1. Ovi Hussain says

    The look on George Benson's face when dude says "Arsenal's still a top club"… ROFL

  2. Boy Who says

    I dont like the way Hugh rolls his eyes like he's superior to everyone in the room and MUST agree with him about Arsenal, or they are wrong. Lost respect for him, narrow minded. Poor guy

  3. Arsenal Fan says

    Hard to fucking hear lol

  4. Tam Tamsin says

    Hugh dude thinks he’s better than everyone. Dude’s a knob.

  5. Curtis jay Banks says

    Love everyone is hating on every person on this video Cos there all either uneducated or bitter 😔

  6. philip Mahmud says

    As usual negative City bias and Liverpool bumming. "Buying the league is what city do" and "Liverpool spent no money last summer and do it the right way"… Liverpool squad cost over £500m in transfers (which have doubled in value due to the brilliance of klopp). Spending money is just what big clubs need to do to compete. Also City have recently rejected transfers for Harry Maguire, Alexis Sanchez and Van Dijk (may regret now) due to asking prices being too high. Yes city have historically spent to increase the club's worth, but now they are trying to be self sustaining. This Video is full of arbitrarily loaded arguments… this is not commentating on sports, this is just fan bashing!

  7. Jack Woolner says

    Your football knowledge is fucken despair

  8. Harpzichordz says

    I agree Arsenal are still a big club , however I don't feel they will be 'exposed' in January due to Mikel Arteta having never been appointed head coach anywhere else. This is a restructure not an exposure

  9. Andrew Kent says

    Get the Irish guy on the kick off

  10. Don Weezing says

    Hugh is obsessed with Chelsea man 😂

  11. Noah Mason says

    Rioch finished 5th and did a good job- incomparable to Arsenal now

  12. Noah Mason says

    Lawrence no idea what he’s talking about

  13. John Barret says


  14. Oldskoolmercs says

    No not really just beat UTD 2-0!

  15. Aaron Keane says

    Arteta was a yes man at city. He was there to make pep feel better about himself

  16. Christian Valadez says

    He’s a Chelsea fan “ – Wizzy 😂😂

  17. jojolouis says

    there might be some similarities between Arsenal and Man U. but come on…Man U. have lots of money to spend and they do …remember McGuire? 80 millions, Wan Bissaka 50 millions,and talking about buying more very expensive players….it's not the same really

  18. IlhaanBlueAce says

    We are fucked pls arteta save us

  19. mChannel says

    Football is like a art , you can't force it or make learn the skills
    , That's why players under pressure perform less than under no expectations.
    Currently at Arsenal , Manutd ..it's lot of pressure to get back up

  20. Anon Anon says

    Love you guys but please stop having the fuckwit on there, im not even going to say his name and you will no who lol. The man is social media cancer who says and makes stupid things for a reaction. Not a real supporter of the club he claims to support. Cant stand that prick. But great show nonetheless!

  21. George C says

    Steaming rn fellas what a show up the true geordie ❤️

  22. taylor yamamoto says

    That's so wrong of Huge to put that on Chelsea. We spend big because thats what you have to do at the top level to stay there now. Chelsea were definitely not the first ones to "buy a league". I have no idea why he gets so butt hurt because we actually have an owner who cares enough to put in the money necessary to stay at the top level

  23. FarawayTundra008 says

    8:09 you can’t say Chelsea bought the last 3 titles they’ve won Europa League only bought Jorginho and Kepa FA Cup bought 0 new first team stars and the league only bought Kante, Marcos Alonso and David Luiz as new first team players in 3 years they got 2 players that are currently consistently in the first team and that’s considered buying trophies these days 😂

  24. Carl Fernandes says

    What a damning verdict of Arsenal towards the end. It is true. Major changes are required in the next two windows.

  25. Jonathan Gault says

    This Arsenal fan deflects….has an arrogance only an Arsenal fan can have in regard to other clubs…and is reflective of why Arsenal as a club are a fucking embarrassment….

  26. Jonathan Gault says

    Arsenal fans are the worst football fans in the world of football….delusional and arrogant….seriously looking at relegation…and players looking to leave in January…with no players seeing Arsenal as a destination for career progression other than into the championship….

  27. Kwesi Etsibah says

    I dont really get the idea that chelsea and city are the Same in anyway. In this decade who have we bought for a ridiculous amount of money this decade . Literally no one apart from kl kepa and morata and Torres. Kepas on a major contract and is young. Torres was from a rival club and morata had potential. Apart from that kante hazard Costa werent that expensive

  28. Marko w says

    Wat a waste of 10 minutes

  29. ZitroStrike 4910 says

    It’s kinda ironic how an Arsenal fan is criticizing George for Chelsea spending money. Pepe. That’s all ima say.

  30. Jacob Heyes says

    Lawrence literally knows nothing at all about Liverpool. The reason Liverpool signed minamino IS because they were only ones that knew about his £7.25m release clause

  31. Husnain Akhtar says

    What I don’t understand about Hugh is he says “chelsea and city bought their titles and it’s not fun” yet he’s complaining arsenal aren’t spending enough

  32. Alexander Khlapov says

    Arsenal need to lose more money to become better…lose more money,get new owners who actually watch Football

  33. Raphael Rau says

    Chelsea fans are in for a shock! The owner has not been to a game in a season and a half. He wants Chelsea to be run on the Arsenal bs self sufficiency model! So they will spend the Hazard money and other monies from player sales but they won’t be spending on the City, United or even Liverpool level. The way Lampard is doing and the home grown young talent are amazing right now. I’d be happy right now. Don’t spend like crazy and go with the Lampard model long term and Chelsea will keep on winning trophies!

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