do you think Chelsea scouts are looking for players for those positions

  43. Facebook Facebook says

    Lampard is nothing other than a middle table coach. The guy hasn't got a clue.

  44. T Miller says

    Dislike because you know nothing about football, not even the team you support- Jorginho is Italian not Brazilian, Olmo is Spanish not Croatian, all you do is collect random rumors and make them into a guessing game video

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