1. gingerlallz says

    What’s the intro music

  2. Nathan Hirmiz says

    Good video but WE WANT RORY

  3. Matthew Palmer says

    I know Bet bull is your sponsor & you have to talk highly of them. But as a betting company they are awful. Been signed up with them through you guys & there app is terrible. You get no notifications about the games you've bet on, the withdrawal of money takes days & you have to plead with them for your winnings. Which isn't easy as their customer service is shocking & it's all live chat services, they just leave the chat.

  4. Sherif Ghobrial says


  5. Football Live says

    When are u uploading the Arsenal vs Man U podcast?? We smashed Man U and I assume hugh shall have gained the bragging rights for this fixture

  6. PJay1999 says

    2:07:58 how'd that one work out Mark???😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Peter Moles says

    Deluded gooner needed on here

  8. the the says

    get on bad lads army sgt

  9. Archie Harris says

    "its difficult to get excited when your 12th in the league" shut up hugh, Southampton have only just got to 11th and have been towards the bottom for the last couple years, doesn't stop me watching them you absolute privileged fan

  10. PJ Sideris says

    Miss Rory

  11. Red Cese says

    We’ve only lost once this season to Napoli not twice @13:20

  12. jack greenway says

    happy for Sheff united and Leicester, need more love for the sport and clubs than just money, hope more of you top clubs drop points.

  13. Tapiwa Muza says

    Any news on the new year's video?

  14. eioshen boboi says

    Damn I'm starting to feel sorry for Arsenal fans. Wizzy looked deflated

  15. Kyllian says
  16. samlta says

    I’m sure that Liverpool only lost 1 of the games against Napoli this season

  17. Nicholas Cowhie says

    Where’s the kick off Arsenal vs Man U?

  18. Jack Moore says

    Live on New year's Day 7:30pm

  19. 1234 1234 says

    Great show but the show get like it missed rory

  20. KING SIZE HOMER says

    Hugh is a clown and I hate them

  21. oiuet souiu says

    Should get George and Rory on with Hugh the next time Chelsea play Arsenal just so if this happens again how bad Hugh will go mental

  22. bowen voowy says

    Big up George Benson been subbed for ages now he is honestly class and as a Chelsea Fan he is Classss geezer 💙🐐

  23. Brooklyn Montgomery says

    1:41:48 The curse is real.

  24. Jake Reenstierna says

    Tbf sky do have LGBTQ campaigns

  25. Lord Ace says

    Why should sky need to fucking highlight social issues there broadcasting football not the news

  26. Vortigan07 says


  27. Mutib alMutib says

    Leno folded under pressure.. Mustafi should never play for Arsenal again..

  28. Adarsh Balaji says

    Goldbridge called the Chelsea winner a minute before

  29. Joe Crawford says

    Loz is that little weasel that got bullied by everyone at school. Now he is in this position of authority so to speak, he thinks he’s billy big bollocks. The man is a melt.

  30. DUNDON111 says

    I watch every arsenal kick off and skip just to see Hughe react to arsenal conceding 😂 brilliant

  31. nieooj gotoy says

    remember when the kick off was hosted in that bomb shelter with the couches hahah. seems like ages ago

  32. kg5653 says

    Fuck off Dave Jones done his job. Easy for a fuckin youtuber to say.

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