Cagliari 0-2 Juventus | Kean Scores AGAIN in Juve Win! | Serie A


Moise Kean scores again for Juventus as they comfortably win away to Cagliari.

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  1. Igor FIFA 361 says
  2. Lfcfansince06 says

    #NORACISM 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  3. Zeno Bearzatto says

    This is awful…🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿

  4. Honest Boi says

    From Bonucci statement I don’t like him anymore he supports racism honestly. How can your team mate goes under such time in a game and u want restrict his celebration but wen you score and celebrate the way you want to but because Keane is black so he can’t celebrate that way Smh ……

  5. Their K1ng says

    Kean futuro da Itália 👑🇮🇹

  6. Gaming Fitness says

    Italians are the king of racist

  7. TerryTibbs says

    Dock the club 10 points every time their fans make racist noises or chants

  8. Chelsea King says


  9. Ajileye Alfred says

    And lukaku victimized too

  10. r Deo says

    Respect MK

  11. Morobe Natives says

    Welcome to EVERTON..
    We love u kean

  12. Soldier of Christ says

    Kean é um mitoooo!!! O brabo tem nome!!!

  13. mtb brickwork says

    who was booing him and why?

  14. [email protected]_Jack says

    No wonder Kean is eager to move the EPL. It just doesn't feel like his talents are appreciated in Italy.

  15. J241P 02 says

    What makes bonucci?

  16. overlayz says

    Forza Napoli

  17. Carlos Guerrero says

    Racism Does Not Exist. Its a Made Up Thing.

  18. Candy Boutique says

    Nous sommes tous la créature de Dieu noir comme blanc et ceci nous les noirs nous sommes plus strong 💪🏽 qu’eux voilà la raison ils sont si raciste

  19. GOrDoN ReMseY says

    Italians are one of the most racist people in Europe. I've had some even admit that to me

  20. MinEcreiFt - says

    Michael jean is only 18 years old
    Edit: i mean moise kean

  21. Lenny xPlayzx says

    Kean is signing for Everton

  22. Thelizia McElroy says

    He look like Yallknownigel channel utuber. That's crazy

  23. Camilla 08 says

    Juventus is the best in there group

  24. Dark. scenes3578 says

    Can this guy Surpass Pirlo?

  25. Abou Kanta says

    Questi tifosi sono strozzi

  26. Dig pick bipolar says

    Does any one know bout any thing to help with getting hair done like Moise Kean’s ?

  27. General Grievous says

    Notice how they muted out the stadiums crowd?

  28. cranebeg says

    Forza Cagliari! Deport all the blackos. Back to Africa you go, no racism there, ok.

  29. konquer247 says

    So if we say don't judge all for the action of a few,
    and if this is allowed to happen in football for decades,
    and the majority did nothing to change the few,
    then all is in the same boat. PERIOD

  30. Princely Totti says

    Colored people please your genes are dominant. The will be a time when its just colored. All the racism towards colored is fear.

  31. Jensen Anthony says


  32. Davide T. says

    Probabilmente vi e' stato un motivo (insulti e fischi precedenti rivolti verso di lui) per il quale Kean ha voluto esultare in quel modo. Se la stessa esultanza l'avesse fatta un calciatore bianco la tifoseria non avrebbe reagito allo stesso modo, ossia fischando solamente i calciatori bianchi della Juventus. Se avessero fischiato soltanto a Kean senza urli razzisti allora sarebbe stato accettabile, ma evidentemente hanno fischiato non soltanto lui ma anche gli altri giocatori di colore, e soltanto quelli. E' una chiara espressione di razzismo da condannare a prescindere. E l'idea per la quale Kean non avrebbe dovuto esultare in quel modo al fine di non istigare i cori razzisti equivale a dire che se una ragazza viene stuprata e' colpa sua perche' portava una minigonna e non dello stupratore. Che poi provocare le tifoserie avversarie sia sbagliato sono d'accordo, pero la verita' e' che tutti i giocatori provocano le tifoserie avversarie, da Messi a Ronaldo, e spesso anche in modi volgari, ma nessuno viene colpevolizzato come nel caso di Kean. Quindi colpevolizzare Kean vuol dire reiterare l'oppressione ed essere complici del razzismo.

  33. Luã S. says

    No Racism!

  34. Atlantis Football says

    Moise Kean, Luka Jovic or Timo Werner? I’ve just released a video analysing the strengths and weaknesses of all these strikers, what systems they’d fit into and where they should move in the summer. Subscribe to the channel if you like the content

  35. Julieta Guitian says

    Kean: The Star
    Ronaldo: The Shadow

  36. Ajay Gharat says

    Come to the Indian you will definitely Never find recism 😍 India is the best country ever

  37. Deepak Nahar8 says

    cr7 è bravo in juve

  38. 2ndrwkng says

    The monkeys are in the stand. He should ignore those idiots. Poor guy

  39. Amine M says

    Respect à toi Moise tu as bien fait de célébrer ton but comme tu la fait tu est un Italien à part entière.Paix sur toi mon frère.

  40. Cheikh Dieng says

    Dans chaque discipline, il y a une légende noir(pelé, woods, jordan, james etc …) donc allez vous lavez le corps plutôt que de perdre votre temps.Chiens

  41. Dhan Moore says

    he is strong and fast

  42. alfa says

    Somos pretos msm .
    Foda se os racistas eles sao pessoas menores que eles tentam ser.

  43. Sam H says

    These Cagliari fans need some cultural education. Kean trying to teach you all. Respect the kid!!!

  44. Tezugade says

    Actually Kean was very classy! He just starred, he didn't make any offensive gesture. That's how you do it!

  45. Kelechi Wami says

    The blatant racism of Italian football is such a turn off and one of the reasons I don't watch Serie A, but Moise Kean has a new fan here! Way to show up the haters!

  46. HUMANO JOVEN says

    Grande moise Kean

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