Will Sadio Mane leave Liverpool this summer for Real Madrid? | Transfer Rater


ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol rates the likelihood of the latest transfer rumors coming to fruition:

(0:08) Jadon Sancho to depart Borussia Dortmund for Chelsea
(1:17) Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen to join Serie A side Inter Milan
(3:10) Paul Pogba to say goodbye to Manchester United with a return to Juventus on the cards
(4:08) Emre Can to make the reverse swap and leave Juventus for Manchester United
(5:04) Liverpool’s Sadio Mane to make a blockbuster move to La Liga giants Real Madrid

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  1. Michael Williams says

    No chance he's staying

  2. Zoltan Simon says

    Emre Can: past his best
    Also Emre Can: 25 years old

  3. Andrew Williams says

    Why would Mane leave Liverpool he is in the best team in Europe a team to be feared we are Liverpool

  4. Clement Macheng says

    Question is what is Mane's Salary at Liverpool? That alone will bring bids especially if he has an agent

  5. If they pay 150million atleast it would be a good sale

  6. Reynaldo Abadia says

    Emre Can will literally make United stronger

  7. Fastb4ck says

    Why would he leave the best team in the world at the moment for a weaker club?

  8. Joe Jumani says

    If Mane was white he would have got a billion prizes by now…

  9. Fali Faliba says

    The fact that Klopp chose vvg over Salah for the ballon d’or was disrespectful n heartbreaking for Mané. He was Liverpool best player last year (2019) and his own coach just turned around and belittled all his efforts. There’s absolutely no way we can even compare Mané to vvg??? The stats are there for all to see. It’s an absolute disgrace. I think he should leave n join Real Madrid where his hard work n dedication will be appreciated n honored.

  10. S-B says

    If Mane goes, Liverpool will get a taste of how Southampton felt. 🤞

  11. Lal Shrestha says

    Sancho say I am staying 2 more years at Dortmund because this is best for me and my football carrier,

  12. SmOkEy says

    Any club right now is a step down 😂

  13. Gökhan K says

    Liverpool > Madrid

    Enough said

  14. J Hudson says

    Why would anyone leave LFC for Real Madrid?

  15. TLB M9 says

    False rumours etc made up to unsettle our team lol

  16. Liam Killoran says

    Are u well sancho would start all day long

  17. Eiður Kristjánsson says

    Makes as much sense as LeBron leaving Lakers to play for UMF Skallagrímur in the Icelandic basketball league.

  18. Senate Shakya says

    Why would Mane leave for RMA?
    When Madrid are even struggling to make it past the group stage and its likely BVB will knock them out next.

  19. Senate Shakya says

    Why would Mane leave for RMA?
    When Madrid are even struggling to make it past the group stage and its likely BVB will knock them out next.

  20. Ozgur Cam says

    Emre Can is 25.. He has jet to see his best days.. This pundit make no sense..

  21. Tyler Jay says

    Yes he will leave for a team who is under achieving for years now….honestly it’s a new era stop fantasising about how good Real Madrid are and show some respect for other teams coming up

  22. yung says

    why tf would he leave the best team in the world for a mediocre one?

  23. callanisnt says

    Why would you leave the best team in the world to join the 4th best team 🤔

  24. Francis Cooper says

    Why you guys always support transfers for this so-called big clubs (Barç and Madrid

  25. The Dub says

    Why would he go to an inferior team?

  26. Tv Gamer says

    Zidane Is on crack why they need mane when they already have eden hazard bs

  27. Feuz john jay says

    Liverpool don’t deserve Mane

  28. Hanafi Salleh says

    Because at liverpool its not a guaranteed that he will be competing every year.

  29. John McLean says

    Being 6 in the wages 😤 just leave disrespectful

  30. The king says

    Mane we will see you in Real Madrid, you are the best 👍💪🔥💚

  31. AFRI DON moderndjmusic says

    Mane is going to be a liverpool legend!!!

  32. G G says

    Mane will stay
    Salah will go

  33. Evanzy Gerrard says

    Stay at LFC where the club will build a statue of you and remember you forever than going to Madrid and end up being worthless than a ball boy?

  34. LoveToHearUSing says

    Short answer, no, he will not. And stop trying to stir things up!

  35. Jade Good says

    Imagine Eriksen, Lautaro and Stormzy playing alongside each other🔥🔥

  36. Gary Davies says

    Media bullshit, speculation and lies……. Nothing changes where the media is concerned

  37. sivo 3991 says

    I think mane will leave Liverpool sell their best players eg Coutinho saurez eventually Salah will leave Mane can do better then Liverpool

  38. anonymous 000 says

    Why would he

  39. doni p says

    coutinho and emre can case will make liverpool's star player to afraid move to the likes of real madrid or barca, in addition they are in top of the world now, just forget it, look anywhere else you madrid fans

  40. David Prendergast says

    No he won't

  41. JJ Ryan says

    Shades of Seinfeld:
    "He won't be a starter…..not that there's anything wrong with that."

  42. Josiah Boateng-Myrie says

    Not a chance

  43. fonz114 says


  44. suntoro muhasabah says

    Look at Hazard, still struggling at Madrid

  45. mutungi edmund says

    Mane leaving Liverpool To 🤭 Real Madrid Fc will be a great loss for the Reds

  46. Joel Jimenez says

    Sadio Mane is not going to leave Liverpool.

  47. 2charliep says


  48. Cocooned Butterfly says

    Why would any Liverpool player want to leave? You could argue that players will have achieved everything there’s is to achieve at the end of the season but Liverpool are miles ahead of any other team on the planet at the moment.

  49. Mark Doherty says

    Not being funny here but why would any player want to leave Liverpool? Maybe a few years ago Madrid or Barcelona might have been too hard to turn down but I don't believe there's any better club in world football at the moment than Liverpool. If anything Liverpool should be going after players of other big clubs right now. There's an old saying "strike while the iron is hot" and right now Liverpool are the best club in the world. If they continue they are only going to get bigger and better so moving to Madrid would be a down.

  50. Oddjob6120 says

    Klopp or the Head butting Frenchman ? ….ha ha ha ha ha ..Kermit is not getting Mane

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