Rapunzel is a disney animated character that entertain to million of children, but did you know that there are rapunzels in real life?


-Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russell

-Natasha Moraes de Andrade

-Dashik Gubanova

-Aimee Chase

-Aliia Nasyrova

-Ni Linmei

-Jiang Aixiu

-Xie Qiuping

-Dai Yue Qin

-Asha Mandela
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  1. Girl on flerk Nt says

    How long does it take for them too wash dry and plait their hair, Seriously????…..

  2. Girl on flerk Nt says

    What kind of a person can have such long hair or maybe they are an olargram 😉😯

  3. Teodora Zoran Bozovic says

    I'm more love short hair.

  4. Nami Brown says


  5. Clout Trap says

    I’m from Trinidad Port of Spain Ftw

  6. Abbie Haycox says

    I have short hair 👩

  7. Shaimaa Hussein says

    min toca tech r

  8. Kim Dupont says

    I’m on my way there! My hairs are 33.6 inches long

  9. Raj Chundawat says

    Agar in sab ko takli kr de too 😁

  10. Ev says

    My hairs almost as long as some of those. I have close to 4 feet of hair

  11. itz_lilly playz 123 says

    My aunt in instragam has 7464 followers

  12. Gachamovie Tube says

    👖me if I wanted to have short hair

  13. jacqui morris says


  14. Afraima Khan says

    Me:wow my hair is so long.. years later…..Me:hello hair salon lady can I have a hair cut…..hair salon lady: yes!

  15. Alice Kvillebäck says

    Va fint hår😮

  16. Chimie Garcia says

    Try to search the girls from MCGI almost all of them have long hair..

  17. _ *KotoSpiderMochi* _ says

    I sold my hair before!

  18. Joneika Pettis says

    I would cut it a little shorter

  19. felicia cox says

    I want that hair

  20. Divya manickam says

    I don't want long hair

  21. Me and Amy have the same story!

  22. Khalid Rizwan says

    who watched this in 2020

  23. Partha Ganguly says

    I have a very long hair

  24. Adam Ambroży says


  25. Rachel Burch says

    With the second girl why didnt she just put it in a braid

  26. Mary Beth Castillo says

    I haven't cut my hair for 8 years I never cut my hair before

  27. Fantasy Filled says

    2020 anyone?

  28. Mohammad Abdullah says

    Any one 2020?????3

  29. agonerstayingalive says

    Who watch this at new year?

  30. Svjetlana Deuric says


  31. Fluffy Unicorn says

    I live in trinidad and Tobago but i just live in trinidad

  32. Daniel H says

    I want my hair like that!!!!

  33. Sharon Gamiet says

    Is this girl name the TV show The Rapunzel family I don't know her name but the show on the TV I don't know on YouTube and watching YouTube now I know how much I'm watching also Peppa Pig now I'm watching Peppa Pig on the TV so why did she cut that I don't like I took it to eat more now my cousin and the Peppa Pig stuff

  34. Enarlyn Bungay says


  35. Jamieson Clay says


  36. G Demesa says

    I did everything you wanted and please can I have a shoutout

  37. Highsky and Drizz says

    Girls Advantage should cut your hair or you can smoke sometimes and maybe get stomped on it by accident today

  38. MikuCatLove XoXo says

    I am doing the first one 😉

  39. Chris Christine Edwards says

    My hair is 11.5 and I won't cut it

  40. michael lohstroh says

    Oh my my name is Aimee her name two

  41. First Last says

    What if I told you she was really Ivanka Trump.

  42. Iftikhar Ahmad says

    Bongi 😈😈😈😈😈😱😱😱

  43. Laila Bradham says

    There called sister locks

  44. nihon tak says

    Omg!The last one is hilarious 😵😵😵

  45. Psychotic Water says

    4:52 , please

  46. Michelle Isaac says

    Just saying this to black lady and girls IT DOSENT MATTER IF YOUR HAIR ISN'T LIKE THERE HAIR WE HAVE CURLY RICH HAIR BE PROUD not trying to be racist

  47. Desy Fesolai says

    Wish I. Had long hair

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