Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea | Lampard Was Brave To Make An Early Change (Sophie Rose – Blues Fans TV)


Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea | Lampard Was Brave To Make An Early Change (Sophie Rose – Blues Fans TV)

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  1. hsidhu1971 says

    Talk about Jorginho yet ignoring Guendouzi bundling Tammy for a blatent peno. Hmmm

  2. Yessen Saed Omar says

    hahaha da mandems are hungry/thirsty hahaha

  3. Ejeh Ralph says

    Yeah good job 👍 let’s listen to others views instead of the same people all the time.

  4. the random guy says


  5. lutonboi1000 says

    The mandem at the back there cueing up for a beat 😆.

  6. mail me says


  7. Taylor Ewart says

    Bet Robbie pays to see her website

  8. Justin Cibalevski says

    Cardi b supports chelsea?

  9. KK B says

    Shopie, mad respect for you. To go to a fan cam interview of a rival team, after derby match and basically rub it in ever so slightly. Respect!

  10. Andy O'tam says

    she is absolutely smoking, wow.

  11. Darth Raider says

    They’re not booing, they’re saying “trooooooooooooooopz!”

  12. Bat Man says

    Are all arsenal fans Somalians.. Somalian fan tv

  13. Ben10outof10 says

    I'd smash the frank lampard out of her

  14. tgoon 90 says

    Get ya tits out

  15. Sam A says

    She was drunk❎❎❎

  16. Jonathan Williams says

    I like her

  17. Youngest In Charge 17 says

    No one:
    Absolutely nobody:
    Robbie:mmm mmmm mmmm

  18. avinash jaiswal says

    Goddamn she needs to calm down a bit. Speak slow my god

  19. RG says

    Who is the cutie doing the interview, with sophie?

  20. Fire Up says

    I thought I was on Blacked dot com for a second.

  21. F H algeirs says

    Bol a shit robie you try to be nice with the bitch fauck off😡😡😡

  22. Jags Viera says

    Robbie looking thirsty

  23. stephenm6100 says

    sophie.. one pretty lady💋.

  24. Rizwan Matin says

    BLACKED Chelsea fan Sophie Rose takes 7 BBCs

  25. I remeber when he made that change i said to myself if they win now Lampard is going to get praised if they lose nobody would say shit about that change

  26. RealistGlizzy says

    She’s so posh ffs “don’t boo me”

  27. Richardson Quarshie says

    AFTV whenever arsenal lose match i dont see any pains in them, you see them smiling all over. Arteta cause as arsenal defeat.he didn't red the game b4 he makes ozil subt for inexperience willock

  28. James Ingram says

    We love you Chelsea we do we love you Chelsea we do ohh Chelsea we love you 💙💙

  29. Byron S says

    Laca is stroppy because he wants his move to athletico Madrid

  30. Oli West says

    Such an attention seeking slag that looks so ugly on a camera with no filters, lol.

  31. K baker says

    I’m just here for the comments lool

  32. John Terry says

    we need more black guys in the background for this to end up on pornhub

  33. AHMED SM says

    David luiz should have been sent off

  34. Manav Shetty says

    Sophie likes black men

  35. Imran Khan says

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Not a soul in this universe:
    Gary Neville when a player scores or gets fouled in the pen box: Oooooooo, ohhhhhhhh

  36. robbie fancies sophie again and she drink alcohol so she not like be muslim

  37. john p says

    Jorginho send off ..come on goonettes you lost fair and square .gendouzi and Luis deserved red and a penalty for Chelsea in the first half…

  38. Grant Geraghty says

    Lee really is taping that 👍🏻

  39. Jeremy J says

    Man keeps crying about Jorginho

  40. DaPoint12 says

    Sophie cute, however, I prefer Helen 😍. Where Helen at?

  41. Chaos Is Coming says

    there's a girl 😮

  42. Cheesetoast31 says

    I'll be honest, I was drunk idk.

    Smart answer that was hilarious

  43. MrDaymee says

    Delightful soul. Sophie 👏🏽

  44. mehdi ibrahim says

    First half? Nah first half hour.. next hour Chelsea bossed, has your striker auba playing as an additional full back most the game

  45. Zina Right says

    Min 1 – 30 :
    Arsenal = Giants
    Min 30 :
    Marris to Lamps : Transformers
    CFC change formation
    Emerson off, Jorginho on.
    Arsenal : HUH ?
    Min 60
    Tomorri off , Tariq on
    Me: Huh?
    Arsenal : WTTTTF?
    Min 83, 87
    Morris & Lampard : Exactly !
    Me: 😲😲😲😲😲
    Arsenal : 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  46. D E says

    This looks like a scene from a PornHub video

  47. Beacon light shine says

    I would walk to the 4 ends of the earth to get a sniff of her fanny

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