Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea | Jorginho Should Have Been Sent Off! (DT)


Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea | Jorginho Should Have Been Sent Off! (DT)


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  1. Peter Chedraoui says

    Luiz should of been off for violent conduct he’s foot went higher then kante’s head

  2. zuygj bnsv says

    Ty- It's alright, We'll beat them in the second leg and go through on away goals.

  3. Gulam Shabir says

    Luiz high foot
    Guendouzi pulling tammy in the box while on yellow
    Arsenal fans:jorginho should have been sent off

  4. vliduu zeeb says

    Arsenal’s worst season for 20 odd years. “It’s Jorghinhos fault”

  5. dutoiu hour says

    Ty- It's alright, We'll beat them in the second leg and go through on away goals.

  6. ApG BeastMuffin says

    The funny thing is these guys will completely ignore the fact that Guendouzi committed the same exact challenge on Tammy in the box and it wasn’t a foul, but when Jorginho does it, it is a second yellow and he should have been sent off?

  7. cnmmd qiuoo says

    Pepe is ending the decade playing for more arsenal managers than he has PL goals 😂😂😂

  8. team squad i says

    I support Chelsea arsenal are shit

  9. Cian .Canning says

    What is this

  10. James Knight says

    all arsenal fans stop complaining

  11. Mark Bullock says

    Looking forward to more humorous bullshit at 10pm.

  12. james barry says

    Jorginho should have been sent off….waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cry baby

  13. Anthony Everitt says

    Hilarious listening to idiots talk stupid to each other. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣IDIOTS

  14. hen ko says

    Arsenal fans serious question: why doesn’t Pepe play?

  15. Mikeycfc 46 says

    Going on about Jorginho should’ve been sent off, Luiz shouldn’t have stayed on either. Almost took Kante’s head off

  16. Jonny Lewis says

    Jorginho is absolute world class really showing is worth this season and why we signed him

  17. jaseface6868 says

    Oh when the spurs go marching on……. COYS

  18. Steanie Hall says

    Same old shit arsenal are fucked

  19. ChelseaRanger1983 says

    Take Auba out of that team and it is literally a bottom six club

  20. brian lawrence says

    When Abraham was fouled in the box y'all didn't say nothing

  21. Twisted Dreameater says

    Chelsea outplayed Arsenal 🤣

  22. Twisted Dreameater says


  23. J J says

    So 3 different managers and the same results….. I know arteta has just started but come on, nothing is gonna change

  24. Rock girl says

    Everyone has been waiting for this lets be honest

  25. Naveed Haroon says

    Were blud fam

  26. Stephen Treanor says

    "Anyone can go down at any given moment " this guy is gold 😂😂😂just accept your team is awful

  27. Be Jay says

    London is a shit whole 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  28. Cassie says

    Everyone has been waiting for this lets be honest

  29. Willliam Thorp says

    I tell u why jorginio stayed on because it was a cleat tackle

  30. ZmatthewHx says

    Chelsea are a Lucky Team It Happend last season Chelsea against Cardiff their fulback was over 4 yards offside and they gave the goal and they had the momentum to carry on and score another in the 90th min. They scored 2 goals in the space of 10 mins and that game left Cardiff city, My club who I support go down, now I think that this game will have an impact in later stages of the season.

  31. Ian Deeley says

    Watch out Gunners, you've got my team on New Year's Day!

  32. Goran Salih says

    Guendouzi should get second yallow and chelsea should have penilty first half why u not talking about that u always blam ref u asshiol

  33. Greg S says

    Jorginhos goal shouldn't be aloud anyway, coz he pulled Torreira to the ground just before he got the ball.

  34. Calvin Jotter says

    TAMMY 😁😁😁

  35. Asif Rahaman says

    Jesse Lingard : 0 goals, 0 assists
    ROBBIE : 0 goals, 0 assists

  36. Makka Pakka says

    In about a year robbie should work for sky as a correspondent. Ynwa aftv is great entertainment. Gunners!

  37. fouoii gyhh says

    He’s got his hood up to stop lads stealing his hat again 😆

  38. Darragh Savage says

    What about a second yellow for guendouzi and a pen

  39. Sloth Slotherson says

    As Mo said, when you’ve got quality in the squad, referee shouldn’t matter. Did the ref favour arsenal during the invincible era? Or were they just a good squad? Don’t blame the ref, you’ve got shite players, you’ve got a shite coach, and you’ve got shite kits, deal with it.

  40. Comfort Snail says

    You know why the fans crowded u out other week saying get out the club? Because of all the fan channels this ones feckin salty AF you always interview the same ass clowns who have made a name for menstruating on camera…

  41. Moarze FN says


  42. deruiy foiu says

    Arsenal fans serious question: why doesn’t Pepe play?

  43. Mr Herfty says


  44. Old School Gamer says

    I agree Chelsea should’ve gone down to 10 men but Arsenal should’ve gone down to 8

  45. Endalamaw Aberra says

    Laca gave the referee that chance to withhold the second yellow card. If I were he referee, I might have done the same.

    Lesson: don't give referees that type of chance; keep quiet until the decision is known.

  46. Green Goliath says

    Arsenal players learning to dive under Mikel 🤣

  47. Jamz J says

    Mikel Arteta is a good coach. Only 9 days and he’s made arsenal perform so different. Unlucky results.

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