World's First Car!


I got to drive the world’s first car (replica), patented by Benz in 1886
Check out the series on new safety features:
This video is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, who invited me to come to Stuttgart to see their latest cars, crash test facilities and experience the innovations they are working on.

Physics is something that is directly applicable to car safety. Cars go fast, but they also sometimes collide with obstacles, which brings them to a sudden stop, subjecting the car and occupants to very high accelerations, which can cause injury or death. So the major idea to improve car safety is to reduce these accelerations and there are a number of ways to do this:

Passive safety:

Seat belts: keep passengers in the vehicle, preventing them from continuing with constant velocity, flying through the windshield and suffering a worse deceleration when they make contact with the road.

Crumple zones: increase the distance over which deceleration occurs, thereby reducing peak magnitude of deceleration.

Air bags: increase the distance over which the head decelerates, again reducing peak magnitude of deceleration of the head.

Active Safety:
Anti-lock braking system: rather than ‘locking’ the wheels as can happen if you slam on the brakes with a traditional braking system leading to the tires skidding across the road, ABS attempts to control the amount of braking so that the tires always roll with static friction in contact with the road. This increases the backward frictional force that can be applied to the tires, again increasing the distance over which deceleration occurs, and it gives the driver an opportunity to steer to avoid the collision (hence why it’s referred to as an active safety system).

Special thanks to Mercedes for having me visit facilities in Stuttgart. I had a lot of fun making these videos so please do check out the series on Mercedes Benz’s channel:

Filmed by Simon Schneider
Edited by Hoplite Creative and Trevor Carlee


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  1. Mod 66 says

    No bumpers or anti roll bars doesn't need indicators because nobody uses them today anyway

  2. Uncreativity says

    noob poor people baba

  3. Donquixote Manji says

    Wait a minute! You’re gonna have a woman tell you history of this vehicle?

  4. indrajit sinh says

    To visit the last meter gauge train journey search “ girnar from a windows “ in my you tube channel. The nature and spirituality abundantly displayed

  5. Bob E says

    EVs and regenerative braking will make you stop much faster, suddenly you can use both the inverter and the physical brakes to slow the car. The Tesla service center in Columbus OH has not replaced a brake pad since they opened.

  6. Yee boi juice says

    2:36 that gave me heart attack i thought she was about to offroad that thing

  7. Samir Benkirane says

    Benz now

  8. Max Lajiness says

    It ford dumbo

  9. MIIX 20XX says

    why did i get an at with Veritasium
    in it the exact moment i clicked?

  10. erhe etrherh says

    I wonder why they didn't mention that the automobile industry basically fought against almost all of the safety regulations against the cars.

  11. Astrologer Kunal says

    Wow! Incredible. Happy to see this.

  12. Cute kitten gamer says

    Hmmmm is that the STEAM ENGENE CAR…


    (I think i misspeld ENGENE HEHE still learning)

  13. Syed Maricar says

    Good begining .We used to start by turning .

  14. World's first man to drive world's first car

  15. RICHIE KLuTcH says

    What goes up most come down tricycles are different from gas engines first gas engines us made by AMG

  16. ThatBritishKid 4321 says

    People have died of seatbelts,the brake force was so strong,they broke there neck.

  17. Jô Rodrigues says

    Steam was Flash next to this

  18. Surprised pikachu Face says

    It sucks

  19. Oleh HL says

    Compare this with cybertruck.

  20. Gabriel Heredia says

    Wonder how its emission does 😆

  21. rickyo56 says

    Its a motorized tricycle, not a car. You could ride a bike faster

  22. Tina Tedder says

    3:37 Watch Out

  23. I hope mercedez 100 more years of
    Prosperiy , now with the electric era

  24. Grumpy Calenzana says

    — car — being a very general term with many different meanings, I shall use the term of — self-propelled land vehicle — Therefore, I shall respectfully object : the first self-propelled land vehicle which to go along with the post I shall also call –car — and claim Monsieur Cugnot 1769 Fardier as the first CAR., Donner und Blitzen !!

  25. Kristian Butterworth says

    Imagine ordering an uber and the driver turns up in this

  26. Smoke Jaguar says

    Mr. Benz would be picking up chicks with this ride back in the day.

  27. Smoke Jaguar says

    it is not a real Benz. It does has logo in front.

  28. Tina Tedder says

    History of the Timeline
    1886 – Karl Benz invents first car
    1892 – Karl Benz invents second car
    1902 – Wright brothers drive the first airplane
    1912 – Titanic sinks

  29. Birendra Rai Birendra Rai says


  30. shingshongshamalama says

    Remember when Mercedes lied about their emissions tests?

  31. JP jay says

    wer hat´s erfunden???

    die Schwaben ; )

  32. Jacob Cox says

    Not entirely true there was a car created earlier than that in France.

  33. CulichorHimself says

    That's NOT a car

  34. MagicDovis says

    Its not first

  35. Yves-Noël-Marie Gonnet says

    Merci, c'est très intéressant, surtout ces splendides voitures des années 1920 1930.

  36. Pho Meh says

    Horses has left the carriage

  37. Dario Abanera says

    Nobody's gonna talk about the fact that Enrico Bernardi made a gasoline powered tricycle just a year earlier

  38. Soc MAN says

    432km in 1938??? Damn !!!

  39. Freaky Frejki says

    I actually live like 25 minutes from there lol

  40. Dragon1 Indo1 says

    I wanna deliver Weed with it 😁💯

  41. UZIMike ! says

    Kilometers per hour?

  42. Catherine McDonald says

    IMHO it looks like a giant hit n miss

  43. I wonder what would it look like if Ghost Rider did his makeover!

  44. Bushkangaroo 1959 says

    On “Family Guy” the car 🚘 was designed to be a “Jew” flattener!😂🤣

  45. Rince says

    Guys this was made two years ago they probably made a older one

  46. BasicallyEverything says

    Meanwhile in Pakistan cars of 2019 model don't have airbags.

  47. Adam Grzybek says

    really nice gril

  48. TripleViktor says

    I have a motorized bicycle for my main transport and I can attest, when you have no suspension slow speeds really seem faster

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