Arsenal 2-2 Crystal Palace | EMERY OUT! He's Not Good Enough!! (Troopz Very Angry Rant)


Arsenal 2-2 Crystal Palace | EMERY OUT! He’s Not Good Enough!! (Troopz Very Angry Rant)

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  1. Papa Obeng says

    It's weird watching this in 2020, especially after Xhaka has been playing so well

  2. Callum pieters says

    poor robbie😂. He cant speak at all. "f…f….for..for m… for m.. for me…"

  3. PEPGANG _ says

    Aftv is the best show in the world

  4. James Robbie Owira says

    ..1:34 that nasal high-society snicker
    gives me the creeps..reminds me of Michael Corleone before he took out Carlo Rizzi..Come to think of it,Troopz taken out Xhaka..😂

  5. Fgcfh Eggcup says

    Arsenal fans go over the top with the what do we think of chant

  6. Football Wrestling fan says

    Troopz: 'It's Xhaka's fault, it's Emery's fault.

    2 second later

    Troopz: 'When did I blame Xhaka'?


  7. Nsha Shah says

    Damn this made Xhaka leave the club. Thats sad.

  8. Jathan Clarke says


  9. GloUp says

    The only reason I watch Arsenal games is just to understand the rants after loool

  10. ygGOLD says

    4:15 probably favorite AFTV moment ever

  11. David Adedoyin says

    “I will not hold up fam “ -Troopz 2019

  12. Bossman Olaf says
  13. Quincy Essibrah says

    This is the best rant of all time

  14. Adel wazzan says

    3:55 yeah 3 times

  15. ROY DIXON says

    He likes the word "understand"!

  16. ashley knight says

    He goes on about grant xhacket swearing at the supporters and there children watching. What about his language on arsenal tv it’s a lot worse and I bet there’s a lot of children watching arsenal tv

  17. ashley knight says

    I wish the team I support would do a tv thing like this buy the way I’m a Liverpool fan and I no arsenal fans will say what’s he doing on her. The wat troopz was ranting in Robbie face makes him look ?. I no he wasn’t having ago at Robbie but he doesn’t make him self look good

  18. ashley knight says

    Supporters like troopz are the reason arsenal tv gets bad raps I think dt is great

  19. FIFA says

    This has to be the best Youtube video of the year.

  20. James Peterson says

    They shouldn't of let me out of the mental house too early

  21. gulden takka says

    Sorry troopz but robin is right and he isn't alone as he doesn't deserve that but your right in a way troopz because he shouldn't say that to his fans

  22. gulden takka says

    Troopz stepping up the angriest Ive seen him

  23. Wilson Pablo says

    It not emery fault. It the club this club is miss up. We need sell half of team and get new team. You'll think this is easy just stop talking becouse we get him out where still the same

  24. running out of time says

    Emery just got sacked.

  25. mauritiusnoah says

    I understand Arsenal are still poor, blud.

  26. Peekyplayz 10 says

    Get me fam

  27. stunninglad1 says

    I remember Arsenal were four up against Newcastle once upon a time – It finished Arsenal 4 – Newcastle 4…However, Arsenal were still very good back then…The good old days I tell you.

  28. saba Gul says

    Arsenal fans are a joke man. Booing him and then saying that they don't care about him is absolutely disgusting and I thought Liverpool and barca fans were disgusting jeez.

  29. dave dickton says

    That’s what a diet of AFC, chips and spliffs do to a man

  30. Melvin Dj says

    Lmaooo 😂😂😂

  31. Colonel Kurtz says

    If only Arsenal had a few players with Troop's passion!

  32. Paul Ogilvie says

    Eddie Howe

  33. Mr Awesome says

    Today is gonna be Hilarious 😂😂

  34. adrian ip says
  35. M D says

    2:31 love how the camera bounces into focus on troops middle fingers right as he drops the bird. Excellent camerawork

  36. yoda sp1 says

    Arsenal are done club should fold

  37. Alexander Tarantino says

    How entertaining 😂😂😂

  38. Michael Smith says

    There only 1 positive for arsenal being shit and it’s this 😂

  39. LFCFilmz says

    It's Xhaka's fault, it's Emery's fault…
    How's it Xhaka's fault?
    When did I blame Xhaka for the loss?

  40. Rafael Charisoulis says

    If I could have a superpower I’d have Robbies patience when interrupted every bloody second

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