1. Rauciane Santos says

    Vai messi

  2. Athul's Game Library says

    easy as hell😑😑

  3. Nicolas Ballesteros says

    Cuál PES es ese? Porq se ve inmundo

  4. Shah Man says

    Suarez is the captain??? I 😁

  5. Jakob Rzepka says

    bjutiful heel goal by suares

  6. Zia Hussain says

    Amazing goals by messi.

  7. utkarsh bahuguna says

    Please make more highlights like this!! <3

  8. Oscar Lourenco says

    Solo los fanes de messi me darán like

  9. Kaddy men's says

    I hope I'm wrong in my belief, but I'm not sure of the agreement with Griesmann, if he was good. I liked Isco. I think it will provide an addition to the team better than it offers Real Madrid.
    Just negative expectations, but the positives on the ground can not be expected

  10. Walter Vargas Huacon says

    Ah Suárez es un loco del fútbol que golazo por Dios

  11. van chuong says

    suarez's heel strike makes it difficult for PES 🙂

  12. Yenxel Camillato says

    Did neymar score😕

  13. William Canin says

    Messi, extraterrestrial!

  14. William Canin says

    WTF! 5:48

  15. Willy says

    7 goles hermosos partidazo !!

  16. rodogells says

    Why Messi and Suarez do not score 5 g vs Atlético de Madrid? Mallorca is small club.
    Please boys!

  17. mushtaq mushtaq official says

    Who like messi like me

  18. Alain Nevin says

    ahhh pero contra liverpool…

  19. Leonardo Fernandes says

    Quem edita isso não gosta de futebol

  20. Red Mafia says

    No one say about kubo

  21. Kadirbek Кадирбек says

    Просто хозяен золотого мяча 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👋

  22. KMZ says

    where is Valverde haters?

  23. Amirul Asrani says

    3:06 taika waititi?

  24. Amirul Asrani says

    I like takefusa kubo very much

  25. Mr Eko says

    Ronaldo must back to la liga

  26. Gilson Eduardo says

    Messi, já não tenho adjectivos para te descrever….Respect

  27. Gilson Eduardo says

    golaaaaaassssso de suarez!

  28. lelaki suka merekam says

    video bikin penasaranhttps://youtu.be/iQ35gd0InHs

  29. lelaki suka merekam says

    messi tidak sombong

  30. lelaki suka merekam says

    santiano maragano spanyola ha ha ha

  31. Barça

  32. Vimal Raj says

    Messi don’t play fair 😒 2020 Ronaldo supposed to get ballon dor award . If he plays like that Ronaldo won’t stand a chance.

  33. Ismoil Jahongir says

    7th ballon d'or is waitng for Messi

  34. Anand Shekharan says

    Messi seems to be like old wine.
    It looks like he’s getting better with age.

  35. Andrew Ndongole says

    Another ballon d or is coming

  36. Chanda Kumari says

    Messi is the best

  37. W24ADIZERO says

    Griez top

  38. Edyta Szkup says


  39. Iqbal Khan says

    Oh that backheel from suarez he is the best number 9 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  40. mały cwaniak yt says

    Lol xd

  41. King Amy says

    Kya chutiya match hau be…

  42. Rishot Nongkhlaw says

    All are talking about Messi but ain't nobody gonna talk about that backheel goal by Suarez

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