1. Ibrahim Abdullahi says

    Percentage loss is more indicative of depreciation loss than absolute value.

  2. Alan Daniel says

    Corvette hahaha mid life crisis's most crashed junk

  3. TechSys Engineer says

    Enough w/ the vocal fry douchebag

  4. ramazan tanbi says

    owning these sports car after 4 yrs you really asking for trouble cause they get beat on pretty hard. repairs alone will bankrupt you in no time.

  5. ilyn Payne says

    And here I am just bought a 2600 US dollar used car from Toyota

  6. S Al-Khafaji says

    The Bentley GT doesn't come with a v12. It comes with a w12

  7. Chris Doyle says

    Your voice made me want to reach through the computer and smack the shit out of you.

    Hyundai…not Honda. You're a fucking moron.

  8. David Chiu says

    G wagon is actually a car that holds its value very well in the second hand market….

  9. Ufen Orum says

    Ofcoure you use your car everyday!!

  10. polystictus says

    Maybe many of those buying those cars are not worried about depreciation and want the latest version to emphasize the "I had made it" attitude. What car does not depreciate considerably percentagewise in three years. I bought a nice one year old Prius Persona and got it for a 20% discount from new. If you have lots of money and want the latest and nicest…lease a car every three years.

  11. Manish Panwar says

    Bentley doesn't come equipped with v12 it comes with w12 engine

  12. The ManiNation says

    Nice info , very nice content

  13. Rigorous Rangel says

    You should've made the list about vehicles most people are on the market for,. Not Mercedes and Bentleys

  14. Pirana 86 says

    I think they hold good value. If you lose 7-8k a year, it still holds a value after sold.
    My wife costs me my whole salary, and value is none when i want to get rid of her…

  15. David Smith says

    The corvette is fine

  16. Dakota Votaw says

    That’s an RS3 not an A3

  17. Dakota Votaw says

    Did he say Honda genesis?

  18. Huy Nông Đức says

    This nigga is criticizing a 5 years old car

  19. Troy Powers says

    Karma Fisker

  20. Bear Lemley says

    All the spaceships I’ve seen don’t look like an I8

  21. spikedpsycho says

    Depreciation, bad for owners, Good for new owners

  22. Damian Dania says


  23. GreenFails Show says

    Hes comparing a new model to a older model its true that a 2019 sclass wont cost the same as 2015 because its a older model

  24. Walter 777 Smith says

    You forgot about Luda Kalina .

  25. Roland Syyles says

    As an expert, you should certainly know the name of the cars you feature. Hyundai Genesis is no longer the name of any car on the market. The car that used to bear that name became the Genesis G80. The car you show here is the larger Genesis G90.

  26. Deacon Davis says

    WHAT? No Maserati’s??????

  27. Aryrix 1 says

    I real really never understand why people think these kind of cars are worth it.

  28. jack francis says

    All cars take a hit with depreciation, the rule is buy the best quality you can afford and drive it till the wheels fall off…

  29. mercedes c-class is the best. only -1500-2000 a year. and then i think a-class. ford, toyota, bmw and vw can only dream about that

  30. Beant Singh says

    Good luck 👍🏻🙏

  31. Star Wars 2018 says

    Those Honda Genesis cars are rare!
    I bet they will hold 100 percent of their value …

  32. Eric LeBlanch says

    Damn damn, that so bad plus the too expensive to fix, BMW, Benz. I'll stick to Toyota or Lexus or maybe Volvo.. Buick is the worst..

    Kongo for life and Afrika for life..

  33. tastegw says

    bought a Chrysler 200 for 22K, 3 years later in mint condition low miles it was worth only 12k. almost 50% in 3 years.

  34. Justin Pace says

    Bentley has a w12 not a v8

  35. challenger909 says

    A big part on all of these cars depreciation being so high is cost of maintenance at dealers and fear of big money/constant repairs. Specially MB S Class and BMW 7 series

  36. Lake Nona says

    Depreciation, don’t buy. Lease!

  37. Woshifag says

    man.. all these numbers can't compare to the depreciation of cars in Singapore… we have insane tax and have to buy an expensive certificate that only allows us to own a car for 10 years… a bentley continental GT v8 would have an annual depreciation of roughly 50k…(37k USD) the price for a new one would be in the range of 600-800k singapore dollars (~500K USD) depending on which model

  38. Psychopathis says

    94' celica sees those endless money pits and laughs hysterically

  39. Dwight st. john says

    the word "depreciate" is not known to the people that drive these cars.

  40. RythmTR says

    Why the urus is not there!?

  41. Steven Horton says

    I have a 20 year Chrysler Concorde that looks cool from the rear but has a frontend that looks like a freshly caught carp gasping for oxygen. It has a sunroof and a body so dented up I can park anywhere and not give a fuck
    An $800 car has no depreciation

  42. David Zafra says

    this is because the go down when big facelifts appear

  43. Jesse Mitchell says

    You mean Nissan skyline GTR.!
    I hate how they took the real name off that car.!!

  44. forza bajen says

    thats a corvette stingray

  45. John Small says


  46. Nicolas Smith says

    Cars with high depreciation value you should lease if you have a business. Then you can write off the depreciation value every year.

  47. Scott Eisenberg says

    The GTR is showing a Nismo model

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