1. Rogier7305 says

    Stop saying Danny Blind FFS !

  2. Rogier7305 says

    Ajax were robbed and that still could cost them the next round.

  3. Bram de Jong says

    How can anyone agree with the double red card + penalty decision.
    The referee was clearly caught off guard and lost total control of his actions.
    There is no other way to explain it, other than, he was biased.

    Had it gone to VAR, it wouldve been ruled a foul on Blind, no red cards, and no penalty.
    Ajax was robbed in London (again)

  4. Dave I says

    FFS! There was no mistake by the ref. Clear cut yellow card for blind, could have injured Abraham in a big way if he'd caught him with the leg he just threw in. The handball is just obvious from that distance, don't need to be an athlete to move your arm away from that..

  5. Chris V says

    Both the ref and VAR are to blame for this crazy outcome. Ajax would have won this game, no doubt in my mind what so ever.

  6. Jessika van Dalen says

    Here i think is a good point , Daley Blind was tackelt by Pulicic , so it had to be a free kick for Ajax. also he sad it was never a penalty for Chelsea. so i think the referee wil be have a lot of money after the match , and it wil come from Londen.

  7. James harris says

    when is souness going to die

  8. aiman zaim says

    I love to see all those comments and then i know that majority of those comments are the people that know nothing about football rules 😂

  9. Adam Woesthof says

    5x punishment for Ajax.
    2x red card, 1x penalty and both players will miss next match. This was ridiculous!!

  10. ras jedi says

    Fuck the rest its all chelsea

  11. CLAW BBQ says

    Ajax were 3-1 up with one shot at goal. Ajax had 2 shots on target for whole game. Yet Souness thinks Chelsea got lucky. WTF?
    Both teams got lucky. Ajax got lucky in the first half and Chelsea got lucky in the 2nd.

  12. A or Ta says

    What a JOKE… Omg, seriusly!!!!
    -All we've to say to you is BLAH BLAH BLAH…
    Retard Brexit-referees…


    Get rid of Sounnes he is boring and what the heck makes him the football geru.

  14. Den Berg says

    We talk alot about the VAR, red cards,, penalty,. Offside and handballs after this crazy game but what realy surprised me:

    If you have 1 minute of extra time in the first half, how the fck is it possible that the reff. Calls it a day on 0:45 seconds with a remaining corner?

    Anyways,. Besides all what happend, i am happy with the point, game could have gone both ways i must admit.

    Lille away, valencia home…. lets go and make a crazy cl run again!

  15. Tristan Aker says

    I mean how can you not see that Ajax got robbed. The reff and VAR made so many mistakes in favor of Chelsea these past two games:

    mistake 1: before blind made a foul, which resulted in his second yellow, blind was obviously fouled by pulisic. if the reff would have just given ajax a free-kick, the 2 red cards wouldn't have been given.

    mistake 2: The reff and VAR for some reason didn't give a free-kick for ajax, and right after blind made a foul. If a foul results in a second yellow or an imidiat red card the advantage rule can't be used. So the reff should've imidiatly given Blind his second yellow and not let the game play through (which resulted in the second yellow of Veltman).

    mistake 3: Veltman had his hand in a neutral position when the ball hit his hand. The ball to hand rule states that if a handbal is being made by a defender with his arm in a neutral position no foul should be given. So there should not have been a pen and second yellow for Veltman.

    mistake 4: Azpilicueta was obviously offside when he scored the 2-4. If you draw a line parallel to the 5 meter line you can clearly see the foot of azpilicueta being in front of ajax's last defender.

    mistake 5: last game (at the Johan Cruijff arena) the goal of promes was considered offside, the image used by the VAR to declare promes offside was an image where the ball was already passed, not where the ball was being passed. The UEFA even admitted in an official press release that they indeed ''accidentaly'' use the wrong frame.

  16. Wimpie Housenga says

    FIFA’s 140-page Laws of the Game addresses the “hand ball rule” on Page 36, where it is listed as the 10th and final offense meriting a direct kick (just after spitting on an opponent). And though it references the rule elsewhere, FIFA dedicates only four words (not including a caveat about goalkeepers) to describe what warrants a hand ball violation: “handles the ball deliberately.” It's that simple. UEFA must shame themself.

  17. Jax says

    clowns lol there are pub lads that can analyse games better than these fools

  18. jetski Dex says

    Maybe I'm just becoming more aware but football is feeling scripted at this point.

  19. Jos den Hartog says

    In the rules it is clearly stated that when the arms are on the side of the body it cannot be a hands ball. Fault of the Referee.

  20. Martijn Wijnhoven says

    The right guy on the tabel cant accept that ajax was better… Accept the fact that they have luck 2 times now. Just accept.

  21. ataladin 87 says

    Italian referee rochi???


  22. Three Eyed Raven says

    Lol, Chelski is useless. Have to play against 9 men to even get a draw. Disgusting plastic club

  23. ataladin 87 says


  24. MaximusDecimusKittius says

    Gotta love old man narcissism

  25. Steven says

    Howcome "we could not see that" ?

  26. Shin Dok says

    Why on earth did lampard smile getting out of the dressing room 3-1 down????

  27. Shin Dok says


  28. Pep Pi says

    Uefa maffia.

  29. Supreme健块 says

    VAR is just there to make the life of the uefa Maffia easier, they can now make teams win they want to win. This Chelsea is so shit, even against 9 they can’t win the game… Abramovich or what ever he is called, surely gave the ref some ‘lunch’ money…

  30. Pacific Mind says

    Chelsea and the referee are a Joke

  31. DrogbaLegend says

    No one:
    Graeme Souness: Tammy Abrahams

  32. P Oosterveld says


  33. Fons Janssen says

    Correct!!! Blind was fouled!! Unbevelievable!! VAR???

  34. Andre de jongh says

    Even with the help of the referee they couldn't win…. losers….

  35. Krisho Norton says

    He says it not hand ball but yet the same situation happened to Tammy some moments later when a goal was disallowed… fair is fair

  36. Mien Billekes-jeuken says

    Uefa mafia!

  37. Poccoli C.F says

    THE most unbelievable refereeing I've seen in my entire life

  38. Herman Helmich says

    Brexit started early this evening….what a referee

  39. Phillip Dickson says

    No wonder this guy has no job since forever and never he mentioned good thing about chelsea Liverpool hate

  40. Amun-Ra says

    this ref totally lost it what a joke. im with Souness for this one

  41. R.S. L. says

    UEFA = maffia

  42. Nando says

    Chelsea couldn't do shit against Ajax's 11 in their own stadium without fucking away fans. Pathetic.

  43. subra ram says

    Why no one complain the extra time given it should be more than four minutes. Only hater will say Chelsea cheated it because they cant accept the truth

  44. RedlumVN says

    2-4 second goal of chelsea is again a mistake of the VAR. Chelsea is in the hands of criminals and a Italian referee.. 2+2=?

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