Bournemouth 1-1 Arsenal | Xhaka & Torreira Policed The Midfield Well! (DT)


Bournemouth 1-1 Arsenal | Xhaka & Torreira Policed The Midfield! (DT)


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  1. AFTV says

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  2. zijuiy wttuy says

    DT's been using the wife's mascara on his beard again

  3. butti fdft says

    It's a joke. We have wingers that can't cross a ball

  4. diungy alisnr says

    The problem with arsenal is the players and not the manager. what goes up must come down its a fact of life.

  5. leri leri says

    good ebening

  6. drttyu liqm says

    The problem with arsenal is the players and not the manager. what goes up must come down its a fact of life.

  7. Hahaah Lol says

    Hahahahaha arsenal suck 2 1 chelsea

  8. Callum_jl 8 says

    Trust me you got that scruffy chelsea 1-0 win

  9. Money Sandhu says

    Lol happy with a draw against Bournemouth lol 🤣😂🏳️🏳️

  10. Stephen Lynch says

    You've been watching training videos !!!!!! Geek

  11. Mandy Petersen says

    Lacazette is a striker that score one out of ten chances…

  12. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
    0:59 💓💜🔥

  13. David Aspinall says

    Where is the telling and screaming. The harsh insults for players and managers.

    Where is the part where AFTV knows better than any professionals.

    Is this channel broken?

  14. Skin 1964 says

    How come you always interview the same fans, week in, week out?

  15. Mark McSweeney says

    Its not going to work lads…. To much to soon… You got the wrong one….

  16. Ugo Boss says

    And ESPN voted Torrierra low in their ratings! Strange!
    Torierra is a very good player!

  17. Mathius S says

    Arsenal are shit! It's time for this team to go into administration

  18. Tony Pedel says

    28 points behind Liverpool we can do this 🥴🥴

  19. Andrew P says

    brian more is very nervous right now last time i cried :0) tears of joy right now its like watching george and gillete with u guys right now with your owners get dt aftv in the board room now dt can be our micheal edwards ! :0) safe new year boys

  20. Carlos Brown says

    Arsenal are shit no good everyone is beating bounmouth and arsenal struggled Brighton winning 2-0 it’s not just the arsenal defence the strikers are a joke and shit not enough sell Lacazette straight sell luiz fast and ozil and sokratis luiz was at fault for Bournemouth goal he is just a joke

  21. Igli Shehi says

    You guys fucked up Xhaka leaving for Berlin

  22. Paul Scott says

    What is going on with arsenal to get a draw with bournemouth downer what is positive about that?

  23. Big Fudge says

    Don't worry, Arsenal play Chelsea and Utd in their next 2 games AFTV should be fun to watch after those games.

  24. HyperCT1505 says

    Give a month then DT will be back shouting for Arteta to get out of his club…..

  25. Zahid zainal says

    Laca hasnt gotten back to his feet ever since his injury. Hope he starts to pick himself up before he gets dropped for Martinelli

  26. Conor Moloney says

    Brain dead fans

  27. Ian Beverley says

    Xhaka is off to Hertha, cos you threw him under the bus, remember?

  28. the Sun and the Earth says

    A happy DT. Christmas I guess.

  29. Rachid Khamlichi says

    DT: "Xhaka is a total disgrace I will never forgive him, he never needs to play for this club again"
    Also DT: "Xhaka played well"

  30. Sirengo Brian says

    Nelson and Willock should be sent away on loan

  31. KHAD XVII says

    just a suggestion here ,if. We get haverts and zaha and one strong defender. We can come 5th

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