Arsenal 3-2 Aston Villa | Xhaka's Substitution Was A Turning Point In The Game (DT)


Arsenal 3-2 Aston Villa | Xhaka’s Substitution Was A Turning Point In The Game (DT)


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  1. TBO says

    'selfishly gave the penalty over'

  2. Jay Ricod says

    Xhaka is à joke Bad since the beginning till now This man is not good enough to pay n PL He doesn't understand the fooball game

  3. afutla qian says

    I think emery should play David Luiz as a DM and play chambers at CB

  4. bocoy noiu says

    Game wasn’t televised, haven’t seen the highlights and didn’t watch this whole video yet, but I can tell ainsley, luiz and xhaka were shit

  5. doliio volay says

    Xhaka, Mustafi and Özil getting booed and Cheered on when substituted! DONT BE DICKS!!!

  6. Mike Ro says

    I’m actually all for xhaka playing every game for arsenal, mind u I am a spurs fan

  7. qopoy dnon says

    Don Robbie use your influence to tell Emery to give xhaka a full season holiday

  8. The New MoezMedia says

    If you want some banta in your life come to our fan community on the United stand, keep it civil though

  9. ЕML G says

    Lets hope that this is going to be the highlight of their season.

  10. ProMo Zaki says

    Great comeback lads. My man behind Robbie looking like he's waiting for a night bus in Dalston Junction at 2 in morning. lol

  11. alida flus says

    Arseanal always performs at home but the danger is the away form

  12. bilinas mini says

    Guendouzi was absolutely brilliant him and Torreira in the CDM positions and dropping Xhaka

  13. Jon Jones says

    Arsenal is SHIT ….just squeeze a win against Sheffield…..

  14. ND Franklin says

    Jamie vardy looklike in the middle

  15. grill R/S says

    DT is such a sad sack

  16. Student Vlogs - Dylan says

    Gorn Pepe

  17. fucktheswine says

    villa are differently shit tho

  18. Younis Arshad says

    Jammy bastards

  19. reuben judge says

    Indian ChrisMD behind DT

  20. Richard Pinkham says

    The 3rd best club in London now…Lol

  21. Steven Arnold says

    We should be aiming for 3rd now. No Xhaka.

  22. Jetmir Metaliaj says

    Arsenal is the club of blacks

  23. Multiice says

    You got lucky 🍀

  24. Petteri Heino says

    It wasn’t just substitions what changed the game. When Xhaka was substituted Emery changed also tactics. Torreira and Willock played higher on the pitch and central defenders played on the level where Xhaka used to play. That way they succeeded in creating pressure to Aston Villa. Better counter attack team probably had punished Arsenal, but this time it was success for Arsenal.

    I’m really ashemed of Arsenal fans booing for Xhaka. That’s not what fans do. Could you boo boys stop booing for your players and go boo to Tottenham.

  25. David Jones says

    Xhaka and Luiz on the bench. Simple as that.

  26. Matthew Benjamin says

    Still won negative

  27. Timi Akinlonu says

    I swear if we lost to Aston, I'd personally find Emery and finish him

  28. alisuo toko says

    Guendouzi was absolutely brilliant him and Torreira in the CDM positions and dropping Xhaka

  29. Winston Churchill says

    We were bloody shit but got the result but things need to get better

  30. Jimbob says

    Watch out for Leicester

  31. Samuel Giday says

    AFTV sub shooting up like mad…DT keeps on trending in sequence…ARSENAL is killing it…this is awesome

  32. Sean Aboim says

    That AirPod is in a mad position 😂😂

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