9 fees to NEVER pay a car dealership. Tips on car buying, how to negotiate, and how to buy a car.


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Here’s a list of common charges. Some of which are gotchas. How to review on the final bill of sale when buying a new or used car. Remember, car dealers, are SNEAKY. They work numbers every day, you don’t. In this video, I show you how to spot, and negotiate out of these fees that I think are scams.
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  1. Rebel Without a Clue says

    And not to mention the scam of Title

  2. Rebel Without a Clue says

    :30 the biggest scam is registration for citizens not operating for commerce

  3. Brooklyn Jlo says

    Does this apply to new cars

  4. Black Bart says

    He keeps talking about don't pay over MSRP who is dumb enough to pay MSRP

  5. Aaron Chacon says

    I need to buy a car from this guy

  6. Ted Darst says

    Why do i have to watch a 5 minute advertisement for mens soap before i watch your video? that sucks

  7. Dave Hill says

    Been in Central KY (an hour from Bachman) for 5 years and I don't know any franchise dealers that charge these fees (other than doc) in this market. Nice video though. There are bad dealers out there that give others a bad rep.

  8. Hainero2001 says

    It seems to me that even the processing fees ought to be part of the cost of doing business.

  9. Bruce Haughton says

    These apply to leasing as well? I’m looking to lease a car at the end of the month

  10. NYC RL52 says

    where you located

  11. Eosh S says

    Fantastic video; thank you for sharing these tips!

  12. jimbo boogie says

    50/50 premix anti-freeze is a rip off, you're paying half the cost of the price of the gallon for WATER!

  13. Fatalroadie says

    What about places with "no haggle" prices?

  14. Joshua Smith says

    Why even bother haggling with the BS? Do your homework and give them your out the door price after your test drive that includes all taxes and fees. Don't even wait around for them to go "talk to the manager" and come back and tell you how ridiculous your offer is. You know your offer is profitable for them. Give the salesperson your offer, ask him or her to call you if they accept it, then LEAVE. Don't wait around and play their games (they're going to ask you to). Unless the car you want is flying off the lot, they're likely going to call you back. If they call you back, they are willing (reluctantly of course) to sell you the vehicle for the out the door price you offered. Remember, you did your homework and you know your offer turns them a profit. If you're lucky, they will agree to it on the first call. If not and they try to haggle or get you to come back in to talk, tell them no thanks and that your original offer is your final offer. They have to assume you are shopping other dealers and a profit in another dealer's pockets, no matter how small, is a profit not in their pockets. Get your own financing ahead of time from a credit union or bank so you can go in there with a check for the amount you offered to pay out the door. Remind the salesperson on that final call of the amount you agreed to, that it is the total out the door cost that includes all taxes and fees, and that you're not spending any additional money on any add-ons or warranties that they might try and sell you. Basically let them know that you're coming in with a certified check for the amount you offered to pay out the door. I'm honestly not sure how many will still try to be pushy and play games in the finance office once you come in with the check to buy, but just to avoid that, set it up so your purchase will conclude just before they close for the night. You're welcome.

  15. secrets2youth says

    As a woman, I did research on the 2006 Chrysler 300 Hemi and determined the price I was going to pay and for exactly what year make model and Extras I wanted.. I called dealers in the area and asked to speak to the owners or if the owner did not work there with the general manager. I asked if he was ready to sell a car that day. If he said yes and was ready to meet me. I told him each exactly what I wanted and exactly what I would pay on the phone. I went over and met him, he had a sales men take me on test drives of the five cars that were a year old yet were still unowned. I went back into the offices and repeated what I wanted and they spent about 15 minutes telling me I had to pay more. I said I am not here to argue I offered you a price and what I wanted over the phone. We are either make a deal with what I shared or I leave. I did get up and walked out the door of the office. I was chased and told they accept my offer. Later when I worked at a temporary job, the boss had the same car the same year the same model as mine. When he found out I paid 7000 less than he did and my monthly payment was $480 mo. and he was paying $700+ a month he asked me how I did it. he had always told me he is the best negotiator but after finding this out he told me that I am the best negotiator he has ever met.

  16. secrets2youth says

    Did I comprehend you correctly that you said that a new car profit is less than 2% profit? That is unbelievable. Literally that is unbelievable. Why would anyone put millions of dollars of inventory on their lot to make less than $500 on a $25,000 sale? What I was told before by a car salesman is that there is a 7% or more profit on each with the MSRP.

  17. miragexl007 says

    nothing new here for me….other than Asking to take Off stuff. huh. but good vid for many I'm guessing. Not like I'd buy a Chevy anyway. lol. I'm guessing doing something like this helps this Chevy business. But what is He NOT telling you. lol. I do question the processing fee being 300 bucks or more (protection etc.?) Never liked this. materials and time. How much materials, hours, skill are used?. You said legit…I'll have to look up a vid that would justify this high cost…that should be in the price/added at a Dealership in showing this if it's not negotiable or a non issue

  18. breadfan9 says

    Doc fees are total BS. It's like a forced tip.

  19. George Ramirez says

    I spent more time canceling commercials than caring about what they have to say

  20. mike d. says

    Nice job this just caused me to subscribe

  21. Jessica D says

    Hi! So I am interested in a Kia Telluride and it seems like everywhere is trying to do the “makeup” you were mentioning when you mentioned the C8 …. is that bullshit too or is that just what all dealerships are doing for that specific model and no way of getting out of it. For example: I looked at one yesterday, and the MSRP WAS 43,000 and they were trying to sell it marked up for $55k 😳☹️ Help

  22. Fernando Gomez says

    I bought a truck when I was 19 and didn't know I had to negotiate. I was just saying yes to everything because I was excited for a new vehicle. I'm 23 now and I'm barely realizing I over paid for my truck. I'm seeing newer and better vehicles for around the same price or even cheaper. I'm glad I found this channel I'm hoping to learn from this video as I do research before going out and getting another vehicle.

  23. Furno2 says

    Really really helpful thank you so much!

  24. Stephen Eddy says

    "the girls in the back"

  25. Dan Favata says

    full of great info!! Thank you so much for this!

  26. logpile13 says

    Just buy a ten year old Toyota Corolla, problem solved.

  27. meetoob23 says

    What would the difference be when buying a used car? Do you have a video on that?

  28. Thomas Therrell says

    Don't ever fall for purple dinosaur on roof either

  29. Ken Salazar says

    Hi thanks for all your videos your and for being so honest.i highly appropriate it 👏👏 👍 👍

  30. R D says

    Great video! Just too bad they closed 15 plants to pay for ceo retirement package. No GM products for my family.

  31. Steve Mccart says

    And what about the age old cosmoline charge?

  32. Steve Mccart says

    I sold cars when i was a young man and a combination of the pressure i was put under to make sales with the ways the customers were ripped off made the last couple days i worked there just me warning people to what was going on. Then i quit and got a job that didnt make me feel dirty

  33. DatingMatis156 says

    Why would I hit the subscribe if this is the first video I see?

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