Chelsea Transfer News: Erling HålandTo Dortmund Paves Way For Sancho To Chelsea?



In today’s Chelsea News Video,

I talk about Chelsea’s chances of landing Dortmund superstar winger Jadon Sancho after the German club have just sealed the signature of Erling Halaand. Does this mean they have replaced Sancho’s goals and are looking to cash in mega bucks for the young Englishman?

I also talk about other January Chelsea targets such as fullbacks (Chilwell).

The future is bright for CFC.

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  1. Yan Plays says

    One love Chelsea fans, come subscribe to Yan Plays!

  2. Nathan Chigs says

    Sancho is not coming to chelsea!!!! At least not now

  3. frost rbo says

    but What about AKE ? I really do not understand why we do not sign this guy?

  4. Jorcario x says

    9:33 the only reason why we Lukaku went to Man U because he didn't want to keep being sent on loan, when he was with us we kept sending him away on loan and that's why he didn't want to come back.

  5. nick gratton says

    Lamptey looks like a #10

  6. Juan Zep says

    he ain’t leaving till summer. why would he give up Champions League football?!

  7. Jonny Lewis says

    I dont see the need for isco tbh he is good but wouldnt be joining us out of choice it would be thro madrid not wanting him and to probably try and keep us sweet for wen they swoop on another one of our stars amd lets face it there is gunna be a lot of em of the next couple of seasons things are looking up i like the sancho deal he young full of energy already big mukkas with the rest of the chelsea youngsters he would fit right in. I would have loved haaland aswell specially for 17 million but i will happily take werner as for left jus sell alonso keep emerson buy alex telles let mattsenn develop and castillo a bit more then move emerson on then we got our competition at left back

  8. TL C says

    Apparently Bild went with the Sancho story. Also Werner and Upamencano

  9. VINCENT C says

    not realistic but Alex Sandro at LB would be sick

  10. Matt Pavi says

    Why someone who has choices will choose to go to MU ? This would have make sense 10 years ago, but now…

  11. Everyone1lies D says

    What about Mendy he was a beast at one point

  12. Kevin Ng says

    Sign Werner in January
    – buyout clause
    – competition for Tammy and offers a different skill set up top
    – can play as striker or winger
    – option for Lampard to go 4-4-2

    Sign Sancho with a loan back to Dortmund similar to the Pulisic deal
    – Dortmund might be unwilling to let him go in January as they are still fighting for the CL and Bundesliga
    – may be able to reduce the fee to £100m instead of £120m
    – allows CHO more opportunities to develop
    – Willian might be let go of next season

  13. Carlos Nelson says

    Marcos Alonso Turn me off ,and he could score 50 for the rest of the season, he simply cannot regain my Respect…After that move against Manu where he stayed down in our box while the rest of the team fighting. And its not untill Manu scored he get up to argue with the Referee…Weak heart…exactly what we dont need

  14. Sarah A says

    Wonder why we are going for Sancho when we should be going for experienced players because we have enough kids. We have Odoi and Pulisic who are young, our attack is predictable, Pedro is leaving and we need players like Ziyech or Lemar who offer something different to the team. Sancho 120million= Werner 50milliom, Ziyech 45million, Alles Telles and a left footed CB.. we need to spend wisely we only have 150million to spend..

  15. Creddy Fruga says

    man utd… were 4 points behind ya mate

  16. Utkarsh Soman says

    There are reports that Paco Alcacer is going to Atletico, maybe Sancho is a probable summer signing.

  17. Connor Uk says

    halland didnt really cost 17 million tho, the amount of fees they will be paying certain people involved is alot more trust

  18. shivachetan ulavi says

    Chelsea must play with 4-4-2 diamond when ruben returns
    James Rudiger Tomori Azpi
    Kante Kovacic Ruben
    Mason mount(#10)
    Tammy and Willian up front(willian on left)

    We can switch to a 4-2-3-1 while defending and switch to a 4-3-3 at times if change of shape is needed willian is a demon on the left, as he can cut inside or play as an inside forward where he can provide an attacking impetus!

  19. L0nD0N 1s BLu€ says

    “Why would he won’t to go?” For the money

  20. Henry Florian says

    why does your voice sound like youre in the middle of taking a dump

  21. Jack Walker says

    MATE as a Chelsea fan, I hate your videos. Since i’ve started watching you’ve never identified as a Chelsea youtube channel yet you’ve pretty much always uploaded Chelsea news which is 80% bullshit and only tried to make Chelsea fans speculate and dream about stuff that is never going to happen. 3 days ago you made a video about COUTINHO’S return to the prem thru Chelsea and 4 days before that Eriksen’s move to chelsea. i get that you should keep everyone updated on all the news but make yourself a CHELSEA channel and base yourself on real news rather than shit that will get stupid people excited because every time i watch you i feel like you’re less interested in the game we all know and love. IMO FAKE YOUTUBER :):):):):)

  22. Trouble Maker says

    London is blue!

  23. Elias A CFC says

    Sancho, please choose Chelsea. I read that we are already ahead of other clubs trying to buy him, but you never know.

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