Arsenal 2-0 Man United | Ozil & Kolasinac Were Fantastic Today! (Lee Judges)


Arsenal 2-0 Man United | Ozil & Kolasinac Were Fantastic Today! (Lee Judges)


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  1. John Jones says

    Best arsenal have played all season. Don't get carried away. Aftv when you doing show about the kronke and how they run your club.

  2. Car los Vela says

    Where’s Claudes interview 😂😂😂😂

  3. Boi Boi says

    The ref was shocking

  4. Talli Ban says

    I told u lot ozil still has alot to offer this club arteta will bring da best out of him

  5. Talli Ban says

    Lee at least d year started will for arsenal an da fans

  6. N.W. LONDONER says

    🤔 still need a couple defensive players. And we just going to make the January transfer pass like everything okay.

  7. K baker says

    Well deserved win in general 👏🏾

  8. Charlie Brown says

    Arteta set up was spot on, made the best out of Ozil.
    Seems to have got the defence playing as a unit too.
    Nice one lads

  9. Colin Seymour says

    Lee is again a BLINDA coyg

  10. aseyeseait says

    Xhaka deserves a mention, he has been excellent since the change

  11. Joe Raynor says

    Always a smart dresser the judge 👌

  12. Victor Ajileye says

    I love Leeeeeeee!!

  13. Wonders2008 says

    Lee looking 20 years younger after that win like Eddie Hearn did after the Joshua Ruiz rematch 😂

  14. Naftii- hure says

    I want ozil ti be retired at arsenal like Dennis bergkamp

  15. Worldly concerns says

    Arsenal moving forward out of the twenty-tens and into the Arteties!

  16. Greg E says

    This video highlights that Arsenal fans only want the best for their club. Smiles back on faces. It sorts of shuts up all the people like Simon Whats-his-face who give the impression that you're all waiting for your team to get beat, so you can come on here and rip into them. A couple more wins and you'll be in the race for the top four.

  17. abu yaska says

    Lee wearing newspaper boy cap. Takes me back to the 1920s. Damn!!

  18. RedEx says

    Well first time i saw Lee smiling, nice one Arsenal

  19. Etienne Bunbury says

    Arsenal fans look younger even the youngsters look their age!

  20. Etienne Bunbury says

    “Like you know!!!” 😁

    (Lee the legend Judges)

    Love the guy 👊🏾

  21. benedict kanu says

    Wow..nice cap Lee Judges ,good that we all smiling as arsenal fan.

  22. Andy O'tam says

    beverely hills lee judges, you love to see it

  23. much appriciated says

    lee in his christmas clobber go on lad

  24. GlennDITM says

    Whether Lee is angry or smiling he is always a must-watch for his honesty and passion.

  25. suave mob says

    Dad to the Peaky Blinder guys. Lol

  26. nedim demirrr says


  27. Damian Alexis says

    Man got a new hat didn't even recognise him

  28. Rinawma khiangte says

    Matteo and pepe first team set

  29. Craig Bailey says

    As lee says u know

  30. Carl Neel-Kamara says

    What a BANG!!! to the start of a new year, new era. @8Arteta…C'mon the gunners! Keep on fired up!😎

  31. John Davies says

    This bloke again is a clown..u team is u dreaming with talking shite…lol arsenal laughing tv ..utter jokes

  32. adavy says

    Lee "like you know" Judges

  33. Stephen Lawal says

    Pesky Blinders ! Look at that smile 😃

  34. Ksanbor Kharkongor says

    A Clean sheet against one of the best front three in the world.

  35. john barker says

    If Lee wears that cap next week people will think he's one of us. See you all next week, I'm looking forward to it.

  36. willard dodzo says

    Ozil is back!

  37. jibbe says

    Didn’t know Btec Tommy Shelby is an arsenal fan

  38. Ismail Basaran says

    Pepe has to play full time now, he is very sharp and very fast, Arteta put Pepe 90 minutes he is creating good chances he has to play now on 👍👍🤞😀

  39. Chris P says

    That thumbnail grin

  40. Marshall Campbell says

    How he goes from Voldemort to peaky blinder, lees a great actor

  41. Konstantin Chernenko says

    Kolasinac Motm.

  42. daniel mpulula says

    mans looking like Andy Capp

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